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    We've got the best La Iruela hotels for you. Relax in top-notch facilities and roam around this captivating town in the province of Jaén. The establishments in the city centre offer excellent value for money. You'll have at your disposal spaces for families, couples, and groups, fitted with all comforts, outstanding rooms and the care you deserve. Explore the Castle of La Iruela and discover its history. It's advisable to stay near the ruins of Santo Domingo de Silos church, a necessary stop-off. If you fancy seeing the Puerto de las Palomas, be ready for a climb, a few kilometres away from the city centre. We've got the perfect accommodation suited to all your needs and budgets.

    Most popular La Iruela hotels

    apartamento con vistas a la piscina y al castillo templario

    A flat with a view of the pool and the Templar Castle in La Iruela, offering air conditioning, a private pool, and a fully equipped kitchen.

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    balcón de la iruela
    17 Carretera Burunchel

    The Balcony of La Iruela, a hotel with a hot tub, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a pool with stunning views in La Iruela.

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    vivienda rural el peñón de los primillas
    53 Calle Cardenal Cisneros

    Discover the charm of Rural House El Peñón de Los Primillas, complete with free WiFi, air conditioning, and complimentary carpark. Ideal for a connected and comfortable stay.

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    peña del castillo
    Carretera Burunchel 37 4 APTO SEM 2

    Discover Peña del Castillo in La Iruela. This is a flat with a terrace, air conditioning and a smoke-free environment.

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    casa refugio cazorla
    40 Carretera V de la Cabeza

    Revel in the comfort and amenities of Casa refugio Cazorla, featuring complimentary WiFi, a terrace, garden, and barbecue facilities, situated in the charming town of La Iruela.

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    alojamiento hnos. pilas
    Carretera de la Sierra Baja

    Experience comfort and tranquility at the Hnos. Pilas Accommodation, equipped with air conditioning, a pool, and a variety of activities such as hiking and fishing.

    Price from 70 EUR per night
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    apartamento el peñon
    Carretera de de la sierra, 41 - PEÑA DEL CASTILLO portal 3 1º B

    Discover APARTAMENTO EL PEÑON nestled in La Iruela, adorned with air conditioning, free parking and a terrace. Enjoy a cloudless stay in a family room!

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    noviembre la iruela

    Enjoy a pleasant stay at NOVEMBER La Iruela, a charming, pet-friendly accommodation that offers free parking, an outdoor pool and a barbecue area.

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    casa limas
    4 Camino la Iruela

    Discover Casa Limas, boasting free parking and pet-friendly amenities. Relish the air conditioning and picnic facilities amidst unsullied nature.

    Price from 107 EUR per night
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    casa el corzo
    Casa el corzo
    26 Calle Antonio Machado

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    3 bedrooms appartement with shared pool and enclosed garden at la iruela
    3 bedrooms appartement with shared pool and enclosed garden at La Iruela
    Calle Arroyo los Ubios 11 Jaén, Andalucía

    Price from 124 EUR per night
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    Find your perfect accommodation in La Iruela

    Discover the charm of the region and its treasures. Reserve your place in our La Iruela hotels, rest in comfortable facilities and explore each one of its tourist destinations. When choosing where to stay in La Iruela, be close to outstanding places full of history. Wander its urban area and you'll be charmed by a maze of steep streets and pristine white facades characteristic of the town. If you lodge in the hotels in La Iruela city centre we provide, you'll have the advantage of being near interesting landmarks and some eateries. We suggest picking an establishment around the Castle of La Iruela. A medieval fort atop the town that still retains original features. You'll find four-star hotels with modern infrastructure, international restaurant, and a swimming pool as well as splendid views of the town. We also have affordable accommodations available at this location. Some provide 24-hour reception, simple decor and parking. You can visit nearby landmarks such as the Church of Immaculate Conception, the Consistorial House, and the Town Hall, places not to miss during your visit.

    Enjoy a variety of hotels in La Iruela

    You can choose an accommodation in La Iruela near the ruins of Santo Domingo de Silos Church, equipped with all comforts you deserve. We propose a range of options in the area to ensure a complete rest. We have the perfect choice if you're travelling in a group. You can stay in family rooms complete with air conditioning, inclusive breakfast and parking. Another way to experience this is by staying in adults-only establishments, perfect if you're travelling as a couple. You'll relax in their lobby bar, have access to a spa, fitness centre, and swimming pool. A great addition would be to visit the Puerto de las Palomas and enjoy splendid views of the nearby mountains. Without a doubt, these will be sceneries to capture.

    Choose the most comfortable hotels in La Iruela

    You can reserve your accommodation in a unique natural setting. A prudent choice would be near Cerro de La Mocha, a popular spot for adventure sports lovers, such as climbing and abseiling. You'll have a fabulous time in establishments with terraces, incredible panoramas, inclusive breakfast, and best of all, close to the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Mountains. From our hotels in La Iruela, Spain, you can explore each one of these natural destinations filled with lakes, mountains, and extensive vegetation. Lace up your hiking boots and afterwards enjoy a pleasant rest in our facilities. You won't regret it! Book with us and enjoy your stay in La Iruela.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in La Iruela cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in La Iruela costs an average of 107$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in La Iruela cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in La Iruela costs an average of 204$ (based on rates).

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