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    Opt for a stay at one of our Huelva hotels and savour the comfort as you begin exploring this captivating Spanish city. Here at eBooking, we have top-notch accommodation options, whether your trip is a family holiday, a business trip or a romantic getaway. We invite you to rest in proximity to the Casa Colón or the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Merced, both fantastic areas of the city. You're also bound to fall in love with the idea of a peaceful night's sleep at one of our hotels near the region's stunning beaches. Establishments of all categories await you, boasting modern amenities. Book now to live one of the best experiences of your life, touring this dream city.

    Most popular Huelva hotels

    pension la vega
    Avda. Alemania, 96

    Discover Pension La Vega, with free WiFi, air conditioning and daily cleaning services for your comfort. It's right on the money for a comfy stay in Huelva.

    Price from 30 EUR per night
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    habitación greta
    17 Calle Venezuela

    The Greta Room, in Huelva, features air conditioning and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property, in addition to a garden and relaxing terrace.

    Show prices
    casa huelva
    Calle Carmen Conde

    Discover Casa Huelva, situated in Huelva, boasting free private parking, a tennis court, and garden – a perfect spot for an unforgettable stay.

    Show prices
    apartamento familiar en barrio reina victoria
    Calle Arias Montano

    Family Apartment in Queen Victoria Neighbourhood, based in Huelva, offers complimentary Wi-Fi and parking – a perfect getaway for the family.

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    apartamento cerca de la playa
    7 Plaza de Cañaveral de León

    A beachside flat in Huelva, boasting a private beach, free WiFi, air conditioning and a terrace. Outstanding health and safety measures.

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    habitación en casa compartida
    c/ conde lópez muñoz nº 34 3º derecha c/ conde lópez muñoz nº 34 3º derecha

    Experience a calming stay in the Shared Room in Huelva, with free parking and pet-friendly accommodation at no extra charge.

    Price from 22 EUR per night
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    hispania house
    Paseo Independencia Nº12 1ºA

    Indulge in your stay at Hispania House in Huelva, equipped with all comforts such as complimentary WiFi, bar, garden, and air conditioning.

    Price from 30 EUR per night
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    costa de la luz
    Calle Alcalde Jose Maria Amo, 8

    Budget-friendly hotel in the heart of Huelva, Spain. Rooms with television and private bathroom. WiFi, 24-hour front desk, heating. Smoke-free.

    Price from 32 EUR per night
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    huelva art
    Av. Escultora Miss Whitney 54 Entrada por C/Matadero

    Discover the Huelva Art, a comfortable, pet-friendly accommodation with complimentary WiFi, nestled right in the heart of Huelva.

    Price from 35 EUR per night
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    senator huelva
    Avenida Pablo Rada, 10

    In the heart of Huelva's historic district, stands the Senator Huelva Hotel. The airy rooms offer free wifi, TV and private bathrooms. Featuring a cafe-bar, event rooms and car parking.

    Price from 43 EUR per night
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    sercotel familia conde
    Alameda Sundheim, 14

    Sercotel Familia Conde, in central Huelva, Spain, with 54 rooms and amenities including parking, restaurant, gym, bar and pet-friendly facilities.

    Price from 36 EUR per night
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    hacienda montija hotel
    Carretera Huelva, San Juan Del Puerto Km 3

    Hacienda Montija Hotel: A 4-star gem in an Arabian building in Huelva, Spain. Boasting a pool, terrace, Wi-Fi, restaurant and parking. Accessible for those with limited mobility.

    Show prices
    ac hotel huelva by marriott
    Avenida Andalucía, s/n

    The AC Hotel by Marriott is a place to stay located just outside Huelva, Spain. The hotel offers 65 comfy, bright rooms along with in-room breakfast, a gym, car park, meeting room, Wi-Fi connection, and other amenities.

    Price from 61 EUR per night
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    nh luz huelva
    Alameda Sundheim, 26

    NH Luz Huelva, a 4-star hotel in central Huelva. Air-conditioned rooms, terrace and WiFi. Amenities: parking, meeting rooms, restaurant, bar and gym.

    Price from 49 EUR per night
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    exe tartessos
    Avda. Martin Alonso Pinzón, 13

    Exe Tartessos Hotel: Central and stylish, featuring a buffet breakfast, meeting room, gym, bar, and car park.

    Price from 42 EUR per night
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    Find your ideal hotel in Huelva

    To discover the charm of Huelva, we suggest you start by booking one of our Huelva hotels. We have establishments all over the city with the lowest prices. If you're an art lover, Huelva's impressive architectural creations will leave you in awe. We recommend finding accommodation close to the Fe Descubridora monument or the Congress Palace, both major tourist attractions. In these areas, we provide comfortable accommodations complete with Wi-Fi throughout, restaurants, lounges, and a pet-friendly policy.

    Discover the advantages of staying in Huelva city centre

    Choose from one of our hotels in Huelva city centre, from where you can easily visit the famed Casa Colón. Surrounding this area, we provide numerous modern accommodation options, complete with lounge bars, restaurants, and parking. Another place worth visiting is the Mercado del Carmen, located in the neighbourhood of the same name. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in local culture and do a bit of souvenir shopping. In its vicinity, we offer inexpensive hotels, fitted with air-conditioned rooms, bars, included breakfasts, and some with parking. Furthermore, we provide Huelva hotels, Spain, with five-star ratings, featuring luxurious amenities including wellness centres, gyms, parking, restaurant, and lounge bar. Undoubtedly, there's an option for every budget.

    Explore Huelva and relax in one of its finest hotels

    Take a stroll around this city and select accommodation near the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Merced. We have establishments located just a short distance away, furnished with terraced-rooms, and facilities featuring restaurants with show cooking and discos. We also suggest visiting the Muelle del Tinto, which is ideal for a walk or an afternoon of fishing. In this exuberant area, we provide hotels where you can stay within your budget. Furthermore, we offer prime beachfront accommodation in Huelva. Our favourites are the coves of Almonte, where you can enjoy a sunny day out and, if you like, participate in water sports. Relaxing facilities with pools, restaurants, children's area, solarium, and parking are available. Ultimately, to decide where to stay in Huelva, all you need to do is pick a hotel that fits your budget. We offer rooms and apartments with kitchens, located near Playa de Punta Umbría, featuring 24-hour reception, a TV and games room, bar, pool, recreational activities, and parking. If you're travelling with family, it's the best option.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Huelva cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Huelva costs an average of 98$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Huelva cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Huelva costs an average of 154$ (based on rates).

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