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    Book your stay at our Lasarte hotels which are tailored for you. Enjoy establishments with all the necessary amenities whilst acquainting yourself with this enchanting city. On eBooking, you'll discover the top options for accommodation promising an unforgettable stay. We urge you to stay near to Peine del Viento, surrounded by captivating sculptures in a mystical setting where the natural beauty of the sea is showcased. You'll also savour being lodged near the Dorre Parkea, a charming park bustling with colourful ducks and fishes. We propose accommodation close to the Rectangular San Pedro Parish, a holy space. Moreover, you'll meet the Miracampos Equestrian Centre, all whilst enjoying the comfort of facilities that provide all necessary for relaxation after touring the town. Book with us in Lasarte.

    Most popular Lasarte hotels

    10 min a san sebastián
    Calle Pinutegi

    A mere 10-minute drive from San Sebastián, with free car park, an excellent terrace and a stringent no-smoking policy, sits our Hotel in Lasarte, positioned near numerous popular attractions.

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    elegant rooms lasarte
    C/ Ola Kalea, 14, bajo 2

    Discover Elegant Rooms in Lasarte. This accessible accommodation features soundproof rooms, heating, free WiFi, and round-the-clock security.

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    lasarterooms autocheck-in
    Plaza del golf 1 Bajo1

    Discover at Lasarte, the LASARTEROOMS AUTOCHECK-IN, an innovative hotel with free WiFi and accessible for individuals with limited mobility.

    Price from 44 EUR per night
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    hotel txartel
    Paseo del circuito, 1

    Positioned in Lasarte, the Txartel Hotel offers a range of facilities including a restaurant, room service, a bar and complimentary car park.

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    casa rural la palmera - landetxea
    Casa Rural La Palmera - Landetxea
    25 Hernani Bidea

    Price from 86 EUR per night
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    hotel ibiltze
    Hotel Ibiltze
    Antxota 3-4

    Price from 44 EUR per night
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    Discover the perks of staying in a charming hotel in Lasarte

    To bask in the charm of this town, we suggest starting with a booking at one of our hotels in Lasarte. Explore city history and architectural wonders. Don't forget to visit Peine del Viento, an awe-inspiring sculpture combination of granite terraces and steel pieces bedded on sturdy rocks resisting the waves. Here, you can appreciate a mesmerising site and the sea's natural beauty. We house several establishments in this vicinity, equipped with Wi-Fi, TV and air conditioning, offering exceptional value for money.

    Lodge in accommodation in the heart of Lasarte

    Enjoy a superior accommodation experience and reside in some of our hotels in Lasarte city centre while touring wonderful places in this city. Don't miss Dorre Parkea, a splendid park teeming with vibrantly coloured ducks and fish - a delight for children. We have ideal hotels in the area where your family can feel cosy. They offer comfortable rooms, Wi-Fi and an ensuite. Passionate about religious tourism? You'll relish visiting San Pedro Parish. This rectangular holy site with three aisles of different heights will fascinate you. We present a multitude of nearby accommodation options - modern facilities with terrace, bar, and restaurant. Discover the best accommodation in Lasarte deals perfect for you. We offer budget hotels providing inclusive breakfast, free Wi-Fi and 24-hour reception. We assure you, many of them are near the Brigittines Convent, an Artistic Monument renowned for its Baroque style.

    The Best Area to Sleep in Lasarte

    Choose your preferred accommodation in Lasarte and secure all you need for an unforgettable holiday. We invite you to book near the Miracampos Equestrian Centre, the ideal spot for horse lovers; children will enjoy interacting and pony riding. Explore the city and stay in inexpensive hotels offering air-conditioned rooms, some with parking. Moreover, we house three-star rated hotels in Lasarte, Spain, wherein you will have access to TV, free Wi-Fi throughout and excellent customer service. Finally, do not miss a stop at the Palacio de Miramar, a glorious structure surrounded by attractive gardens.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Lasarte cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Lasarte costs an average of 94$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Lasarte cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Lasarte costs an average of 130$ (based on rates).

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