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    Choose our Luarca / Ḷḷuarca hotels for a fantastic accommodation experience. We invite you to book with us in the heart of the town. From here, you're ideally positioned to explore local museums and trek up to the lighthouse and chapel, all whilst witnessing stunning coastal views. Our hotels serve whether you're holidaying with family, flying solo, or going away as a couple. You might also fancy staying in accommodation near the beaches of Luarca / Ḷḷuarca, enjoying the vast sands on offer. Remember, we can help make all your travel plans come to life in our top-notch hotels.

    Most popular Luarca hotels

    albergue de peregrinos villa de luarca
    Albergue de Peregrinos Villa de Luarca
    3 Avenida Álvaro de Albornoz

    Discover the comfort of Pilgrim's Hostel Villa de Luarca in Luarca, equipped with free WiFi, a terrace, and massage services. Guaranteed relaxation!

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    room in lodge - double and single room - oria guesthouse 2
    Room in Lodge - Double and single room - Oria Guesthouse 2
    Calle Crucero

    Stay at Room in Lodge - Double and single room - Oria Guesthouse 2 in Luarca, offering free WiFi, heating and completely smoke-free rooms.

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    casa roge
    Casa Roge
    Avenida de Galicia

    Experience peace and comfort at Casa Roge in Luarca, boasting of excellent facilities such as family rooms and luggage storage.

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    casa anita
    Casa Anita
    24 Calle Párroco Infanzón

    Uncover the beauty of Luarca at Casa Anita, presenting views of the city and close proximity to Portizuelo Beach. Enjoy a smoke-free, peaceful stay.

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    room in lodge - double and single room - pension oria 1
    Room in Lodge - Double and single room - Pension Oria 1
    Calle Crucero

    The Room in Lodge - Pension Oria 1 Hotel in Luarca presents smoke-free rooms furnished with free Wi-Fi and heating.

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    room in lodge - double and single room - pension oria 3
    Room in Lodge - Double and single room - Pension Oria 3
    Calle Crucero

    Relish your stay at Room in Lodge - Pension Oria 3, in Luarca. A smoke-free place, offering free WiFi.

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    room in lodge - double and single room - pension oria 2
    Room in Lodge - Double and single room - Pension Oria 2
    Calle Crucero

    The Room in Lodge - Pension Oria 2, strictly for non-smokers, provides smoke-free rooms, meticulous cleanliness and free WiFi.

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    hotel la colmena
    Hotel La Colmena
    Uría, 2

    The La Colmena Hotel, a centrally located accommodation in Luarca, provides 14 spacious rooms, breakfast, and a nearby beach location with fantastic connections.

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    hotel dabeleira
    Hotel Dabeleira
    Nicanor del Campo, 12

    Welcome to the Dabeleira Hotel in Luarca. We provide free parking and Wi-Fi, facilities for the disabled, and airport transfer service.

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    hotel rico
    Hotel Rico
    Plaza Alfonso X El Sabio, 6

    Discover the charm of Hotel Rico, complete with a bar, complimentary WiFi and tourist information to ensure you take full advantage of your stay in Luarca.

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    hotel villa de luarca
    Hotel Villa de Luarca
    Alvaro de Albornoz, 6

    Comfort and elegance in the heart of Asturias await you at the Hotel Villa de Luarca, featuring amenities such as free WiFi, hiking possibilities, and tourist information.

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    hotel rural cantexos
    Hotel Rural Cantexos
    La Mata 34

    Discover the charm of Hotel Rural Cantexos in Luarca: free parking, Wi-Fi, and guaranteed tranquillity thanks to soundproof rooms.

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    paseo del muelle 2, 3º d
    Paseo del Muelle 2, 3º D
    Paseo del Muelle 2, 3º D

    Paseo del Muelle 2, 3rd D is a hotel situated in Luarca, a mere 300m from the beach. It boasts a stunning garden view, internet access, facilities for the disabled, as well as nearby golfing opportunities.

    Price from 60 EUR per night
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    hotel baltico 2 estrellas
    Hotel Baltico 2 estrellas
    Paseo del Muelle nº1

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    hotel la casa de las camelias
    Carretera del Faro s/n Busto / Valdés / Asturias

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    Choose a hotel in Luarca / Ḷḷuarca city centre

    Discover the beauty of a charming fishing village in the Principality of Asturias. Reserve rooms in the Luarca / Ḷḷuarca hotels we have to offer, stay in cosy surroundings and enjoy an unforgettable holiday. This small village is captivating at first glance. Thanks to its size, choosing accommodation in Luarca / Ḷḷuarca city centre places you brilliantly close to strategic points like the port and beaches. Additionally, you'll find competitive rates in this area and rooms equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi throughout and parking. Many even provide a daily continental breakfast. Start your sightseeing with the emblematic Saint Eulalia church. From there, the picturesque fisherman's neighbourhood "El Cambaral", surrounding the port, is only a few steps away. It's one of the best areas for accommodation in Luarca / Ḷḷuarca. Following its narrow and steep streets will lead you to the Chapel of the Watchtower and the Luarca / Ḷḷuarca Lighthouse. From both of these local emblems, set on the cliff edge, you'll get the best views of the coast and the town. Not too far away, our establishments offer group discounts for larger groups and families. They also provide interconnected rooms, with air conditioning, communal Wi-Fi and parking.

    Spend the night at a hotel near the Luarca / Ḷḷuarca beaches

    We offer you accommodation in Luarca / Ḷḷuarca, near its magnificent beaches. Our shoreline hotels boast restaurants offering both international and local cuisine, a lounge bar, outdoor pool, spa, and seaside terrace. Stroll to the First and Second beach of Luarca / Ḷḷuarca and soak up uniquely calm and spacious sands. Their urban nature means they're well serviced and fantastic for family visits. Plus, we offer family-friendly establishments in this area, complete with onsite restaurants, free breakfast, play areas and swimming pool facilities. For a more authentic experience, you can stay in our boutique hotels, many of which adopt a rustic style and are located in old palaces or superb estates. Here you can indulge in the beauty of gardens, cafe terraces, gourmet restaurants, pools, spas, gym facilities and parking. Being situated on the outskirts of the town, you'll be ideally positioned to visit more unspoilt beaches, including Cueva—great for surfing—as well as Portizuelo, Taurán or Bozo.

    Relax in the best Luarca / Ḷḷuarca hotels

    Departing from any of our hotels in Luarca / Ḷḷuarca, Spain, you can set off to explore the town and its surroundings. Don't miss out on the eye-catching Fonte Baixa Garden, the Severo Ochoa museum, or the Rural Museum of Luarca / Ḷḷuarca. At your disposal are country houses and aparthotels, offering increased privacy, spacious areas, a hot tub, 24-hour reception desks, touristic information, and transfers to the airport and within the town. If you're travelling with your partner, trek by the port, cross the legendary Bridge of the Kiss and take a trip on a boat from the marina.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Luarca cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Luarca costs an average of 79$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Luarca cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Luarca costs an average of 111$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Luarca?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Luarca are Hotel Rural Cantexos and HOTEL LA CASA DE LAS CAMELIAS.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Luarca?

    The best hotel for couples in Luarca is Hotel Villa de Luarca.

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