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    Pick one of the Luanco / Lluanco hotels we have for you, stay in comfy lodgings and look forward to an unforgettable holiday. Kick things off with a visit to the city centre to see the Clock Tower and Saint Mary's Church. In this area, we've ideal accommodation whether you're travelling with family or as a couple. You'll also come across options near Asturias Maritime Museum and the Port. There's nothing like a flat to re-energise after an exhilarating day at the beach. What more could you ask for? Book with us and enjoy your stay in Luanco / Lluanco.

    Most popular Luanco hotels

    almar, apartamento en luanco.
    Calle Ateneo Obrero de Luanco 2 portal 4

    Introducing ALMAR, a cosy flat in Luanco featuring free WiFi, private parking, and a lovely terrace. Delight in the tranquillity of Luanco whilst taking in the beautiful sea view.

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    6 Calle Rincón

    El Luamar, positioned in Luanco, provides a comfortable stay featuring non-smoking facilities throughout the premises.

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    casa entre avilés, luanco y playas
    El Palomo s/n, Perdones

    Experience comfort at the House between Avilés, Luanco, and beaches with free WiFi, private parking and a terrace. This ideal destination delivers a serene experience.

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    apartamento con vistas al mar
    Calle Gozón de Ucieza

    Discover the SEA VIEW APARTMENT in Luanco, just 500m from the beach. With complimentary private parking and a kitchen in each room, your stay promises to be comfortable!

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    apartamentos el reloj
    Plaza del Reloj,2

    Apartamentos El Reloj in Luanco provide access to the beach, free WiFi, smoke-free accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen, suitable for those with reduced mobility.

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    apartamento luanco con terraza.
    4 Avenida del Gayo

    Get your pleasure at the Apartment Luanco with terrace in Luanco, a pet-friendly retreat offering a terrace, cleaning service, and cashless payment options.

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    25a02 la casa del parque
    1 Calle González Llanos Portal 4 5ºA

    25A02 La Casa del Parque in Luanco extends to you the comfort of private parking, a lift, and a non-smoking policy throughout the accommodation.

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    25a03 apartamento en luanco
    12 Calle Juan González Villar 3º Izq

    Discover the charm of Luanco at the 25A03 Apartment, boasting free WiFi throughout, and a mere 700 metres from the beach.

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    las cerezas gozón

    Enjoy your stay at The Cherries Gozón, nestled in Luanco. The establishment offers conveniences such as free WiFi, parking, and is pet-friendly.

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    apartamento con garaje en luanco
    2 Calle Marineros de Gozón

    The Luanco Flat offers free parking, central heating, a well-equipped kitchen, welcomes pets, and is fully adapted for individuals with limited mobility.

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    casas rurales pradina i y ii
    Valle de La Ren s/n

    The Casas Rurales Pradina I and II Hotel, with free WiFi and complimentary parking, is a haven boasting a garden and terrace amongst the stunning Asturian countryside.

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    la casa de sira.
    Calle la Teya 8A 4 1ºK

    Situated in Luanco, Asturias is La Casa de Sira, offering free WiFi, private parking, a patio, and a lift. Well-equipped with a flat-screen TV and a kitchen.

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    les casines
    Les Casines
    14 Lugar la Piñera

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    la casa del reloj
    6 Calle Alejandro Artime

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    entorno único a 2 minutos del mar con plaza de garaje
    Entorno único a 2 minutos del mar con plaza de garaje
    21 Calle Hermanos González Blanco

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    Discover the best area to sleep in Luanco / Lluanco

    Experience a memorable accommodation in Luanco / Lluanco with the hotels we have on offer for you. Here at eBooking, we have the best prices and the most modern facilities to fully enjoy one of the loveliest towns in Asturias. In this coastal village, you'll encounter interesting spots. We've establishments providing breakfast and Wi-Fi, besides having restaurants, parking and round-the-clock service. Indeed, it's a great idea to relax following a tour around the Historical Quarter and attractive spots, such as the Old Town Hall and Baragaña Square, one of the prettiest corners to discover. We recommend spending the night at the hotels in Luanco / Lluanco city centre, you'll be near the Clock Tower and Saint Mary's Church. This is the finest area to stay in the town.

    Find your ideal hotel in Luanco / Lluanco

    Our accommodation in Luanco / Lluanco options cater to all your preferences. You'll find rustic houses with a living room, kitchen area, air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi, a terrace and parking. Many of them come at unbeatable prices, not requiring a hefty budget. We also proffer choices incorporating spacious apartments facing the sea. Several have direct beach access in Luanco / Lluanco. To summarise, we've numerous alternatives, whether you're travelling for leisure or on a romantic getaway. If you're wondering where to sleep in Luanco / Lluanco near the Asturias Maritime Museum, we've the best hotel deals for backpackers that will surpass your expectations. Explore the history and evolution of fishing, as well as viewing fossil remains and original boats. Some of our hotels in Luanco / Lluanco, Spain, provide family rooms and accept pets. Additionally, they boast a countryside atmosphere in the gardens and outdoor terrace. Take the opportunity to visit the port and savour the best seafood at some of the restaurants in the area. We've lodgings for each of your travel plans. Book with us and live a unique experience in Luanco / Lluanco.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Luanco cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Luanco costs an average of 130$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Luanco cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Luanco costs an average of 159$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Luanco?

    The best family-friendly hotel in Luanco is Hotel La Estación de Luanco.

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