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    Why not book in the best areas of the city and get yourself on a tour around a Spanish town with an intriguing monumental heritage. Our Medina del Campo hotels are an ideal choice for a unique holiday experience. We invite you to stay right in the heart of the town. From here, you can stroll around the Plaza Mayor and explore significant spots such as the Collegiate Church of San Antolín and the Testamentary Palace. Another site that we recommend visiting is the Museum of the Fairs. You will find places offering guided tours to La Mota Castle. We have accommodations for everyone's liking with modern amenities and unrivalled comforts.

    Most popular Medina del Campo hotels

    piso céntrico
    14 Calle de Valladolid

    Central flat in Medina del Campo, boasting views of La Mota Castle and José Zorrilla Stadium. Perfect for holidays.

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    bga hotel la mota
    4 Calle Fernando el Católico

    Indulge in a comfortable stay at BGA HOTEL LA MOTA, boasting free parking, a garden and round-the-clock room service in Medina del Campo.

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    hotel reina isabel
    Claudio Moyano, 16 -18

    Experience the splendour of the Reina Isabel Hotel in the heart of Medina del Campo, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi, parking facilities and spacious family rooms.

    Price from 58 EUR per night
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    hotel la mota
    Hotel La Mota
    Fernando el Católico, 4

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    hotel villa de ferias
    Hotel Villa De Ferias
    Ctra Madrid-A Coruña Km 157

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    Discover the advantages of staying in a medina del Campo city centre hotel

    Discover a fascinating city boasting a noteworthy heritage and an excellent location in the heart of Castile and Leon. Book into our hotels in Medina del Campo and gear up to explore the captivating corners of this town. Opt to stay in the hotels in Medina del Campo city centre. This is one of the best spots to find accommodation. You will be situated close to the Collegiate Church of San Antolín as well as Plaza Mayor, the largest square in the country, populated by bars and restaurants under the archways. Walk through its streets and pay a visit to the Testamentary Palace. At your accommodation, you will be able to relax in air-conditioned rooms with balconies that offer views of the town, Wi-Fi throughout and included breakfast. Make sure you stop by the Museum of the Fairs, a must-see attraction. In its vicinity, you will find accommodation for groups at an affordable price. Some places have a location that will allow you to explore the town and its surroundings. Most offer TV, Wi-Fi in common areas, parking and are pet-friendly.

    Find your perfect hotel in Medina del Campo

    If you are wondering where to stay in Medina del Campo to avail high-end comforts, we have establishments featuring bars, cafe, local and international cuisine restaurants, electric car charging stations, and airport shuttle service. No matter which area of the city you explore, we offer elegant spaces with terraces, private parking, 24-hour reception service and gardens. Perfect for those travelling with family. You will also find accommodation in Medina del Campo that includes breakfast, just what you need before touring the La Mota Castle. From the Homage Tower, you will be presented with a remarkable view of the town. Back at the hotel, you can rest in pristine rooms and enjoy a refreshing drink at the bar or on the chill out terrace. Some establishments are pet-friendly. Unwind at one of our hotels in Medina del Campo, Spain; offering trips to the Cerro de la Mota's Protohistoric Site. You will also love visiting the Toy Museum and immersing yourself in a children's world.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Medina del Campo cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Medina del Campo costs an average of 73$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Medina del Campo cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Medina del Campo costs an average of 85$ (based on rates).

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