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    Fancy getting to know the most intriguing places in this charming Spanish town? Our la Garriga hotels offer both comfort and affordable rates. The most appealing area to stay is the historic city centre, where the Town Hall is sited, offering tours to places such as the Church of Sant Esteve. Another perk of this location is the availability of inexpensive and comfy hotels situated right at the heart of it all. If you're on a family trip, our expansive, fully fitted hotels are just the ticket. Make sure you take a trip to the Thermal Springs and the Roman Villa of Can Terrers. Book your stay today and get set to explore La Garriga!

    Most popular La Garriga hotels

    casa cal duc, la garriga

    Visit Casa Cal Duc, La Garriga in Spain, boasting free parking, pet acceptance, complimentary Wi-Fi, and an included barbecue.

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    cottage eco-friendly barcelona country side
    Masia Can Sunyer s/n

    Enjoy nature in comfort at the Eco-Friendly Barcelona countryside Cottage with free Wi-Fi, private parking, and a swimming pool.

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    masia can sunyer agroturismo
    Plaça Ibera

    Discover the authentic MASIA CAN SUNYER AGROTURISMO in La Garriga, Spain, equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, garden, and complimentary WiFi.

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    sono house
    C/. Torrent dels Murris, 2

    Delight in your stay at Sono House in La Garriga, featuring free WiFi, air conditioning, and security measures such as cameras and fire extinguishers.

    Price from 60 EUR per night
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    hotel calabria
    Carretera nova,3

    Enjoy the delights of Hotel Calabria, complete with complimentary parking, an on-site restaurant, bar, shared lounge, garden, terrace and free WiFi.

    Price from 65 EUR per night
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    vil·la la garriga termal congost
    Vil·la La Garriga Termal Congost
    Carrer Santa Maria del Camí, 41, 08530 La Garriga, Barcelona, Espanya

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    sono master apartments
    Sono Master Apartments
    Torrent dels Murris, 2

    Price from 210 EUR per night
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    sono & spa - adults only
    Sono & SPA - Adults Only
    Avenida Els Tremolencs, 34

    Price from 130 EUR per night
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    hotel blancafort spa termal
    Hotel Blancafort Spa Termal
    Mina, 7

    Price from 80 EUR per night
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    Choose the most comfortable hotels in La Garriga

    Come and explore the historical landmarks in this beautiful city in the province of Barcelona. Choose our hotels in la Garriga city centre and enjoy an unparalleled accommodation experience. You'll love staying in the area of the Historic Quarter, where lie some of the city’s most significant sites. Pay a visit to the Parish Church of Sant Esteve and join the tour. To get the full experience, stay in a hotel with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, an in-house restaurant, and parking. One of the advantages of staying in hotels in la Garriga city centre is the low prices. The majority offer amenities like an inclusive breakfast, a swimming pool, and a gym. Do include a visit to Can Rosanes, a historical site with a tribute tower.

    Discover charming hotels in La Garriga

    Choose accommodation in la Garriga near the Thermal Baths. This city is famed for the quality of its thermal springs and hotels with spas. If you stay in its vicinity, you'll enjoy the best thermal tours in Barcelona. Alternatively, choose a rural house with a fully fitted kitchen, en-suite rooms, and a swimming pool. Pick whatever suits you and don't forget to visit the Raspall Route and the Bomb Shelter.

    Find your ideal hotel in La Garriga

    Calling all foodies! Here's where to stay in la Garriga, Spain, close to culinary hotspots. Additionally, most of our hotels house restaurants where traditional Catalan dishes are at their finest. They also offer breakfast in bed and a cocktail bar to complete the gastronomic offer. What more could you want? Choose from our hotels in la Garriga, Spain, offering visitor information, and keep yourself in the loop about splendid sites such as the Roman Villa of Can Terrers. Your itinerary simply must include it due to its historical significance. Transport services, car and bike rental complete the conveniences you'll enjoy in our accommodations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in La Garriga cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in La Garriga costs an average of 250$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in La Garriga cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in La Garriga costs an average of 251$ (based on rates).

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