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    Most popular destinations in Jordan

    Embark on a discovery of Jordan, a truly captivating destination!

    Jordan, situated at the heart of the Middle East, is a country overflowing with captivating history and incredible natural beauty. Enveloped by some of the world's oldest traditions and mysteries, this multifaceted nation is home to bustling cities like Amman, remote landscapes like the Wadi Rum desert and intriguing archaeological sites like Petra. Where else could you indulge in delicious local cuisine and experience such hospitable people? Undoubtedly, Jordan is a destination that must be explored, and with eBooking's superb range of Jordan hotels, you can completely immerse yourself in these wonders.

    A plethora of hotels in Jordan.

    On our platform, we offer a vast array of Jordan hotels for every taste and budget. Whether you're after lavish five-star accommodation in the heart of Amman, cosy bed and breakfasts in the picturesque city of Petra or intrepid eco-campsites in the Wadi Rum desert, we've got you covered! Our luxury hotel offerings cater to the discerning traveller with high-end services, exquisite local cuisine, modern amenities and comfortable rooms guaranteeing a deluxe experience. If you're keen on discovering an affordable place to stay in Jordan, we also provide budget-friendly hotels in Jordan city centre.

    Ideal hotels in Jordan's major cities.

    Whether you're yearning to relish Amman's vibrant nightlife, explore the historical marvels of Petra, or take in the tranquillity of the Dead Sea, eBooking has the perfect accommodation in Jordan for your trip. We feature hotels in Jordan's key cities that are strategically located near major tourist sights, eateries and shops. So, regardless of whether you want to be at the heart of the action or secluded in a peaceful retreat, we're certain you'll find accommodation in Jordan that suits your needs.

    Hotels in Jordan for history and culture enthusiasts.

    Jordan, a country teeming with rich history and deep-seated culture, attracts globetrotters from all over the world. Jordan hotels are strategically positioned near significant landmarks, such as Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Roman colosseum in Amman, or the mesmerising Wadi Rum desert. Therefore, whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or simply someone in pursuit of a unique adventure, at eBooking you'll find the perfect accommodation to uncover and experience all the marvels that Jordan has to offer.

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