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    Discover top-tier Jaca hotels and indulge in an unforgettable accommodation experience while soaking up the splendours of the enchanting Aragon river valley. Revel in the luxury of a room with a breathtaking view of the St Peter Cathedral, the spectacle of this historic edifice will leave you awestruck come morning. Savour the rich history as you stay at one of our splendid hotels in Jaca city centre. Furthermore, we cordially invite you to explore our select accommodation near the ski resorts, and uncover picturesque and interesting hotspots that are a must for your travel itinerary. The Astun and Candanchu ski resorts are among our top suggestions for you.

    Most popular Jaca hotels

    rincón de jaca
    Rincón de Jaca

    Delight in the serene views and free Wi-Fi during your stay at Rincón de Jaca, not forgetting its bar and terrace with city vistas.

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    chalet junto a la ciudadela de jaca
    Chalet junto a la Ciudadela de Jaca
    7 Calle Río Estarrun

    Discover the charm of a Chalet next to the Citadel of Jaca in Aragon, with free WiFi throughout and a peaceful garden for relaxation.

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    1 Calle Membrilleras 1B

    Situated in Jaca, El Collarada offers complimentary WiFi throughout the property and welcomes pets.

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    plaza mayor
    Plaza Mayor
    Calle Mayor 41

    Acebo Plaza Mayor, a 2-star hotel in Jaca, Spain. Air-conditioned rooms with heating, wifi, and TV. Bathroom features a hairdryer. Facilities include a restaurant, cafe and car park. Pet-friendly.

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    hotel pradas
    Hotel Pradas
    Obispo, 12

    Pradas Hotel in Jaca. Rooms feature air conditioning, heating, TV, safe and private bathroom. Pet-friendly policy in place.

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    hotel a nieu
    Hotel A Nieu
    Zaragoza, 22

    Hotel A Nieu in Jaca: 1-star accommodation offering air-conditioned rooms, flat-screen TV and wifi. Private bathroom with complimentary toiletries. Features sun terrace, garden, café and is canine-friendly.

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    apartahotel & spa jacetania
    Apartahotel & Spa Jacetania
    Doctor Marañon, 5

    Discover the comfort of the Apartahotel & Spa Jacetania in Jaca. You'll love amenities like WiFi, spa, parking, and a delightful outdoor swimming pool.

    Price from 59 EUR per night
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    villa iacca
    Villa iacca
    Voto de San Indalecio,40.

    Hotel Villa Iacca, located in Jaca, with 7 fully equipped rooms featuring a TV, wifi, air-conditioning, heating, and an en-suite shower. Complimentary breakfast, a coffee bar, and nearby parking are also included.

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    hotel jaqués
    Hotel Jaqués
    Unión Jaquesa, 4

    Hotel Jaqués in Jaca: A 2* establishment with air-conditioned rooms, TV, Wi-Fi, and private bathroom. We offer a restaurant, café, cleaning, and parking. Book now!

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    hotel el acebo
    Hotel El Acebo
    Echegaray, 11

    Hotel El Acebo in Jaca: 17 rooms, air conditioning, restaurant and room service. Ideal for holidays and business trips.

    Price from 35 EUR per night
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    conde aznar
    Conde Aznar
    Paseo de La Constitución, 3

    Discover Conde Aznar, a cosy 3-star hotel in Jaca, offering complimentary WiFi, parking, and a bar for unwinding.

    Price from 49 EUR per night
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    eurostars reina felicia
    Eurostars Reina Felicia
    Paseo Camino de Santiago, 16-20

    Situated in Jaca, the Eurostars Reina Felicia provides a peaceful atmosphere complete with amenities such as a gym, spa, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

    Price from 66 EUR per night
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    hotel oroel
    Hotel Oroel
    Avenida Francia, 37

    Discover the allure of Hotel Oroel in Jaca: complete with complimentary WiFi, parking, and a restaurant catering to specialty diets upon request.

    Price from 61 EUR per night
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    hotel & spa real jaca
    Hotel & Spa Real Jaca
    Membrilleras, 7

    The Hotel & Spa Real Jaca, nestled in the Aragonese Pyrenees, boasts a restaurant, bar, terrace, and spa, making it an ideal choice for skiers.

    Price from 55 EUR per night
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    gran hotel de jaca
    Gran Hotel de Jaca
    Paseo Constitución, 1

    Discover the Grand Hotel de Jaca, located in the heart of Jaca, with stunning views of the Pyrenean Mountains and only a stone's throw away from ski areas.

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    Discover hotels near citadel of Jaca

    We offer accommodation in the best Jaca hotels near the Citadel, the iconic fortress built in 1592 and declared a Historical-Artistic Monument. If you choose to book with us, we assure you of extraordinary advantages. Apart from boasting an unmatched location, our hotels in Jaca, Spain, come with comfortable facilities, some with a romantic style, others contemporary, but all indeed cosy. You'll be just a stone throw away from St Peter's Cathedral. Upon your arrival at the chosen hotel, you can enjoy restaurants, bar lounges, terraces, and everything you need after a day of exploring the best-preserved medieval city in Huesca.

    Find hotels in Jaca city centre

    Book with us at hotels in Jaca city centre and take pleasure in the perks of being a short stroll from the First Friday of May avenue and the Major street. Opt to stay in the centre and you can relax in a hotel with rustic style and comfortable facilities, a restaurant, breakfast service included, and most of them have parking. If you’re here on business, we offer accommodation in Jaca in hotels that come equipped with Wi-Fi in public areas, a restaurant, and parking, ideal for professionals. We also have centrally located establishments that are family-friendly, so if you plan to bring your group during the holidays, we've got places with terraces, pools, children's areas, and some even have a pet-friendly policy. From our accommodation, you can include a visit to the Bridge of San Miguel and the essential Fortress of Rapitan viewpoint in your itinerary.

    Stay in Jaca and discover the fantastic ski resorts

    Finding where to stay in Jaca near the ski resorts won't be a challenge, because on eBooking we have a list of the best accommodations. In fact, at some of Jaca's most beautiful ski resorts we offer excellent options of boutique Jaca hotels equipped with everything you need to enjoy snow sports. Bear in mind our highly-recommended Jaca hotels which provide comfort to suit everyone's taste. Wi-Fi throughout, cafés, and even terraces and parking are just part of the conveniences. Jaca hosts important ski centres such as Astun and Candanchu. In this location, we have accommodations ranging from budget hotels to 5-star luxury stays, many of which are perfect for families. Jaca hotels are also ideal if you're travelling as a couple. One of the most recommended areas in this case is the Aragon Valley, considered one of the most beautiful natural places in the Pyrenees. The choice of accommodations in this area is very varied, so you'll find everything from full-board hotels to bed-and-breakfasts. Regardless of your budget, there are establishments to satisfy all tastes in the area.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Jaca?

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Jaca cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Jaca costs an average of 129$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Jaca cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Jaca costs an average of 293$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Jaca?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Jaca are Hotel Conde Aznar, Hotel Jaqués, and Apartahotel & Spa Jacetania.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Jaca?

    The best hotels for couples in Jaca are Hotel Oroel and Hotel Villa iacca.

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