Hotels in Vienna city centre

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    If you're on the hunt for hotels in Vienna city centre, then you've landed in the right spot. Vienna, a city steeped in history and distinctive architecture, presents a wide range of accommodation to meet every preference. From grand historical mansions to contemporary buildings decked out with all the imaginable comforts, the heart of this lively city features an array of options to ensure your stay is extraordinary.

    Best hotels in Vienna city centre

    grand vienna city center apartment
    14 Karlsgasse

    Experience the Grand Vienna City Centre Apartment in Vienna, with free WiFi, family rooms, and a spa. An urban oasis.

    Price from 132 EUR per night
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    gästehaus deutscher orden wien
    Singerstrasse 7 Stiege 1; 3. Stock

    Hotel Gästehaus Deutscher Orden Wien: WiFi, heating, private bathroom, hairdryer, flat-screen TV. Central location, luggage storage, terrace and garden. Vienna.

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    hotel weisses lamm
    Zirkusgasse 17

    Weisses Lamm Hotel in Vienna. Rooms offer a desk, TV, private bathroom, towels and toiletries. Choose between continental or à la carte breakfast, pet-friendly too.

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    boutique hotel nossek
    Boutique Hotel Nossek
    Graben 17

    Price from 112 EUR per night
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    private central vienna i self check in
    Private CENTRAL Vienna I Self Check In
    Vorlaufstrasse 1 M1

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    meininger hotel wien downtown franz
    MEININGER Hotel Wien Downtown Franz
    Rembrandtstraße 21

    Price from 47 EUR per night
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    opera suites self check in
    Opera Suites Self Check In
    Kärntner Straße 47, Top 5

    Price from 453 EUR per night
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    boutiquehotel das tyrol
    Boutiquehotel Das Tyrol
    Mariahilfer Straße 15

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    hotel graf stadion
    Hotel Graf Stadion
    Buchfeldgasse 5

    Price from 119 EUR per night
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    hotel tabor rooms
    Hotel Tabor Rooms
    19 Tandelmarktgasse

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    almanac palais vienna
    Almanac Palais Vienna
    Parkring 14-16,

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    hotel deutschmeister
    Hotel Deutschmeister
    30a Grünentorgasse

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    hotel praterstern
    Hotel Praterstern
    Mayergasse 6

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    hotel kolping wien zentral
    Hotel Kolping Wien Zentral
    Gumpendorfer Straße 39

    Price from 36 EUR per night
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    ibis styles wien messe prater
    ibis Styles Wien Messe Prater
    Franzensbrückenstrasse 26 Leopoldstadt

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    Discovering the Hidden Gems of Accommodation in the Heart of Vienna

    When one thinks of Vienna, it's easy to picture the elegant State Opera, the majestic Schönbrunn Palace, and the vibrant Danube River. Naturally, to take advantage of all this, you'll want to lodge in hotels at the centre of Vienna. Situated in the city's heart, you have easy access to all the marvellous attractions this metropolis has to offer. Imagine the tranquillity of waking up to the gentle notes of Mozart floating on the air as you prepare for a day of cultural sightseeing, adventure or just simple relaxation. Now, it's crucial to note that the location isn't the only advantage of choosing centrally located Vienna hotels. The architecture of these hotels, in most cases, is a spectacle in itself. Many of these accommodations have been carefully restored and preserved, giving them a unique historical charm. On the other hand, you'll also find options that offer a contemporary approach, with cutting-edge interiors and all the technological comforts for today's traveller.

    Getting around the city is super easy from the hotels in the centre of Vienna. With an efficient public transport network, you can get practically anywhere in the city in no time. However, nothing surpasses the pleasure of a good walk through the city's old district, an experience that becomes even more valuable with the comfort of your chosen accommodation just a stone's throw away. Foodies are in luck too. The centre of Vienna is brimming with restaurants, cafes, and wine cellars where you can savour traditional Austrian dishes as well as innovative international cuisine. And what could be better than ending a day of sightseeing in the privacy of your hotel, enjoying a cocktail under the stars on the terrace? eBooking is here to help you discover the best hotels in Vienna city centre. Find the most suitable options and make your stay in the city a truly unique experience. eBooking…going beyond just a simple reservation.

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