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    We bring you the finest l'Estartit hotels for your getaway along the Brava Coast. We offer you a stay populated with all the comforts you need to make it an unforgettable holiday. Opt for a central stay in the vicinity of Santa Ana Street, where you'll be within a stone's throw of the historic city centre. With easy access to the local church, clock tower, abundant eateries, and stores, your stay promises to be comfy and conveniently situated. For those mesmerised by the city's coastal beauty, we invite you to book one of our splendid hotels or apartments that dot the stunning beaches of the Montgrí coast. Along with fully equipped interiors, these spots offer a wide price range to suit all budgets.

    Most popular L'Estartit hotels

    mas pinell - pati blau
    36 Carrer del Martinet

    The MAS PINELL - PATI BLAU hotel in L'Estartit boasts a private swimming pool, gratis WiFi, and complimentary parking. It is ideal for relaxed family holidays.

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    Calle Salines, 11

    Salines grants mountain views and offers complimentary parking, pet-friendly accommodations, and an outdoor pool.

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    hotel la masia
    Ctra. Torroella, 154

    Hotel La Masía in L'Estartit, Spain. Rooms with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV, private bathroom. Restaurant, bar, terrace, swimming pool. Excursions available. Welcomes pets.

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    hotel santa anna
    Del Port, 46-48

    Hotel Santa Anna in L'Estartit, Spain. Rooms providing wifi, air conditioning, TV, and ensuite bathroom. A restaurant, bar, terrace, swimming pool, and parking are all available. Massage services and car hire are also offered.

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    hotel marisqueria cal tet
    Santa Anna, 38

    Marisquería Cal Tet Hotel: 2 stars in L'Estartit, Spain. Rooms and suite equipped with wifi, air conditioning, TV and private bathroom. Restaurant, dining hall, and bar available.

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    hotel medes ii
    Guillem de Montgrí, 38

    Medes II Hotel: 3 star with wifi, air conditioning, TV, private bathroom. Enjoy our restaurant, bar, swimming pool, parking, and exciting activities such as diving, kayaking, biking, sailing, and boat trips.

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    apartamento splendid 16
    Carrer Hortènsia 3

    Enjoy your stay at the splendid Apartment 16, boasting free parking, an outdoor pool and complimentary wifi, located directly across from L'Estartit beach.

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    hotel panorama
    Grecia, 5

    Hotel Panorama in L'Estartit: a 3-star beachfront jewel, offering rooms equipped with WiFi, air-con and private bathrooms. On-site are a restaurant, bar, pools, gym, spa and meeting venues.

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    apartamento splendid 6
    Carrer Hortènsia nº 3 6

    Savour your stay at the Splendid 6 Apartment in L'Estartit, boasting an outdoor swimming pool, complimentary WiFi access and professional cleaning services.

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    checkin flamingo
    Esglèsia, 112

    Hotel Checkin Flamingo in L'Estartit, Spain, offers rooms, suites, and flats with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV and private bathroom. It features bars, a dining area, a swimming pool and activities.

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    hotel bell aire
    Esglèsia, 39

    Bell Aire Hotel in L'Estartit, Spain. 70 air-conditioned rooms with TV, terrace and bathroom. Features include a restaurant, bar, lounges and recreational dive equipment storage.

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    hotel & diving les illes
    Hotel & Diving Les Illes
    Illes, 55

    Hotel Les Illes offers convenient rooms featuring air conditioning, television, free wifi and private, or shared bathrooms. Discover L'Estartit with our in-house dive centre, restaurant, bar, and buffet breakfast!

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    hotel nereida
    Hotel Nereida
    Grècia, 61

    Hotel Nereida in L'Estartit, Spain features 65 rooms with air conditioning, TV, desk, and en-suite. Facilities include a swimming pool, terrace, gym, restaurant, buffet and parking.

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    apartamento recién reformado a 3 min de la playa
    Apartamento recién reformado a 3 min de la playa
    Carrer Dàlia 24. A3

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    apartamento noenil
    Apartamento Noenil
    Calle Camelia, 13

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    Explore the best area to stay in l'Estartit

    There's nothing like a quaint fishing village to provide a fun, relaxing holiday. Stay in our hotels in l'Estartit and experience facilities ensuring comfort and entertainment. The prime area to choose your accommodation in l'Estartit is around Santa Ana Street, especially if you're keen on being near the commercial district and leisure spots. This pedestrian corridor brings you souvenirs and offers some of the best hotels in l'Estartit city centre with breakfast included, along with a restaurant, bar lounge, and parking. One advantage of this location is that a short stroll brings you to Santa Anna Church Plaza, Salietti House, dating back to the early 20th century, and Clock Tower, built in the 19th century - a comfortable way to view the city's landmarks. For group travellers, we have spacious establishments with triple and family rooms, common areas featuring game zones, lounge, kids' park, and bar and restaurant. Many have pet-friendly policies. From the urban areas of the village, you can easily explore the fisherman's wharf and the Molinet promenade, so the coastal charm is just steps away.

    Slumber in a beachside hotel in l'Estartit

    Wondering where to stay in l'Estartit near the beach? We offer the best prices for beachfront hotels along the Montgrí coast. We provide spaces near the central beaches, like Gran and Pletera - both surrounded by fantastic tourist services and easily accessible from our establishments. The area is dominated by modern facilities. All accommodations feature a pool, children's park, restaurant, and bar, with some offering a gym and spa too. We also have hotels that facilitate visiting less-crowded coves offering more privacy and lush landscapes, such as Els Griells beach and Ferriol cove. These dreamy shores are ideal for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

    Find your ideal hotel in l'Estartit

    The hotels in l'Estartit, Spain, we have at your disposal cater to any budget. Our range includes luxury spaces offering all-inclusive options, complete with restaurants, bars and live show discos – you'll have no need to step outside for enjoyment. On the other hand, if you're eyeing budget-friendly hotels, we've got you covered with rooms equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, private bathrooms and parking – perfect for winding down after an excursion to Montgrí Massif or Medas Islands Natural Park. For those who like to indulge in water sports, we suggest our hotels or apartments near Estartit's Nautical Club. Here, you can rent a boat or attend sailing school. At the end of the day, relax in spaces that come with cooking facilities and fridges. Many come with a pool and parking too.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in L'Estartit cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in L'Estartit costs an average of 215$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in L'Estartit cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in L'Estartit costs an average of 613$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in L'Estartit?

    The best family-friendly hotels in L'Estartit are Fonda Can Dalfo by Vivere Stays and Villa L'Estartit.

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