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    The best hotels in Hungary city centre

    Hungary, a captivating European country, has Budapest as her capital which is one of the most visited cities worldwide. However, beyond this, Hungary showcases a myriad of other landscapes and notable destinations that include beaches, thermal baths and World Heritage sites.

    Hotel Dzsungel often receives high accolades from guests due to its superb location and the quality of its modern rooms.

    If you're travelling in a group, you'll absolutely relish your stay at Holiday Hotel Siófok. Its spacious facilities are designed to guarantee entertainment without needing to leave the premises.

    In order to explore Hungary's most significant sites, we recommend you stay at Monarchy Residence and enjoy restful moments in its luxurious and well-appointed facilities.

    Hungary has a lot to offer to tourists from around the globe at any time of the year. Your visit to this country should begin in its capital, Budapest, which abodes some amazing places and several World Heritage Sites such as the Castle of Budapest. In the city of Eger, you can admire its historic castle. Also, there are cities where you can visit their popular spas for a family outing, such as Siófok and Hévíz, as well as Hajdúszoboszló where Europe's one of the largest thermal spas is located. A stop off in Szeged is essential, where you can marvel at the imposing Votive Church, and Pécs stands out for its square and the Mosque of Pasha Gazi Qasim.

    Book your stay on and enjoy perfect holidays in the best Hungary hotels.

    Choose from the best hotels in Budapest

    At, you can choose from the best hotels in Budapest ensuring your stay in the most visited city of Central Europe is second to none. Book accommodation with free Wi-Fi, parking, a swimming pool, and a sauna. Once settled, prepare to visit iconic places like the infamous Chain Bridge which crosses the Danube river connecting the ancient cities of Buda and Pest.

    Buda represents the medieval part and is one of the best areas to stay in Budapest to be a few steps away from both the Castle of Budapest and the Matthias Church. On the other hand, the most lively area of the city, replete with fashionable bars and pubs, can be found in the districts of Pest where you'll also discover intriguing places such as the Parliament of Budapest and the St. Stephen's Basilica. Remember to check out while looking for your perfect hotel in Budapest. You must visit the Central Market of Budapest, the Fisherman's Bastion; and include a leisurely walk by the banks of the Danube which figures as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO – it's highly recommended especially for romantic getaways.

    Choose a hotel with included breakfast in Eger

    Eger is a tourist city located to the north of Hungary, known for its rich historical heritage and must-see sights such as the Castle of Eger, the Dobó Square, the Paloc Museum, the Turkish baths and the Bukk mountains. Also noteworthy are the Basilica of Eger and the Eger Minaret. Additionally, you can indulge in wine tourism in the city. When searching for a hotel in Eger, opt for one with an inclusive breakfast to start your day in the best possible way, featuring a restaurant, a bar, a gym and a terrace with city views. You will find the best options on!

    Opt for a budget-friendly hotel in Siófok, Hungary

    The city of Siófok nestles on the banks of Lake Balaton and houses breathtaking scenic locations perfect for family visits. Highlights include the Siófok Water Tower, the Imre Kálmán Memorial House, the Southern Balaton Cultural Centre and undoubtedly, the Lake Balaton itself which draws hundreds of people annually due to its spas. On, you'll find the budget-friendly hotel in Siófok best suited to your needs, with beach access, family rooms and an included breakfast.

    Book a stay in a hotel in Hajdúszoboszló

    Hajdúszoboszló serves as the capital city of the county with the same name. To make the most of what the city offers, visit and reserve a stay in a hotel in Hajdúszoboszló with Wi-Fi, family-friendly rooms, a bar, a restaurant, a spa and dedicated wellness centre. Discover one of Europe's largest thermal complexes, Hungarospa, and consider visiting the Aquapark, the Bonsai Museum and the Bell House along with the churches in Hajdúszoboszló. This city is sure to charm you!

    Discover a three-star hotel in Szeged, Hungary

    Szeged is one of Hungary's largest cities offering a wealth of entertainment options. Begin with a visit to the Votive Church, the city's cathedral, and the colorfully animated Dóm Square in front of it. Don't miss the impressive Szeged Synagogue, the Zoo, the Móra Ferenc Museum and the University Botanical Garden. Find a three-star hotel stay in Szeged at the best price with smoke-free rooms, room service and parking on our website. Reserve and start your unforgettable vacation!

    Find an all-inclusive hotel in Hévíz

    Hévíz is a thermal spa town in Hungary, renowned for the thermal waters of Lake Hévíz where tourists flock to bathe and relax. While exploring the town, be sure to include visits to the Holy Spirit Church, the Roman Ruins and the Hévíz Museum. Opt for an all-inclusive hotel in Hévíz so you need not worry about anything during your stay; just relax in facilities with a spa, wellness centre, free Wi-Fi and views of the lake. Start on and book your stay.

    Book a hotel with a swimming pool in Pécs

    Pécs is a significant Hungarian city with a wealth of artistic and cultural heritage. Start with a stroll through the old town of Pécs and uncover gems such as the Pécs Square, the Zsolnay Fountain, the Mosque of Pasha Gazi Qasim, the Christian Necropolis of Pécs, the Cathedral, the Amerigo Tot Museum and the Hungarian Modern Gallery. To make your journey ideal, ensure you reserve a stay on at a hotel with a swimming pool in Pécs, either outdoor or indoor, as well as rooms with a private bathroom, flat-screen TV and access to a gym.

    Book a beachfront hotel in Balatonlelle

    On, you'll find the perfect beachfront hotel in Balatonlelle, a spa town located on the banks of the river Balaton. If you're travelling with family, there are establishments equipped with a children's play area and those with a pet-friendly policy. In the town, besides enjoying the waters of Lake Balaton, you can visit the Sphere Lookout Tower, Balatonlellei Vidalmapark (an amusement park) and a water park on the beach.

    Another ideal spa town to visit in Hungary is Balatonfüred, which also features attractive beaches on Lake Balaton. Make sure to look for the best hotels in Balatonfüred on our website.

    Your fun-filled holiday is at your fingertips. Just choose from the best Hungary hotels with promotional offers on and get ready for a memorable accommodation experience.

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