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    In this article, you'll find all the information you need to locate and reserve your ideal accommodation in the city of Manama. Discover how to nab top deals and the best price at numerous Manama hotels. Ensure your stay in Bahrain's capital is truly unbeatable.

    Most popular Manama hotels

    jana view luxury apartments
    Bldg 104 Road 22 Block 324 Juffair

    Jana View Luxury Apartments in Manama offers air-conditioned rooms, an indoor pool, a gym, and a 24-hour reception.

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    oyo 118 revira hotel
    757, Road. 2412, Block.324, Juffair, Manama

    The OYO 118 Revira Hotel in Manama offers free WiFi, a 24-hour reception and family rooms, ideal for a comfortable stay.

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    phoenicia tower hotel and spa
    Road No 1910 Bldg. 299, Block 319, Al Hoora

    The Phoenicia Tower Hotel And Spa in Manama offers rooms with city views, an indoor pool, a restaurant, and free WiFi.

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    panorama hotel and spa
    Road 4041, Block 340, 15009 Al Juffair Bldg. 1579

    Discover the Panorama Hotel and Spa in Manama, featuring an outdoor pool, room service, spa, and an international cuisine restaurant.

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    grand swiss-belhotel waterfront seef
    Building 2685, Road 4650, Block 346, Manama Seef, Al-Seef

    Grand Swiss-Belhotel Waterfront Seef offers a restaurant, gym, free WiFi, and sauna in Al Seef, with views of Al Reef Island and Water Garden City.

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    swiss-belsuites admiral juffair
    Building 262, Block 340 Al-Shabab Avenue

    Swiss-Belsuites Admiral Juffair in Manama offers a restaurant, free parking, outdoor pool, gym, bar, and free WiFi, ideal for enjoying Bahrain.

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    building no 273, block 320, road 2007, hoora
    Exhibitions Avenue 273 Building, 2007 Road, 320 Block

    Building No 273, Block 320, Road 2007, Hoora in Manama offers free WiFi, private parking, concierge service, and 24-hour reception.

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    vida beach resort marassi al bahrain
    Diyar Al Muharraq building 176, Manama, Bahrain

    Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain in Manama: restaurant, outdoor pool, free bicycles, free WiFi and gym. Perfect for enjoyment!

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    oyo 120 concord international hotel
    ا القضيبية

    OYO 120 Concord International Hotel in Manama offers free WiFi, 24-hour reception, and family rooms with air conditioning and TV.

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    bab al bahrain hotel
    Block 304 , Road 383, Building 137 20

    Bab AL Bahrain Hotel in Manama offers rooms with air conditioning, satellite TV, private bathroom, and daily continental breakfast. Ideal for families!

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    oyo 122 majestic hotel
    Building 1720 ,Road 2427,Block 324

    The OYO 122 Majestic Hotel in Manama offers air conditioning, a garden, a terrace, family rooms, and 24-hour room service.

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    oyo 124 al salam palace hotel
    Building 00099, Block 320, Road 2003, Near Al Fatih Highway, Manama

    OYO 124 Al Salam Palace Hotel in Manama offers free WiFi, air conditioning, and family rooms, making it ideal for a comfortable and convenient stay.

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    al commodore hotel
    Road 2116 Bldg. 1480, Block 321, Al Hoora

    The Al Commodore Hotel in Manama offers a seasonal outdoor pool, free WiFi, and rooms with air conditioning and a minibar.

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    address beach resort bahrain
    Flat/Shop No. 2237, Building 1459, Road/Street 4626, Manama/Sea Front, Block 346, Bahrain

    Address Beach Resort Bahrain in Manama offers airport transfers, buffet breakfast, outdoor pool, gym, spa, and rooms with AC.

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    the seven hotel
    Building 4659, Road 2468, Block 324,Manama, Al Fateh, Juffair

    The Seven Hotel in Manama offers an outdoor pool, fitness centre, 24-hour reception, and free WiFi, ideal for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

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    Getting to Know and Selecting Manama Hotels

    Manama, the capital of Bahrain, is a captivating destination that will enthrall you with vibrant nightlife and a rich cultural mix. At eBooking, we aid you in discovering and booking hotels to suit all tastes and budgets in Manama. Whether you’re after luxury or an economical choice, we have hotels for you. Please remember that booking ahead is always a wise move to secure the accommodation you desire at the best price.

    Hotels at the Heart of Manama: A Prime Location

    If you're hunting for hotels in Manama city centre, you’ve definitely come to the right place. By booking accommodation at the heart of Manama, you'll be close to numerous tourist attractions, shops, and eateries. Socialising and having fun has never been so straightforward and handy. Make your journey unforgettable by staying at one of our extraordinary hotels in central Manama.

    Choose Where to Stay in Manama to Your Liking

    For those wondering where to stay in Manama, the answer is simple: it all hinges on your preferences. If you relish being in the heart of the action, then the city centre is ideal. However, if you yearn for something more soothing and tranquil, there are numerous other districts with accommodation in Manama that would perfectly match your requirements. This city boasts a variety of hotels that offer everything from sea views to proximity to local markets. Experience the hospitality of Bahrain with eBooking!

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