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    Livingston hotels offer an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique experience. This charming city, with its blend of local culture and modernity, is an ideal option for any traveller eager for new adventures and stories. Here, you'll come across accommodation to please all tastes and budgets.

    Most popular Livingston hotels

    the nest, livingston
    6 Thurston Place

    The Nest, Livingston, offering WiFi, complimentary parking, a serene garden, and smoke-free rooms. Say cheerio to stress in this Scottish paradise.

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    mercure livingston hotel
    Almondview/Almondvale East

    Enjoy the Mercure Livingston Hotel featuring a restaurant, bar, and 24/7 room service, conveniently near Edinburgh Airport.

    Price from 37 GBP per night
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    limefield house
    Limefield House

    Find comfort and style at Limefield House. This Georgian establishment in Livingston offers free WiFi, a garden, and complimentary private parking.

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    livingston lodge hotel
    Hawkbrae, Ladywell West, Livingston

    Enjoy a comfortable stay at Livingston Lodge Hotel, with free parking, WiFi, and a lively bar showcasing live sports events.

    Price from 45 GBP per night
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    bankton house
    Bankton House Hotel

    Bankton House, a dreamy hotel in Livingston with a Restaurant, Bar and Beauty Salon. Perfect for business or pleasure. Family rooms available.

    Price from 55 GBP per night
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    kelpies serviced apartments callum- 3 bedrooms- sleeps 6
    Uphall Station Road

    Pay a visit to Kelpies Serviced Apartments Callum- 3 Bedrooms- Sleeps 6, in Livingston, which offers complimentary WiFi, parking, and smoke-free rooms.

    Price from 82 GBP per night
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    macdonald houstoun house

    Savour the historical charm of Macdonald Houstoun House in Livingston, complete with leisure facilities such as a swimming pool and gym.

    Price from 72 GBP per night
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    chain runner, livingston by marston's inns
    Almondvale Business Park

    Enjoy your stay at Chain Runner, Livingston by Marston's Inns with complimentary WiFi, private parking, an in-house restaurant, a bar, and children's play areas.

    Price from 50 GBP per night
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    Explore the Alluring City of Livingston from Your Hotel

    Thriving beaches and mouth-watering cuisine await you at the accommodation in Livingston. This city in Guatemala is a celebrated tourist destination known for its rich and diverse culture, each corner telling a new and captivating story. Reserve your stay at one of the Livingston hotels and savour the unparalleled Guatemalan hospitality. Compared to other tourist locations, Livingston stands out with its immeasurable authenticity. Here, you'll notice a fascinating fusion of Mayan, Garifuna, and Ladino cultures reflected in the local architecture, street art, and of course, the cuisine. Test the hallmark dish, Tapado, from the comfort of your hotel. Another reason to visit Livingston is the electrifying nightlife. The relaxed atmosphere during the day takes a thrilling twist as the sun sets, with local bars and clubs coming to life. Garifuna music, a meld of African, indigenous and Caribbean rhythms, fills the air, as travellers and locals enjoy drinks and laughter.

    Wildlife enthusiasts will also find their personal paradise in Livingston. The city is surrounded by a tropical jungle, a home to a plethora of exotic bird and monkey species. For the adventurous souls, the crystal clear waters of the Guatemalan Caribbean offer opportunities for diving and observing marine life. One of the significant perks of staying in Livingston hotels is their strategic location. No matter if you prefer a beachfront stay or one in the bustling city centre, all ensure easy access to local points of interest. High-quality services and a warm welcome heighten the allure of the city. Additionally, accommodation in Livingston caters to all sorts of budgets. You can find anything from luxurious resorts with all amenities to cozy hostels perfect for backpackers. Regardless of your choice, all places to stay make significant efforts to ensure your stay is as comfortable and memorable as possible. The surroundings, culture, cuisine, nightlife and hospitality are just a few of the unmatched attractions of Livingston. With eBooking, you can make your hotel reservation online and begin planning your next holiday to this gem of the Guatemalan Caribbean.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Livingston cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Livingston costs an average of 155$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Livingston cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Livingston costs an average of 329$ (based on rates).

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