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    The Best Hotels in Italy

    Unearth all the wonders you can find in Italy, one of the most visited European countries in the world. Italy's countryside is brimming with remnants of ancient history, stunning natural landscapes, world-famous art, and a cuisine that's a tourist attraction in its own right.

    To experience Italy, we recommend you visit and find an hotel in Italy that best suits your needs and budget, like the Ciao Verona Bed and Kitchen, one of Italy's finest hotels offering all the comforts a guest could need during their stay.

    Rome, the Italian capital, is a city with an enigmatic image, a product of the abundant architectural wonders from the ancient world you'll find lining its streets. Today, you can explore its attractions and stay at one of the best hotels in Rome, Italy, we have on offer.

    You'll also find affordable hotels in Italy in charming cities, like Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance; Pisa and Venice, each with their unique allure. But if you're after beach hotels in Italy, we've got the best in Sardinia on offer.

    Book at one of the Italian hotels that has for you, like the YellowSquare Milan or the B&B Hotel Milano City Center Duomo, and discover all the marvels this European city has to offer.

    Find the Best Hotels in Rome, Italy

    The best hotels in Rome combine top-notch comforts and services with the best locations, allowing you to easily explore the most astonishing tourist attractions of the eternal city.

    The best area to stay in Rome is the centre, specifically near the Colosseum, a wonder of the modern world that you cannot miss.

    Book a hotel in Rome with luxury design infrastructure and finishes to guarantee a comfortable stay. The 24-hour reception service, alongside an excellently reputed restaurant and lounge bar, will meet all your needs. Its unbeatable location offers night-time views of the Colosseum and walkable access to the Roman Forums, the Palatine Hill, the Altar of the Fatherland and Piazza Venezia any time of the day.

    Trastevere, one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods and among the best areas to stay in Rome, is a great option if you wish to explore more than just the imposing archaeological sites. This neighbourhood offers accommodation in Rome, with a bohemian style that reflects the location. Its romantic design makes it ideal for couples. It's well-accommodated with a quality restaurant and bar, and also boasts a lovely terrace. In addition to being one of the affordable hotels in Italy, its location, in one of the best areas in Rome, makes it a wise choice if you're travelling on a tight budget.

    The location is perfect for visiting the Jewish Ghetto, Tiber Island and the Mouth of Truth, all within walking distance. It's also not far from the Vatican. From the hotel, consider taking a tour there.

    Stay at the Best Beach Hotels in Italy

    Sardinia is a truly fantastic island offering the best beach hotels in Italy, guaranteeing an unforgettable holiday.

    We invite you to book in Olbia, the top pick for exploring the Emerald Coast. The best seaside accommodation option is one of the best 5-star hotels in Italy, where luxury and fun coexist harmoniously. The establishment boasts a renowned restaurant where you can savour the exquisite local cuisine. The lounge bar is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink, but you can also do so on the spacious terrace or by the poolside. Parking, Wi-Fi throughout the property and airport transfer services are also available. The accommodation is close to Olbia's Central Park Fausto Noce and near to countless leisure, dining and stunning cove options.


    Stay at the Best Hotels in Tuscany, Italy

    The best hotels in Italy are scattered across the country's most beautiful regions. We invite you to explore Tuscany and discover its array of fascinating locations.

    Start by visiting Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, a perfect destination for art-lovers. Book with at a hotel in Tuscany near the city's historic centre. Its deserved 5 stars are evident in the luxurious design details of its spaces. The hotel boasts an elegant restaurant, spa, gym, and swimming pool. Its spacious, tastefully decorated rooms offer all the comforts you've ever dreamed of.

    From the hotel, you can walk to the famous Florence Cathedral, also known as the Duomo; take a break in its stunning square; or reach the Ponte Vecchio and Basilica di Santa Croce on foot.

    In the region of Tuscany, you will also find Pisa, an essential stop on your journey through Italy if you want to snap the iconic photograph in front of its most famous monument. Our recommendation is to stay near the Leaning Tower of Pisa where you'll find one of the top Italian hotels, known for its location and excellent round-the-clock service. Among the quality amenities are its restaurant, terrace, rooftop, and a spacious pool. The best thing about staying in this area of the city is that, in addition to the Leaning Tower, you'll be able to visit the Duomo, Batisterio, and Camposanto all in one trip.


    Discover Venice and Stay at an All-Inclusive Hotel in Italy

    The next vital stop on this tour is Venice, the city of canals, and undoubtedly, romance. To explore Venice comfortably, we invite you to book with us at a hotel in Venice, Italy, situated in the San Marco district, near the city's most beautiful museums and attractions. This all-inclusive Italian hotel, stands out with 4-star services. An elegant lounge bar and top-notch restaurant make up the establishment's food and drink offer.

    Additionally, they offer free Wi-Fi throughout the property, luggage storage and parking. From the hotel, it's easy to visit St. Mark's Square, the Accademia Bridge, and wander through the Grand Canal on a gondola or Vaporetto.

    If you're planning your own trip, we invite you to utilise, the best reservation website, where you'll find the hotel in Italy tailored to your itinerary and budget.

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