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    We've got a range of Ibi hotels with all the luxuries you deserve for your stay as you explore this charming town. Book your accommodation in the Old Town and enjoy optimal facilities whilst appreciating the beauty of its urban layout. We offer family rooms in our properties close to museums, parks, and spectacular landscapes — the kids will love this region. You can also choose to stay near the Reyes Magos squares and the Ibi Church. Don't forget to visit the Elephant's Trunk and the Botanical Garden. In every instance, we have establishments at affordable prices to suit all tastes near Ibi's top attractions. Make your reservation with us and enjoy it all!

    Most popular Ibi hotels

    hotel plata by bossh hotels
    1 Carrer de Sant Roc

    The Hotel Plata in Ibi features 24hr reception, room service, private parking and free WiFi.

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    hotel del juguete
    L´Escoleta, 4

    Located in Ibi, the Toy Hotel offers themed toy rooms, free WiFi, parking, a restaurant, and a play area.

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    hotel ibi
    Avenida de la Indústria s/n

    The Ibi Hotel offers complimentary Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms with flat screen televisions, along with a dedicated restaurant and 24-hour reception.

    Price from 43 EUR per night
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    la casita
    Polígono 5 parcela 52 - Partida de la Canal n.6

    Delight in a peaceful stay at La Casita in Ibi, boasting free WiFi, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, and complimentary bicycles for guests.

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    casa rosalía
    Casa Rosalía
    55 Carrer Sant Josep

    Price from 49 EUR per night
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    Stay in the heart of Ibi

    Book at one of the hotels in Ibi we have to offer and discover the historic beauty of the toy city. Meanwhile, rest in comfortable facilities with a prime location. One of the best areas to find accommodation in Ibi is the central part of the town. You'll love exploring the Old Town and wandering along streets steeped in history. You'll see the Arcade Vintage Museum and the Church Plaza, an open-air artefact museum. As well as taking in their impressive monuments, you'll be close to shops and restaurants where you can sample local cuisine. After a stroll, you can relax in rooms with air conditioning, Wi-Fi throughout and breakfast included. From the hotels in Ibi city centre, you can also visit the Moorish and Christian Festival Museum. Be sure to include the Valencian Toy Museum on your list — the kids will be thrilled to accompany you. Nearby, you'll find establishments that offer breakfast in their traditional restaurant and have parking.

    Find your ideal hotel in Ibi

    If you're looking for a cosy, well-equipped place to sleep in Ibi, we've got unbeatable options. At eBooking, we offer accommodation for every taste and budget. And the best part, our establishments are just a short distance from the region's main tourist attractions. We suggest you book near the House Tápena Maze or the Ruins of Mas de Tetuán, both very attractive attractions in the community. Within a short distance, you can stay in hotels with modern facilities, air-conditioned rooms, TV, Wi-Fi and parking. If you're travelling as a couple, we suggest a peaceful, affordable place to stay. After an excursion to the Elephant's Trunk and the Barranco de los Molinos, rest in houses or apartments equipped with a kitchen, appliances, living room, terraces and everything you need for privacy and comfort.

    Relax in the best hotels in Ibi

    Choose one of our hotels in Ibi, Spain. The selection includes low-priced establishments that won't disappoint. Most of these places offer an all-inclusive option, as well as air conditioning, Wi-Fi and parking. In addition, you have the opportunity to take a stroll in the surrounding area. Enjoy the outdoors by visiting the Torretes Biological Station Botanical Garden and the Carrascal de la Fuente Roja Nature Park. In all cases, we guarantee that you'll enjoy first-class services and personalised attention at the best Ibi hotels.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Ibi cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Ibi costs an average of 100$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Ibi cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Ibi costs an average of 270$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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