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    Stay at our choice of Lastres hotels just for you, where you can savour a comfortable retreat whilst exploring this outstanding Spanish town's intriguing corners. eBooking provides favourable accommodation options, whether you're travelling as a family, for business or on a romantic getaway. We invite you to stay near the vibrant Lastres Port, an appealing locale with a surprising array of colourful boats. You will also love catching some z's in one of our hotels around the golden sandy beach of La Griega, undeniably beautiful. Another excellent idea would be to stay in any of our establishments around Royal Street, considered one of the town’s loveliest.

    Most popular Lastres hotels

    14a05 apartamento con vistas
    Barrio del Descanso, 4 - 2º

    Take comfort and serenity to a new level with 14A05 Apartment with views in Lastres, a smoke-free abode that welcomes children of all ages.

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    tela marinera
    Barrio El Aspu, Luces

    Nestled in Lastres, Tela Marinera is a welcoming spot. Offering free parking, a verdant garden, WiFi, and a smoke-free environment, it ensures an enjoyable stay.

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    la llastrina 14a03
    2 Calle San Antonio Bajo

    La LLastrina 14A03: An exclusive flat with a terrace and free Wi-Fi services. Check out until 12:00. Discover Lastres, Spain.

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    hotel eutimio
    San Antonio, s/n

    Facing the beach, the Eutimio Hotel in Lastres offers amenities, such as a restaurant, bar, terrace, free internet, tourist information services, housekeeping, and more.

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    regalina vistas a la bahía lastres

    Discover the comfort and sea views at The Regalina Bay View Lastres. Equipped with heating, a lift, complimentary parking, and accepting pets.

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    la casina del reloj con vistas al mar
    La casina del Reloj con vistas al mar
    Calle San José

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    hotel lastres miramar
    Hotel Lastres Miramar
    Bajada al puerto SN

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    hotel palacio de los vallados
    Hotel Palacio de los Vallados
    Pedro Villarta, s/n

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    apartamentos tajamar
    Apartamentos Tajamar
    San Antonio, 3 1º

    Price from 100 EUR per night
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    Discover the charm-filled lodging in Lastres.

    Opt to stay in one of our Lastres hotels and you'll relish a pleasant stroll through the scenic village, while keeping your lodging within easy reach. Besides, we have various options tailored to meet your expectations without stretching your budget. We offer accommodation near the vibrant Lastres Port, a captivating spot that will take you by surprise with its fleet of colourful boats and a striking sea view. The city is teeming with heavenly corners, so come and enjoy the best seafronts such as the La Griega beach with its golden sand and undeniable beauty that you will love. Close to this beach, we have all-inclusive establishments that will compliment your holiday. We promise you'll want to return!

    Discover the advantages of lodging in a central hotel in Lastres city centre.

    In this city distinction is not only bestowed upon accommodation located on the beachfront, we also have central hotels in Lastres city centre ascertaining you're just a short distance from the most enchanting places. Walk along its cobblestone alleyways packed with quaint steps and venture down Royal Street, among the most exquisite in the city, lined with quaint sailor-style cottages adorned with vibrant colours and wooden balconies. After a day promenading around the old town area, relax in rooms offering breath-taking sea views, Wi-Fi connectivity and dining facilities. You'll find exactly what you require for a memorable holiday. We invite you to reserve close to the Clock Tower, a 12 metre high monument symbolic of this Asturian town's golden period. In the vicinity, we boast a diverse selection of accommodation in Lastres, incorporating the amenities you require, including television, a bar, and parking. Within the same district, you'll spot the Chapel of Buen Suceso, known for its ancient Baroque retable. We have establishments within the strolling distance of this place ensuring you'll be pleased with rooms boasting terraces and facilities including a restaurant, garden and 24-hour reception service.

    Retreat to the best hotels in Lastres.

    If your preference for accommodation in Lastres revolves around lodges or apartments boasting conditioning, television, living space, Wi-Fi, a fully-fitted kitchen, washing machine and garden or balcony, we recommend going through our options. All these essentials ensure ultimate relaxation without venturing too far off the establishment. If you're an enthusiast of nature tourism, you'll be pleased to find out that our accommodations are near to the San Roque viewpoint which promises breath-taking panoramic views of the sea. We are also capable of offering budget-friendly and comfortable hotels in Lastres, Spain. These will help you take care of your budget without compromising on a cosy stay. Air-conditioned rooms with Wi-Fi and personalised customer service are just a few of the services we guarantee. Many of them are merely a stone's throw away from some of the city's best beaches that you will love!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Lastres cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Lastres costs an average of 108$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Lastres cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Lastres costs an average of 181$ (based on rates).

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