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    Book your stay at one of our l'Ametlla de Mar hotels and revel in an extraordinary holiday at this hidden gem in the Gulf of Saint George. The available accommodations provide ample opportunity to wind down after exploring the city's iconic sites. Traverse the Historic Centre and prepare to delve into its cultural wealth. Wander along the Promenade, the Saint George d'Alfama Castle and the Fishing Harbour, one of the must-visit locations. We also invite you to lodge at one of the establishments near the beaches and coves. They are the gathering point for water sports enthusiasts. Reserve with us and thoroughly enjoy your stay in l'Ametlla de Mar.

    Most popular L'Ametlla de Mar hotels

    sant francesc 5
    5 Carrer Sant Francesc

    Sant Francesc 5 Hotel situated in L'Ametlla de Mar, provides activities such as snorkelling and hiking, complete with air-conditioning, family-friendly accommodation and a pet-friendly environment.

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    Carrer de Cambrils, 507 LES TRES CALES

    Situated in L'Ametlla de Mar, the AME436 offers amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, private beach area, and complimentary WiFi.

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    maricel en roques daurades
    C/ Margalló 3

    Welcome to Maricel at Roques Daurades, situated in L'Ametlla de Mar. Experience a smoke-free environment with an outdoor pool, complimentary parking, and WiFi.

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    hauzify i apartament bellavista
    72 Carrer Pau Casals

    Close to the beach, Hauzify I Apartament Bellavista offers free WiFi, air conditioning, sea views and an airport shuttle service.

    Price from 37 EUR per night
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    hauzify i apartament llaó
    5 Carrer Ramon i Cajal

    Enjoy a comfortable and secure stay at Hauzify I Apartament Llaó, offering amenities such as a terrace, free WiFi and air conditioning.

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    vistas al mar
    Carrer del Mediterrani, 2o 1o - Gravina

    Vistas al mar provides a calming and contemporary seaside accommodation in L'Ametlla de Mar complete with free WiFi, private parking, and a sun terrace.

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    hotel del port
    Major, 11

    Hotel del Port, a charming seaside hotel in L'Ametlla de Mar, offering laundry service and free WiFi.

    Price from 40 EUR per night
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    hauzify i apartament altamira
    Hauzify I Apartament Altamira
    43 Carrer de la Cova Gran

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    apartamento nat
    Apartamento Nat
    43 Carrer de la Cova Gran

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    masia la candelera
    Masia La Candelera
    poligon 86 parcel.la 12

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    hauzify i apartament esmeralda
    Hauzify I Apartament Esmeralda
    Roques Daurades, 24 Edificio Esmeralda

    Price from 37 EUR per night
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    atico del viktor
    Atico del Viktor
    Plaza del Cano Num 1. 1 5-1

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    loft con encanto
    Loft con encanto
    Carrer Filador n9 1er

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    rvhotels hotel ametlla mar
    RVHotels Hotel Ametlla Mar
    Urbanización Roques Daurades Cala Bon Capó

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    loft l'alguer
    Loft l'Alguer
    Pau, 4

    Price from 41 EUR per night
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    Select a high-quality hotel in l'Ametlla de Mar

    Reserve one of our l'Ametlla de Mar hotels and experience an amazing holiday. We have options to suit everyone's tastes, featuring facilities with restaurants and parking. Some establishments are situated near the Old Town, where you'll discover interesting buildings such as the Parish Church of l'Ametlla de Mar and Saint George d’Alfama Castle. You'll have access to Wi-Fi, a lounge bar, and 24-hour reception, in addition to rooms with terraces. We recommend staying in hotels in the l'Ametlla de Mar city centre, the best area in the city. Meander through the narrow streets and discover the Fishing Harbour. We offer a vast variety of spaces in this part of the town. You'll have parking, cafes, traditional cuisine restaurants, and some even allow pets.

    Find a budget-friendly hotel in l'Ametlla de Mar

    You can choose from boutique hotels or affordable establishments along the coast. Grab the opportunity to visit the Marina, home to the sailing school. Nearby, you'll find accommodation in l'Ametlla de Mar at the best prices, keeping your budget in mind. You'll stay in rooms equipped with television, Wi-Fi, and balconies boasting city or sea views.

    Discover a charming hotel in l'Ametlla de Mar

    If you're searching for accommodation in l'Ametlla de Mar close to the beaches, we provide options that allow you to maximize your stay with excellent company. Maritime-style spaces, with room service, bars, restaurants, and pools are accessible to guarantee a superb stay. The perfect addition to enjoy the services of the Torrent del Pi Beach or the Mosques Cove. What's more, we have hotels in l'Ametlla de Mar, Spain, featuring fitness areas, spas, pools, and everything you need to unwind after visiting the Bon Capet Cove.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in L'Ametlla de Mar cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in L'Ametlla de Mar costs an average of 298$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in L'Ametlla de Mar cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in L'Ametlla de Mar costs an average of 816$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in L'Ametlla de Mar?

    The best family-friendly hotel in L'Ametlla de Mar is Casa Cleo.

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