Hotels in Bruges city centre

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    By starting off your holidays looking for hotels in Bruges city centre, you're already securing an incredible stay. Picture awakening amidst gothic buildings and the charming cobblestone streets of this medieval city. There's nothing like experiencing Bruges from its vibrant centre where you can feel the pulse of its rich history and lively culture. Immerse yourself in its unique charm, all while convening in the most advantageous location.

    Best hotels in Bruges city centre

    the black swan hotel
    Riddersstraat 15

    Nestled within a historic 17th Century building, The Black Swan Hotel offers free WiFi, private parking, and a tranquil terrace garden.

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    boutique hotel sablon
    Boutique Hotel Sablon
    Kopstraat 10

    Price from 140 EUR per night
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    hotel de orangerie - small luxury hotels of the world
    Hotel De Orangerie - Small Luxury Hotels of the World
    Kartuizerinnenstraat 10

    Price from 165 EUR per night
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    hotel biskajer - adults only
    Hotel Biskajer - Adults Only
    Biskajersplein 4

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    the pand hotel - small luxury hotels of the world
    The Pand Hotel - Small Luxury Hotels of the World
    Pandreitje 16

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    dukes' palace brugge
    Dukes' Palace Brugge
    Prinsenhof 8

    Price from 159 EUR per night
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    dukes' palace residence
    Dukes' Palace Residence
    Ontvangersstraat 9

    Price from 138 EUR per night
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    hotel jan brito
    Hotel Jan Brito
    Freren Fonteinstraat 1

    Price from 99 EUR per night
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    grand hotel casselbergh brugge
    Grand Hotel Casselbergh Brugge
    Hoogstraat 6

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    relais bourgondisch cruyce, a luxe worldwide hotel
    Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce, A Luxe Worldwide Hotel
    Wollestraat 41-47

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    hotel karel de stoute
    Hotel karel de stoute
    23 Moerstraat

    Show prices
    hotel notre dame
    Hotel Notre Dame
    Mariastraat 3

    Show prices
    hotel van eyck
    Hotel Van Eyck
    Korte Zilverstraat 7

    Show prices
    the chocolate suites
    The Chocolate Suites
    Oude Burg 14

    Show prices
    hotel navarra brugge
    Hotel Navarra Brugge
    Sint-Jakobsstraat 41

    Show prices

    The Experience of Staying in Hotels in the Centre of Bruges

    When you are searching for hotels in the centre of Bruges, you're opting to plunge into the essence of a city that seems plucked right from a fairy tale. Architectural wonders such as the historic town hall and the majestic St. Salvator's Cathedral are just steps away. Central Bruges hotels offer you the chance to wander through its cobbled streets amidst canals and houses with old-fashioned facades seemingly frozen in time. Savour a coffee on its outdoor terraces while watching their famous horse-drawn carriages pass by. Bruges' market is a must, its bustling food scene will envelop you in the typical Belgian fragrances and flavours and allow you to sample some of the world's best beers. Do not forget a visit to the famous swan canal, where you can enjoy a romantic boat ride.

    And if you're a history and art aficionado, you'll find hotels surrounded by splendid museums, from that dedicated to the work of Hans Memling to a fry museum. You can also relish in the parties and festivals throughout the year, such as the famed Bruges Carnival or the celebrated Beer Festival. Making reservations at hotels in the centre of Bruges guarantees you a unique experience of discovery and comfort. These hotels combine a welcoming atmosphere, modern top-of-the-line facilities, and warm Belgian hospitality. And the best part is that with eBooking, your reservation is quick, secured, and seamless. Experience Bruges like never before. It does not matter if you're planning a protracted stay in its hotels or simply a weekend getaway, the Swan city awaits you with its mystery and charm. Let Bruges captivate you!

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