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    In our selection of Maidenhead hotels, you'll find the perfect accommodation for an unforgettable experience. This British city, set on the banks of the River Thames, blends tradition and modernity, offering its visitors a variety of cultural and leisure opportunities. Go on, dare to discover the delights of Maidenhead!

    Most popular Maidenhead hotels

    the bell and bottle
    The Bell and bottle bath road

    Experience the blissful setting of The Bell and Bottle, complete with quiet accommodations, free parking and WiFi, not forgetting the delicious offerings served in their restaurant, and the opportunity for relaxation in their beautiful garden.

    Price from 60 GBP per night
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    the lord grenfell
    22 Oldfield Road

    Book a spot at The Lord Grenfell, an accommodation in Maidenhead, with a restaurant, bar, gardens and free Wi-Fi.

    Price from 50 GBP per night
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    modern and stylish penthouse apartment next to maidenhead golf course
    Shoppenhangers Road

    Discover the Modern and Stylish Penthouse Apartment next to Maidenhead Golf Course, United Kingdom. Offering free WiFi and parking, within a smoke-free environment.

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    the studio maidenhead riverside
    4 Sheephouse Road The Studio

    Visit THE STUDIO MAIDENHEAD RIVERSIDE, with free WiFi in public areas, private parking and soundproofed rooms for a perfect stay.

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    burnham beeches hotel
    Grove Road

    The stylish Burnham Beeches Hotel offers complimentary parking, a restaurant, gym, heated swimming pool, and facilities for those with limited mobility.

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    norfolk house
    Bath Road

    Norfolk House, located in Maidenhead, offers premium services such as complimentary parking, an outdoor swimming pool and WiFi throughout the accommodation.

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    fredrick's hotel restaurant spa
    Shoppenhangers Road

    Fredrick's Hotel offers outstanding comfort with individual rooms, luxury spa, award-winning restaurant, gym, and sauna.

    Price from 50 GBP per night
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    the bird in hand
    Bath Road

    At The Bird In Hand, enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi and parking, bar, restaurant, and rooms for the mobility-impaired.

    Price from 65 GBP per night
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    the thames hotel
    Ray Mead Road

    Enjoy a comfortable stay at The Thames Hotel, with free Wi-Fi and parking, and a famous Italian restaurant next to the river Thames.

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    maidenhead house entire home with garden, for work stays, sleeps 4 persons in own beds
    Belmont Road 105

    Enjoy home comforts at Maidenhead House, with views overlooking the garden, free wifi, private parking and a terrace for relaxation.

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    the heights at athena court
    The Heights at Athena Court, Bridge Avenue, Maidenhead, Berkshire

    The Heights at Athena Court in Maidenhead provides free WiFi, private parking, a terrace, laundry facilities, and family rooms.

    Price from 76 GBP per night
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    taplow house hotel & spa
    Berry Hill, Taplow, Nr Maidenhead & Slough

    Discover the allure of the Taplow House Hotel & Spa, with its acclaimed restaurant, spa, outdoor swimming pool, complimentary wifi, and a comfortable free private car park.

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    wilson lodge
    15 Ray Drive

    The Wilson Lodge in Maidenhead provides comfortable lodgings complete with a garden, complimentary WiFi and private parking, making it the ideal choice for both family and work stays.

    Price from 71 GBP per night
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    the thames riviera hotel
    Bridge Road

    Discover The Thames Riviera Hotel in Maidenhead, with river Thames views, boasting amenities such as a bar, free WiFi, private parking, and rooms with balconies.

    Price from 74 GBP per night
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    cim moor hall
    Moor Hall

    Savour the contemporary luxury of CIM Moor Hall, a 19th-century manor nestled in Maidenhead. It boasts a gym, gratis Wi-Fi, and landscaped gardens.

    Price from 95 GBP per night
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    Exploring Maidenhead: From Its Hotels to Its Main Attractions

    If you're yearning for a holiday, a weekend escape, or simply a getaway, the Maidenhead hotels are an excellent option. Here, you can expect warm hospitality and every convenience necessary to make your stay a one-of-a-kind experience. Maidenhead is a UK city that has expertly evolved over time without losing its charm. Its welcoming and homely streets encompass an array of age-old edifices that stand as silent spectators of history's passage. But it also embraces modern spaces conferring a touch of sophistication. You may fancy a bit of history, in which case visiting St. Mary's Church, dating back to the 12th century, is a must. If it's art that captivates you, the Modern Art Gallery is a stop you can't miss. If you prefer the great outdoors, Maidenhead boasts fantastic parks and gardens that are ideal for a picnic day or a leisurely stroll.

    After a day packed with adventures, you can retire to your Maidenhead hotel room to recharge. Each hotel breathes its unique character; choices range from luxurious five-star establishments catering for your every need to cosy bed and breakfasts that make you feel right at home. Moreover, your accommodation in Maidenhead can also lead to delightfully culinary experiences. Some hotels feature restaurants serving delicious local dishes. And if you wish to dine out, Maidenhead offers a wide array of restaurants and pubs that will cater to all cravings. You'll be amazed at the plethora of interesting activities the city has to offer. From outdoor pursuits to exploring its rich historical heritage. As you can see, Maidenhead has so much in store. Your task is merely to relish your stay, as your Maidenhead accommodation provides you with everything you need to make your visit truly unforgettable. With its traditions, art, natural beauty and gastronomy, Maidenhead undoubtedly will leave you yearning for more. Are you ready to embark on your adventure?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Maidenhead cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Maidenhead costs an average of 138$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Maidenhead cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Maidenhead costs an average of 232$ (based on rates).

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