Hotels in Geneva city centre

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    Geneva, a city known for its unique charm and impressive landscapes. Strolling through its city centre is truly unforgettable. So, if you're seeking hotels in Geneva city centre, you're spoilt for choice. All accommodations are conveniently located, keeping you close to key tourist sites, museums, eateries, and shopping spots. Start planning your visit to Geneva for an extraordinary experience.

    Best hotels in Geneva city centre

    les armures
    Rue Puits-St-Pierre, 1

    Discover Les Armures, an exclusive hotel in Geneva, offering amenities such as a restaurant, parking, pet-friendliness and room service.

    Price from 1095 CHF per night
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    visionapartments living hotel geneve-gare
    Place de Cornavin 8

    The VISIONAPARTMENTS Living Hotel Geneve-Gare is a 3-star hotel offering stylish accommodation and welcomes pets.

    Price from 110 CHF per night
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    novotel genève centre
    Novotel Genève Centre
    Rue De Zurich 19

    Price from 135 CHF per night
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    royal manotel
    Royal Manotel
    Rue de Lausanne 41-43

    Price from 160 CHF per night
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    citizenm geneva
    citizenM Geneva
    31-33 Rue de la Rotisserie

    Price from 92 CHF per night
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    warwick geneva
    Warwick Geneva
    Rue de Lausanne 14

    Price from 140 CHF per night
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    edelweiss manotel
    Edelweiss Manotel
    Place de la Navigation 2

    Price from 130 CHF per night
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    hotel international & terminus
    Hotel International & Terminus
    20, rue des Alpes

    Price from 74 CHF per night
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    swiss luxury apartments
    Swiss Luxury Apartments
    Rue Philippe - Plantamour 6 - 8

    Price from 405 CHF per night
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    the woodward - an oetker collection hotel
    The Woodward - an Oetker Collection Hotel
    37 Quai Wilson

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    hotel balzac
    Hotel Balzac
    14, rue de l Ancien-Port

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    eastwest hôtel
    Eastwest Hôtel
    Rue des Pâquis 6

    Show prices
    visionapartments living hotel mont-blanc
    VISIONAPARTMENTS Living Hotel Mont-Blanc
    15 Rue de Berne

    Show prices
    hotel les arcades
    Hotel Les Arcades
    Place Cornavin 14-16

    Show prices
    the ambassador
    The Ambassador
    21, quai des Bergues

    Show prices

    Revel in the comfort and luxury of Geneva city centre hotels

    If you're mapping out a visit to Geneva, you'll surely want to stay in the heart of the city. Spreading across Geneva's centre is a remarkable variety of hotels, ranging from plush suites with lake views to cosy rooms in historical buildings. These Geneva hotels let you soak in all that the city has to offer, with major attractions just a stone’s throw away. Starting your day with breakfast on your hotel terrace, overlooking the majestic Alps or the iconic Jet d'Eau, is uniquely memorable. Later, you can roam the old town, visit the imposing United Nations building or browse the luxury boutiques on Rue du Rhône – and all of this within steps of your delightful accommodation.

    However, the allure of hotels in Geneva city centre runs deeper than mere comfort and location. Most of them feature a host of amenities designed to render your stay exceptional. You can enjoy gourmet dining, relaxing spas, and well-equipped gyms — all within the premises of your hotel. In Geneva, the standard of service is second to none. Every visitor is treated with utmost consideration, and the hotel staff go above and beyond to ensure your stay is top-notch. It's little wonder many visitors make return trips to Geneva, invariably choosing to stay downtown. In conclusion, tracking down central hotels in Geneva is easier than you might think. Whether you're chasing luxury, comfort, or a bit of both, you can rely on eBooking to help you locate the perfect accommodation. Geneva awaits to mesmerise you with its stunning views, vibrant cultural life, and its distinguished hotels in the heart of the city.

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