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    Discover the most charming nooks of this city and book into the Inca hotels we've got lined up just for you. Start your sightseeing with the Shoemaking and Industry Museum, delving into the shoe production history from ancient times to present day. Continue your city stroll visiting the Monastery of Sant Bartomeu or Can Monroig Gallery, distinguished by a wealth of artworks hailing from different regions of the world. Stay stones throw away from the Janer House, boasting a blend of neobaroque and modernist styles. Don't forget to swing by the Serral de Ses Monges Park, ideal for family picnic days. We've top-notch accommodation options scattered all around these landmarks.

    Most popular Inca hotels

    Diseminado Poligono 8, 40

    The Tramuntana Hotel provides complimentary parking, free WiFi and smoke-free rooms.

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    finca montpellier
    Carrer de Binissalem

    Discover the charm of Finca Montpellier in Inca, offering complimentary WiFi, private parking, and a lovely garden in a smoke-free setting.

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    Camí de Can Colom sn

    Visit Melongos in Inca, featuring air-conditioned accommodation, a swimming pool, free WiFi, and private parking. Pet-friendly, with a barbecue area, terrace and mountain views.

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    can munta
    Carrer Campanet 21

    Pay a visit to Can Munta in Inca, a lodging that comes with a garden, a barbecue facility, and internet. We invite you to enjoy our free WiFi and a refreshing swimming pool.

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    villa cala veritat
    poligono 2 parcela 120

    Revel in the comforts and services offered by Villa Cala Veritat in Inca, complete with free car park, pet-friendly policy, and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property.

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    finca pou nou - bonacasa

    Relish an exceptional stay at Finca Pou Nou - Bonacasa, equipped with complimentary WiFi, private parking, a garden, along with a barbeque area and a private pool.

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    sa vinya des convent - hotel bodega
    Carretera Inca-Sineu S.N.

    Sa Vinya des Convent - Hotel Bodega: A 4-star haven nestled among vineyards, with a swimming pool, spa services and complimentary parking.

    Price from 78 EUR per night
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    can vidal boutique rooms
    Carrer de Can Vidal, 24 Carrer de Can Vidal, 24

    The Can Vidal Boutique Rooms in Inca provides free Wi-Fi, parking, a terrace, and rooms equipped with everything you need for your stay.

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    cas ciutada
    Poligon 7, Parcela 489

    In the heart of Inca, Mallorca, Cas Ciutada offers a blissful outdoor pool, complimentary parking and warmly welcomes pets — an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday.

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    yupihome finca ca na sota
    Diseminado Poligono 10, 430 07300 Inca, Illes Balears

    Discover the comfort and services provided by YupiHome Finca Ca Na Sota, with free parking, an outdoor swimming pool, a garden, WiFi and non-smoking rooms.

    Price from 129 EUR per night
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    yupihome finca can calistro
    Diseminado Poligono 12, 526 (39.705099, 2.934570)

    YupiHome Finca Can Calistro in Inca offers complimentary WiFi, a terrace, air conditioning, a barbeque, and parking. Superb location!

    Price from 131 EUR per night
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    yupihome finca can soler
    Diseminado Poligono 2, S/N

    Enjoy a memorable stay at YupiHome Finca Can Soler and experience amenities like its garden, terrace, free wifi and outdoor swimming pool.

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    cosy finca sa vinya near inca
    Cami de Sa Batalla poligono 2, parcela 279

    Take pleasure in the comfort of Sa Vinya estate close to Inca: private swimming pool, mountain views, free WiFi and parking. A fantastic place for a break in nature.

    Price from 93 EUR per night
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    virrey finca hotel
    Carretera Inca-Sencelles km 2,4

    Become a guest at Virrey Finca Hotel and experience comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi, private parking, and an optimal atmosphere for work.

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    finca son vivot
    Carretera Palma-Alcúdia, Km 34

    Discover Son Vivot, a tranquil haven with an outdoor pool, fruit garden, free WiFi, and concierge services. Book now!

    Price from 200 EUR per night
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    Explore the top recommended hotels in Inca

    Travelling for holiday or business? We've got the best hotels in Inca for you on eBooking, from high-end establishments to budget-friendly options. Discover most-visited destinations such as the Shoemaking and Industry Museum that offers a detailed insight into shoe production from yesteryears to today. You'll love it! The Monastery of Sant Bartomeu is one of the city's cultural heritage gems, housing art pieces that will bewitch you. We've got top-recommended establishments close by, offering comfy rooms with air conditioning and en-suite facilities.

    Stay over in Inca city centre hotels

    Book with us at hotels in Inca city centre and enjoy proximity to Can Monroig Gallery, highlighted by a myriad of artworks, furniture and sculptures from various corners of the globe. Fancy a stay near the local Old Town? Here, you can latch onto a cosy hotel complete with complimentary Wi-Fi and a telly, along with a terrace and parking. You'll adore being amidst streets dotted with gothic and modernist buildings! Right in the heart of the city, you'll find accommodation equipped with all the creature comforts needed for an unforgettable stay, without breaking the bank. Plus, you'll be near Plaza de España, home to Janer House, sporting neobaroque and modernist styles. Its Art Nouveau balconies will surely catch your eye. We've got the perfect Inca accommodation for you, offering anything from budget establishments with breakfast or half board, to luxury hotels. Our properties boast excellent facilities including air conditioning, pool, and garden. If you're into cultural and religious tourism, Inca is home to Santa María la Major Church, whose stunning main façade will leave you speechless.

    The best hotels in Inca

    In the hunt for a place to stay in Inca? With us, you'll find the best hotels and apartments at the lowest rates. Comfortable rooms and facilities complete with bars and terraces for some downtime await. After a rejuvenating night's sleep, why not visit Serral de Ses Monges Park, perfect for a family picnic. We welcome you to stay over at the best hotels in Inca, Spain. Our establishments provide a wide array of choices equipped with Wi-Fi, pool, and a breakfast included. The best bit? You'll be close to the Inca Weekly Market, known for its array of stalls. Book with us for a memorable Inca experience!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Inca cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Inca costs an average of 808$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Inca cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Inca costs an average of 2366$ (based on rates).

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