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    Choose our Lucena hotels for a unique accommodation experience. Discover this charming town in Córdoba, fondly known as the Pearl of Sefarad due to its rich history. We invite you to stay in the Historical Centre, where the famous Moral Castle, a recognised site of cultural interest, is easily accessible. We offer affordable accommodation in the Santiago District, brimming with historical sites. If you're travelling with your partner, we have establishments close to Santo Domingo Church, which are romantic and incredibly inviting. Furthermore, we have excellent group accommodation options close to the impressive Jewish Necropolis. Book with us and uncover the best of Lucena!

    Most popular Lucena hotels

    apartment el llano

    Visit APARTMENT EL LLANO in Lucena with free WiFi, air conditioning and accommodation with a patio. Enjoy the comfort and serenity!

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    apartment palacio de los vibora
    Calle San Pedro, 21 Bajo A

    The 4-star APARTMENT PALACIO DE LOS VIBORA provides free parking, Wi-Fi and an air-conditioned apartment with a fully-equipped kitchen.

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    apartamento el llano
    Calle Fuentevieja, 26, 1ºD

    Discover the APARTMENT EL LLANO in Lucena, kitted out with complimentary WiFi, parking and air conditioning. Comprehensive cleaning regimen post every stay.

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    huerto apartment
    Calle del Huerto, 40 2-B

    Savour the comfort and style of the Huerto Apartment, equipped with complimentary parking, WiFi, air conditioning and a charming terrace.

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    casa de tosca
    26 Calle Santiago

    Located in Lucena, CASA DE TOSCA offers free WiFi, air conditioning, and is designed with accessibility in mind for those with limited mobility.

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    hotel al-yussana
    Veracruz, 1

    Located in Lucena, the Al-Yussana Hotel provides free WiFi, superb concierge services, 24-hour reception and convenient parking.

    Price from 40 EUR per night
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    hotel santo domingo lucena
    Juan Jiménez Cuenca, 16

    Uncover the charm of the Santo Domingo Lucena Hotel, located at the heart of historical Lucena, providing services such as a bar, restaurant, free WiFi and parking.

    Price from 58 EUR per night
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    dehesa elías
    Colina de la Virgen - La Camila

    Dehesa Elías provides comfortable facilities with various amenities such as a private swimming pool, bar, garden, and terrace. Pets are warmly welcomed at no additional cost.

    Price from 175 EUR per night
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    hotel sierra de araceli lucena
    Carretera el Santuario km.4,1

    Revel in tranquillity at the Sierra de Araceli Lucena Hotel, boasting wonderful views, free parking, a restaurant, and meeting rooms.

    Price from 39 EUR per night
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    doña lola alojamientos boutique
    Doña Lola Alojamientos Boutique
    2 Calle Montenegro

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    apartamento arevalo lucena center
    Calle Arévalo, n 15 2a

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    edificio lola 3
    Edificio Lola 3
    12 Calle Aguardenteria

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    gran castravinaria
    93 Calle el Peso

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    apartment quintana center
    19 Calle Obispo Domínguez Valdecañas

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    apartment lucena park
    Apartment Lucena Park
    Calle Federico García Lorca, 5

    Price from 56 EUR per night
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    Book our centrally located accommodation in Lucena

    Explore this charming town in Córdoba. At eBooking, we have the perfect Lucena hotels for an unforgettable accommodation experience. Venture through a city also known as the Pearl of Sefarad, rich with impressive cultural heritage stemming from Jewish ancestry. From our hotels in Lucena city centre, it's easy to visit the Historic Centre, the city's top tourist spot. You'll find a fantastic selection of restaurants not to be missed. The opportunity to stay close to iconic architectural works, like the Moral Castle, a recognised site of cultural interest, Morral Tower, and Homage Tower is enticing. We have establishments with restaurants, cafes, bars and private parking, making it convenient to visit the new square, where you'll find the city hall, the Erisana Palace and the San Mateo Parish.

    Choose your ideal hotel in Lucena

    To assist with your budget, we offer affordable accommodation in Lucena in the Santiago District, conveniently located near the most iconic places in town. You will stay in modern spaces complete with en-suite bathrooms, TVs, continental breakfast, communal game tables, Wi-Fi and parking facilities. Plus, you'll be well linked to bus and train stations. You'll be able to easily visit the Hurst Counts Palace and the Santiago Apostle Parish, recognised as an ancient Jewish synagogue. We also provide three-star hotels that are perfect for family trips, due to their tranquil ambience. You'll unwind in adjoining rooms equipped with TVs and free Wi-Fi. Some even offer restaurants, bars, buffet breakfast and rooftop terraces. In addition to enjoying these exclusive services, you'll be close to San Pedro Street, home to the Santa Ana Counts Palace.

    Stay in a great hotel in Lucena

    Accommodation in Lucena is comfortably located near the impressive Jewish Necropolis. You'll relish viewing an endless number of tombstones meticulously adapting to the land's topography. In this area, we have spacious apartments, the perfect choice for large groups. Many provide well-equipped kitchen areas, restaurants, bars, pools, solariums, and games rooms. If travelling with your partner, stay in one of our romantic-style Lucena hotels, Spain. You'll enjoy a themed restaurant and bar, within a relaxing environment featuring terraces, wellness areas, and hydro-massage pools. Sounds like quite the plan! To enhance your experience, take a leisurely wander through the streets, step inside Santo Domingo Church, and marvel at the fascinating Mexican Baroque altarpiece.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Lucena cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Lucena costs an average of 101$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Lucena cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Lucena costs an average of 104$ (based on rates).

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