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    This quaint city represents one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the province of Barcelona. Choose one of our Manresa hotels and experience something unique as you prepare to explore. Take a stroll around the centre and discover the local architectural heritage. The Plaza Mayor, Manresa’s Basilica of Santa María, and the Cave of San Ignacio are not to be missed. In this area, we offer accommodation for groups and couples. We also have establishments near the Pont Vell. Rest assured, these places include all the comforts needed to enjoy fascinating spots like Parc de la Sèquia. Book with us and enjoy your stay in Manresa.

    Most popular Manresa hotels

    manresa universidad
    23 Avinguda de les Bases de Manresa

    Manresa University in Manresa provides a terrace, parking, pet-friendly environment, and free Wi-Fi throughout its facilities.

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    apm manresa
    5 Carrer de Casanova

    Located in Manresa, APM Manresa offers free WiFi, soundproofed rooms, heating, air conditioning and other conveniences in a smoke-free environment.

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    antic apartament
    14 Baixada dels Drets

    The Antic Apartment in Manresa, equipped with air conditioning, free WiFi, a kitchen and washing machine, offers a smoke-free and comfortable stay.

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    precioso loft
    8 Carrer del Camp d'Urgell

    The Charming Loft in Manresa offers airport transfers, soundproofed rooms, free Wi-Fi, and robust cleaning protocols against COVID-19.

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    monresidence la figuereta
    83 Carrer Major 2ª

    Experience a splendid stay at MonResidence La Figuereta, a delightful accommodation in Manresa, complete with complimentary WiFi, air conditioning, and a terrace to make the most of your visit.

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    turó de la torre
    Sallent, s/n, La Torre Alberni

    Discover the rustic elegance of the Turó de la Torre. A charming hotel in Manresa offering free Wi-Fi and an outdoor pool for an idyllic stay.

    Price from 61 EUR per night
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    hotel 1948 manresa
    Carretera de Santpedor 54 - 58

    Situated in the very heart of Manresa, Hotel 1948 boasts contemporary design and functionality, offering free WiFi, air conditioning, a terrace, and parking.

    Price from 69 EUR per night
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    monresidence cavall bernat
    MonResidence Cavall Bernat
    76 Carrer Major

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    family apartment with parking and pool
    Family Apartment with Parking and Pool
    C/Divina Pastora 1-3

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    apartments san ignacio de loyola
    Apartments San Ignacio de Loyola
    Baixada dels Jueus, 2

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    Plana de l´Om 7,

    Price from 110 EUR per night
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    mon residence sant jeroni
    Mon Residence Sant Jeroni
    85 Carrer Major

    Price from 90 EUR per night
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    hotel els noguers
    Hotel Els Noguers
    Avinguda Paisos Catalans 167

    Price from 84 EUR per night
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    hotelet casa padró
    Hotelet Casa Padró
    Passeig de Pere III 38 2º 1ª

    Price from 120 EUR per night
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    manresa apartamentos turísticos
    Manresa Apartamentos Turísticos
    36 Carretera de Cardona

    Price from 81 EUR per night
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    The best area to stay in Manresa

    If you're dreaming of a perfect holiday, it's best to select one of the Manresa hotels we offer. Enjoy all the comforts and join a tour around the city centre, you'll find the Plaza Mayor and Calle del Balç as testimonies to the architectural heritage of the town. Choose to stay at one of our hotels in Manresa city centre near the Basilica of Saint Maria de Manresa and the Cave of Saint Ignatius, both fascinating places to visit with the family. In the area, we have apartments equipped with living rooms, fully furnished kitchen areas, bedrooms with Wi-Fi and private terraces.

    Discover your perfect accommodation in Manresa

    If you're wondering where to stay in Manresa, we suggest booking around the main city parks. It'll be your best choice to enjoy the natural spaces. Beside Parc de la Sèquia, there are modern accommodations with gardens, outdoor terraces, restaurants, gyms, and car parks. We also have hotels in Manresa, Spain, which offer activities like hiking trails and bike rides. In all cases, you'll enjoy facilities equipped with Wi-Fi, gymnasium, swimming pool, sun terrace, restaurant, children's park, and parking.

    Find where to stay near Manresa

    The city and its surroundings have a charm that deserves to be discovered. To experience it, we have various options for accommodation in Manresa to suit all budgets. Stay at one of our budget-friendly hotels and visit the Casino, La Torre Lluvià, and the Teatro Kursaal, showcasing modernist architecture. Some of the hostels and guest houses we offer are ideal for backpackers. They include breakfast with your booking, Wi-Fi in common areas, and a terrace. Near the Pont Vell, we have three-star establishments with high-end comforts such as a spa, swimming pool, gym, lobby bar, local and international restaurants, electric car charging points and airport shuttle services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Manresa cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Manresa costs an average of 122$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Manresa cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Manresa costs an average of 123$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Manresa?

    The best family-friendly hotel in Manresa is Les Cabanes de l'Oller del Mas.

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