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    Book one of the Matalascañas hotels we have curated for you and discover the charm of this seaside paradise in Huelva. We offer accommodation right on the beachfront and close to significant spots, including the seafront promenade, the Higuera Tower, and the Atlantic Balcony. You'll also enjoy staying in one of our hotels in Matalascañas city centre, a fantastic area to stay close to everything. Make the most of your trip by visiting Our Lady of the Rosary Church. As if that wasn't enough, book with us to enjoy modern facilities while taking in the views as you stroll down the Blue Trail, stretching from the Médano del Asperillo Cliff to the low beaches of the Doñana National Park – another must-visit site!

    Most popular Matalascañas hotels

    apartamento 335 hotel flamero
    Diseminado Matalascañas -R Apartamento 335

    Discover the comfort of Apartment 335 Hotel Flamero in Matalascañas, offering a full kitchen, balcony and a refreshing swimming pool.

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    apartamento 108 hotel flamero
    Diseminado Matalascañas -R

    Apartment 108 Hotel Flamero: Charming self-catering accommodation in Matalascañas, beachfront with an outdoor pool, garden, and hot tub.

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    apartamentos turisticos flamero
    Ronda Maestro Alonso s/n

    Discover Flamero Tourist Apartments, a stone's throw away from Matalascañas Torrelahiguera, boasting an outdoor pool, terrace, and beachfront location in Matalascañas.

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    pensión frasquita
    44 Calle Sector H

    Have a splendid stay at Pension Frasquita in Matalascanas, equipped with air conditioning, a garden, and rooms complete with TV and fridge.

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    ohtels carabela beach & golf
    Laguna del Sopetón 59-62

    Ohtels Carabela Beach & Golf Hotel: pool with slide and trampoline, buffet restaurant, live shows, animations, golf course, water park, WiFi

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    hotel matalascañas
    Avenida Pintor Velazquez Parcela 136 Sector I

    The Matalascañas Hotel offers family rooms with equipped bathrooms, heating, a swimming pool and added comforts.

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    hotel doñana blues
    Sector Inglesillo, 129

    Doñana Blues Hotel: Soundproof rooms with modern conveniences and services. Cafe/bar, restaurant, sun terrace, gardens, pool, car hire, and reception available.

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    gran hotel del coto
    Sector D, Segunda Fase

    With Wi-Fi, family activities, dining, pubs, pools, tennis and football courts, horse-riding trips and bicycles, evening entertainment, and sea views, The Grand Hotel del Coto has it all.

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    on village

    Hotel On Village offers private villas with pools and sea view. With three bedrooms, private bathrooms, Wi-Fi, kitchen, washing machine, dining room, sun loungers, garden and parking. Includes Smart TV and chic decor.

    Price from 315 EUR per night
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    hotel flamero
    Ronda Maestro Alonso, s/n

    Flamero Hotel: Pool, bar, restaurant, hairdresser, train tours, WiFi, live shows, terrace, game-rooms, golf, wellness room. Apartments complete with TV, full bathroom and more.

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    on hotels oceanfront adults designed
    Sector Malvasia, parcela 120-130

    Experience 4-star service at Hotel Oceanfront: swimming pools, car park, gym, beauty centre, wifi, bar, restaurant, entertainment, TV, sauna, solarium, massages and 24-hour reception.

    Price from 78 EUR per night
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    on family playa de doñana
    Sector J, Parcela 4.2.4

    ON Family Playa de Doñana provides Wi-Fi and fully equipped apartments with a kitchen, washing machine, bath, fridge, air-conditioning, central heating, TV, and garden views. Pool, gardens, and beach nearby.

    Price from 53 EUR per night
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    on city resort
    Sector G Segunda Fase

    Hotel On City Resort proffers Wi-Fi, a pool, bar, gardens, private parking, air conditioning, TV, room with sofa bed, kitchen, fridge, coffee maker, microwave, dining area, and a privy bathroom.

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    victoria hotel
    Sector Ostrero, 18

    Victorian Hotel offers family rooms with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and TV. Enjoy free parking, non-smoking rooms and proximity to beaches.

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    30º hotels - hotel el cortijo matalascañas
    Sector E. Parcela, 15

    El Cortijo Matalascañas Hotel: features include pools, pet-friendly, parking, Wifi, family rooms, bar, terrace, solarium, outdoor and evening activities, live music, board games and more.

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    Discover Matalascañas and stay in one of its finest hotels

    Matalascañas is a top-rated tourist destination. Discover the best hotel deals in Matalascañas, perfectly located close to the main points of interest. You should know that resting in one of our hotels in Matalascañas city centre, you'll be staying in one of the city's best areas. Take time to visit Our Lady of the Rosary Church. Then, we recommend a journey along the Blue Trail, enjoying breathtaking panoramic views all the way from the Médano del Asperillo Cliff to the low beaches of the Doñana National Park. In this area, you'll find hotels offering free Wi-Fi and smoke-free spaces, while also adopting a pet-friendly policy.

    Discover your ideal hotel in Matalascañas

    At eBooking, we have the best accommodation deals in Matalascañas, including all-inclusive hotels that offer exclusive amenities like swimming pools, gyms, spas, and nightclubs. We should mention that some of our hotels provide plans to explore Doñana National Park. Upon returning to the hotel, you'll get to relax in facilities where you can enjoy a drink at the poolside bar.

    Stay in Matalascañas and enjoy its beaches

    Find out where to stay in Matalascañas and be sure to visit the iconic Higuera Tower. You'll be pleased to know that many of our premises are located near this historic structure. Moreover, we also have establishments close to the seafront promenade, the city's most vibrant area. You'll have access to daytime and nighttime leisure activities. Stay in one of our hotels in Matalascañas, Spain, right on the beachfront and soak up the sun on the Andalusian coasts. We might add that we have beach resorts with golf courses, swimming pools, restaurants, lounge-bars, and rooms featuring whirlpool baths among their most notable amenities. It will be an unparalleled experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Matalascañas cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Matalascañas costs an average of 288$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Matalascañas cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Matalascañas costs an average of 303$ (based on rates).

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