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    Most popular Haugesund hotels

    clarion collection hotel amanda
    Smedasundet 93

    Clarion Collection Hotel Amanda in Haugesund offers free Wi-Fi, gym, sauna, and complimentary buffet dinners, just 10 minutes from the ferry terminal.

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    thon partnerhotel saga
    Skippergaten 11

    Thon PartnerHotel Saga in Haugesund: Free WiFi, gym, buffet breakfast. Comfort and excellent location near the Risøy Bridge.

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    scandic haugesund
    Kirkegata 166

    Scandic Haugesund: Wi-Fi, gym, library free. Children -13 free. Bicycles, Nordic walking poles incl.

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    quality hotel maritim
    Åsbygaten 3

    The Quality Hotel Maritim in Haugesund offers free Wi-Fi, a gym, 4 restaurants and proximity to annual events such as the Norwegian Film Festival.

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    sure hotel by best western haugesund
    Haraldsgate 207

    Sure Hotel by Best Western Haugesund offers free Wi-Fi, a gym, a furnished rooftop terrace, and rooms with cable TV and private bathrooms.

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    banken hotel
    Strandgt. 161

    The Banken Hotel in Haugesund offers free Wi-Fi, a rooftop terrace, and daily breakfast, just steps from the harbour and shopping areas.

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    Book your Haugesund hotels simply and affordably

    If you're planning a trip to the beautiful coastal city of Haugesund, look no further. Here’s how to book Haugesund hotels simply and affordably. Our platform lets you find the best hotel deals, from cosy B&Bs to luxurious five-star hotels. Benefit from our flexible payment and cancellation policies: book now and pay later at no extra cost! You can also change or cancel your booking without worrying about unexpected fees, as long as you follow the accommodation's terms. Imagine strolling through its charming streets, enjoying the fresh air and panoramic sea views without worrying about your budget. Our mission is to offer you varied options tailored to all tastes and wallets. Whether you seek a hotel in the bustling city centre or a quieter place in the outskirts, we help you find your spot at the best price, ensuring both comfort and savings. Start your search for Haugesund hotels and prepare for an unforgettable experience!

    Hotels in Haugesund city centre: the ideal choice to stay close to everything

    Opting to stay in hotels in Haugesund city centre keeps you close to the main attractions of the city. From local restaurants and cafés where you can savour delicious Norwegian cuisine to shops and artisanal markets, you’ll have everything at your fingertips. Moreover, you’ll be well-connected to tourist spots like the Haugesund Maritime Museum or historic Haraldshaugen. Staying in the heart of the city not only offers convenience and accessibility but also the chance to immerse yourself in authentic local life.

    Accommodation in Haugesund for all tastes

    No matter your preferences or budget, you'll find a wide variety of accommodation in Haugesund to suit your needs. From cosy hostels and apartments for a more intimate stay to boutique hotels and luxury resorts for a more sophisticated experience, there’s something for every type of traveller. Enjoy modern facilities, high-quality service, and strategic locations that bring you closer to the best of Haugesund. Whether travelling solo, as a couple, with friends, or with family, you have multiple options to make your stay a memorable one.

    Where to stay in Haugesund: must-see recommendations

    If you’re still wondering where to stay in Haugesund, here are some must-see recommendations. For a unique experience, consider staying at a hotel with sea views, where waking up to the sound of the waves becomes a revitalising experience. If you prefer a more cultural experience, look for options near the historic centre, where you can enjoy the perfect blend of modern comfort and traditional atmosphere. For those seeking tranquillity and nature, numerous accommodations are situated on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by lush vegetation and serene landscapes. These options not only offer a perfect refuge from urban hustle but also allow you to enjoy walks and outdoor activities. Whatever your choice, Haugesund awaits with a hotel offer tailored to every taste and need.

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