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    Secure your stay in the Havana hotels we've got for you and discover the buzzing ambience of the Cuban capital. We invite you to select your prime accommodation in Old Havana, the Historic District of the city. In addition to being near all essential places, you'll find yourself in a lively and colourful setting. Our family-run establishments in this area provide the perfect start point to visit the National Capitol Building and San Salvador de la Punta Castle. You may also choose to stay in the vicinity of the famous Malecón. Don't miss visiting the Tropicana Club and enjoy a night out Caribbean style.

    Most popular Havana hotels

    paseo 206 boutique hotel la habana
    Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel La Habana
    206 Avenida Paseo entre linea y once

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    Calle 4 No 310 e/ 13 y15 Vedado

    Show prices
    chacón 160 - mph
    Chacón 160 - MPH
    160 Chacón

    Show prices
    villa juanita boutique hotel
    Villa Juanita Boutique Hotel
    Calle 27 #760

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    san lazaro 1210
    San Lazaro 1210
    San Lázaro 1210

    Show prices
    hostal balcones muralla
    Hostal Balcones Muralla
    Aguacate street # 482 E/ Muralla street and Teniente Rey street

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    residencia santa clara
    Residencia Santa Clara
    Santa Clara 13

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    boutique hotel vapor 156
    Boutique Hotel Vapor 156
    Vapor 156, entre Espada y San Francisco

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    havana dream
    Havana Dream
    Obrapia # 408 % Aguacate Y Compostela Apartameto #8-10 408

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    elegancia suites habana
    Elegancia Suites Habana
    Calle Calzada 454, entre E y F

    Show prices
    habana five
    Habana Five
    Ánimas entre Aguila y Blanco edificio 303

    Show prices
    art boutique havana
    Art Boutique Havana
    Calle Habana 155

    Show prices
    vip morro
    VIP Morro
    Calle Morro numero 52

    Show prices
    artehotel calle2 havana
    ARTeHOTEL Calle2 Havana
    Calle 2, 210 alto entre Linea y Calle 11

    Show prices
    revolution boutique hotel
    Revolution Boutique Hotel
    156 Calle San Ignacio

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    Stay in accommodation right in the centre of Havana

    Familiarise yourself with Cuba's iconic capital, one of the most visited destinations in the insular America. Choose our Havana hotels, settle into the most comfortable rooms, and embark on a tour through a city rich in history. The best place to stay in Havana is the Historic District, Old Havana. This World Heritage site hosts important landmarks such as the National Capitol Building of Cuba and San Salvador de la Punta Castle. Plus, you'll be near restaurants and shops showcasing their vibrant music and art culture. The accommodation offerings in this part of the city won't leave you indifferent. You'll rest in rooms with balcony views to colonial buildings, air conditioning, included breakfast and outdoor terrace. The hotels in Havana city centre are excellently situated, near Central Park. You'll have the best of these two areas, a short distance from old buildings and the modern part with more leisure activities. The establishments available to you are stylish and offer pools, a gym, international cuisine restaurants with live cooking, and an outdoor terrace.

    Find your ideal hotel in Havana

    We invite you to reserve your accommodation in Havana's Vedado neighbourhood, a residential area where you'll see elegant mansions, reminders of a prosperous era on the island. The establishments in the area have pools, room service, included breakfast and a bar. Best of all is its location near the Malecón, local cultural heritage. You'll have the opportunity to visit the Morro Castle. Plus, you may opt to stay in a flat with appliances, living room, rooms with TV and air conditioning. There are several near iconic sites like the Revolution Museum. Another alternative that will suit if you wish to save is staying in a house, some of which are completely up for rent while others are shared with their residents. The fact is, it's a convenient and affordable option where you'll have attentive local hosts. Many of them are near the famous Paseo de Martí. If you're after a great nightlife, we recommend staying in Miramar, a residential and elegant area where the famous Tropicana Club and Casa de la Música de Miramar are located. It's perfect if you want to dance to the rhythm of Caribbean music. Also, there are other clubs and bars in the area. The hotels in Havana, Cuba, aren't cheap in this area, but they offer their own attractions, with chill-out terrace, pool, restaurants, entertainers and live shows.

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    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Havana?

    The best family-friendly hotel in Havana is Hotel Boutique Casavana.

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