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    Most popular Lillehammer hotels

    lillehammer turistsenter budget hotel
    Sandheimsbakken 20

    Lillehammer Turistsenter Budget Hotel: Free WiFi, cable TV, summer breakfast, views of Lake Mjøsa, beach volleyball, mini golf.

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    clarion collection hotel hammer
    Storgata 108b

    The Clarion Collection Hotel Hammer in Lillehammer offers free dinners and WiFi, along with a gym, sauna, bar, and terrace. Ideal for skiers.

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    lillehammer stasjonen hotel
    Railway Station Jernbanetorget 2

    The Lillehammer Stasjonen Hotel offers free WiFi, a shared kitchen and is just 100 metres from the shopping street Storgata. It boasts a range of amenities.

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    scandic victoria
    Storgata 84 B

    Scandic Victoria in Lillehammer offers free WiFi, a gym, and a buffet breakfast with freshly baked waffles, ideal for pleasant and comfortable stays.

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    aksjemøllen - by classic norway hotels
    Elvegaten 12

    The Aksjemøllen - by Classic Norway Hotels in Lillehammer offers personalised service, Wonderland beds, and a rooftop bar with panoramic views.

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    first hotel breiseth
    Jernbanegaten 1-5

    First Hotel Breiseth in Lillehammer offers free Wi-Fi, free parking, a sauna, and a continental breakfast. Just 100 metres from Lillehammer station.

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    scandic lillehammer hotel
    Turisthotelveien 6

    The Scandic Lillehammer Hotel, located 900 metres from Lillehammer Train Station, offers an indoor pool, spa with sauna, free WiFi, and restaurant.

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    birkebeineren hotel & apartments
    Birkebeinervegen 24

    Birkebeineren Hotel & Apartments in Lillehammer offers free WiFi, a sauna, and accommodations with a TV and private bathroom. Ideal for skiing and hiking.

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    Lillehammer, known for its Scandinavian charm and stunning landscapes, is perfect for your next getaway. By booking Lillehammer hotels with us, you’ll secure a comfortable accommodation in Lillehammer and benefit from our exclusive offers. Book now and pay at the hotel, with no cancellation charges. Enjoy the flexibility to change your plans without any worry. Plus, we guarantee the best price for your stay in hotels in Lillehammer city centre, ensuring options for every budget. Don’t wait any longer; your adventure in Lillehammer awaits you.

    Accommodation in Lillehammer for all tastes

    In Lillehammer, there’s a wide variety of accommodation available to suit all preferences and budgets. From cosy bed & breakfasts to luxurious five-star hotels, the city has something for everyone. Whether you’re travelling as a couple, with family, or on business, you’ll find the perfect place to stay. Many of these accommodations offer additional services like spas, pools, and gourmet restaurants. No matter your plan, Lillehammer has the ideal spot for you.

    Discover where to stay in Lillehammer

    Choosing where to stay in Lillehammer is easy thanks to the diversity and quality of available establishments. Whether you prefer being in the city centre to enjoy urban life or need a quiet spot on the outskirts to relax, Lillehammer has options for every traveller. Many places also offer spectacular views of the Norwegian landscapes, making your stay even more special. Book your accommodation with us and take advantage of all the benefits our options provide.

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