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    This development represents one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Tarragona. Choose from our selection of les Tres Cales hotels for an unparalleled accommodation experience while exploring the area. Discover the enchantment of the coast at Cala Forn, a favourite among travellers. We have accommodation options close to this area suitable for groups and couples. Additionally, we offer establishments in the city centre just a stone's throw from Cala de Sant Jordi and Cala Vidre, perfect for snorkelling enthusiasts. Don't miss the chance to visit the Castle of Sant Jordi d'Alfama. Our hotels are equipped with all modern conveniences, ensuring you relish the sun, sea and sand from the crack of dawn.

    Most popular Les tres Cales hotels

    vila tres cales
    Carrer Catalunya 805

    Vila Tres Cales, ideal for hiking and cycling enthusiasts, offers complimentary parking, WiFi throughout the property and is pet-friendly.

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    hauzify i casa cardona
    581 Carrer de Cardona

    Hauzify I Casa Cardona, with private pool, barbecue area and free WiFi. Enjoy breathtaking sea and mountain views.

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    chalet con piscina en tres cales
    963 Carrer Barcelona

    Chalet with pool in Tres Cales. This haven offers an outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, private parking, and pets are welcome.

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    haus mit privatpool
    Carrer de Montagut

    Haus Mit Privatpool, located in the tranquil beauty of Les Tres Cales, offers a private pool, terrace, free car park, and Wi-Fi. Perfectly poised for a relaxed holiday.

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    191A Carrer de Montagut

    AME437, a comfortable hotel in Les Tres Cales, offering complimentary parking, WiFi, a terrace and an outdoor pool perfect for unwinding.

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    las tres cales
    Calle Montagut 348

    Las Tres Cales, a hotel with facilities for water sports, hiking, and cycling. It welcomes pets and offers complimentary parking on-site.

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    mas de mingall
    Mas de Mingall
    Camí de Llorell KM 0,6 izq. s/n

    Price from 80 EUR per night
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    villa escaleta costa dorada piscina privada,barbacoa
    Villa Escaleta Costa dorada piscina privada,barbacoa
    Carrer Coll de Balaguer

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    chalet a pie cala forn con piscina
    Chalet a pie Cala Forn con piscina
    Barcelona 604

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    la villa romantica les tres cales espagne
    La Villa Romantica Les Tres Cales Espagne
    1 Carrer Dieciocho

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    villa tristan by marcalma
    Villa Tristan by MarCalma
    80 Carrer Nº Vint-i-set

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    villa currican
    Villa Currican
    Carrer Nº Vint-i-set, 80

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    villa la roca by marcalma
    Villa La Roca by MarCalma
    662 Carrer de Cardona

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    villa elvira by marcalma
    Villa Elvira by MarCalma
    Avinguda de les Tres Cales, 67

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    villa rosa
    Villa Rosa
    1028 Carrer Rovelló

    Price from 160 EUR per night
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    The best area to stay in les Tres Cales

    If you're dreaming of a flawless holiday, it's best to select one of the hotels in les Tres Cales city centre that we provide. Immerse yourself in all modern comforts and join the Las Tres Cales-l'Ametlla de Mar hiking route, a pleasant coastal stroll with stunning panoramic views, perfect for exploring each and every cove and beach of the town. Settle in at one of the city centre les Tres Cales hotels and be within striking distance of key locations. This is one of the best areas to nestle in, particularly if you're travelling with family. Nearby, we have establishments with a swimming pool, garden, outdoor terrace, restaurant and parking facilities. To delight in an unforgettable holiday in this fishing village, we offer an array of accommodation in les Tres Cales fitting all budgets. Book at one of our budget-friendly hotels and embark on an excursion to the Castle of Sant Jordi d'Alfama. Some of them are perfect for backpackers. You'll have access to cosy beds, Wi-Fi, and breakfast.

    Choose the best hotel to sleep by the beach in les Tres Cales

    If you're pondering over where to sleep in les Tres Cales, we recommend you book a stay at a beachfront hotel. It will be the perfect choice to relish the sun, sand and sea as soon as you wake. In proximity to Cala Forn, you'll find state-of-the-art establishments with a play area, gardens, an outdoor terrace, a restaurant serving traditional cuisine, and a swimming pool. We also offer hotels in les Tres Cales, Spain, near Cala de Sant Jordi and Cala Vidre. Besides savouring an unmatched natural environment, the swimming areas are safe for the whole family. You'll also have the convenience to engage in water activities such as snorkelling. In all cases, you'll have spacious apartments, equipped with a living room, a kitchen area, air conditioned bedrooms, Wi-Fi, a terrace, and a pool.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Les tres Cales cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Les tres Cales costs an average of 802$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Les tres Cales cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Les tres Cales costs an average of 1408$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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