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    Most popular destinations in Greece

    The Finest Hotels in Greece

    Greece is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its historical legacy, unparalleled artistic and architectural heritage, idyllic islands and beaches, and its profound influence on Western culture. This destination awaits you with an impressive tourist offering that's definitely worth exploring.

    To explore Greece's key sights, we recommend you stay at the Luxurious Santorini Escape - Villa Imerovigli - Infinity Pool - Breathtaking Aegean Views for an excellent and comfortable stay within well-equipped modern facilities.

    If you're travelling as a group, you'll appreciate staying at the Villa Apaggio Santorini, one of the best-located accommodations in Greece, perfect for making your base and exploring the surroundings, besides offering fully equipped spaces.

    The Petroma Cave Suites consistently receives top ratings from guests, who highlight the quality of their services, comfort, and exceptional staff.

    Start your adventure in the legendary Athens and appreciate the remains of a powerful ancient civilization; explore the White Tower of Thessaloniki, Chania's old port; stop by Kalambaka and its surprising monasteries; also, take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the beaches in Nafplio and Santorini.

    At each stop, you'll find the excellent range of hotels in Greece that suit your preferences and travel plans, available at rates that only can provide.

    The Best Areas to Stay in Athens

    The capital of Greece, Athens, is brimming with fascinating historical landmarks. Staying over 3000 years old and being the main attraction of the city. Make a booking at a hotel in central Athens, undeniably the best area to stay in, and savour establishments offering all mod cons including free WiFi, airport transfers, laundry service, 24-hour reception, and parking. You’ll be positioned perfectly to visit the Acropolis, Parthenon, Museum of the Acropolis, both the Ancient Agora and the Roman one, Mount Lycabettus, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the National Archaeological Museum.

    Book Hotels Offering Breakfast in Chania

    Also known as Chania, La Canea is amongst Chania's most beautiful and frequented cities. So, check out the deals on hotels in Chania that come with breakfast on the website and prepare for an enthralling stay with features like a swimming pool, restaurant, and a bar; along with air-conditioned rooms, TV, and bathrooms with both shower and bath. Once settled, we invite you to explore the old port of Chania and admire its Egyptian lighthouse; stroll through the old town of La Canea and marvel at the Byzantine and Venetian walls; discover the Firkas fortress, home to the Naval Museum; and, of course, take a walk along the paradisiacal beaches of La Canea.

    The Best Areas to Stay in Thessaloniki, Greece

    Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and is commonly known as the ancient Greek polis that preceded it. It's a beautiful port city that offers evidence of its history throughout Ano Poli, the old town and the best area to stay in Thessaloniki. We invite you to explore the iconic White Tower, which holds a museum with fantastic views, admire its Waterfront Scene, the Museum of Photography, and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, as well as archaeological sites like the Ancient Forum, the Arch, the Rotunda, and Galerio Palace.

    Stay at Charming Hotels in Kalambaka, Greece

    With Kalambaka as a tourist destination, both religious and adventure travellers are catered for. The city sits at the base of the massive Meteora rock formations, atop which rest six Orthodox Christian monasteries - UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Stay in one of the charming hotels in Kalambaka, featuring magnificent views of the rocks, restaurant on-site, air-conditioned rooms, terraces, and pet-friendly policies. Unwind after exploring the monasteries, which contain numerous frescoes, museums, and artworks, and offer the most breath-taking views. You can also enjoy hiking, rock climbing or scrambling - a combination of both. Relish in the thrill of this adventure.

    Get the Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Nafplio

    Located on the shores of the Aegean sea, Nafplio is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in Greece. To explore it, consider booking a spacious apartment or one of the family-friendly hotels in Nafplio which offer facilities such as a swimming pool, gardens, terrace views, a restaurant, rooms with air conditioning, free WiFi, and a bathroom with amenities. Once settled in, you’ll be in the perfect position to tour Nafplio’s historical centre, Syntagma Square, the waterfront, Palamidis fortress, its numerous museums, and, of course, the incredible beaches.

    Discover 5-Star Hotels in Santorini, Greece

    Santorini is an enchanting destination amongst the Cyclades islands. You can explore the island on foot due to its size, but there's a wealth of sights and activities to uncover. If you prefer the best when you travel, we recommend picking Oia, one of the best areas to stay in Greece. This exclusive spot offers hotels with luxurious suites, infinity pools, outdoor jacuzzis, and restaurants serving an exquisite gastronomy, to mention a few amenities. Choose your 5-star Santorini hotel and prepare to explore the idyllic beaches, wander down narrow streets and admire the whitewashed houses with blue domes, visit Platsani Church, marvel at the ruins of the Venetian castle and explore the exhibits at the Maritime Museum.

    Explore the Most Beautiful Destinations in Greece

    In Greece, you will discover charming locations beyond the famous Athens. offers a variety of hotels in Greece with excellent locations, all comforts, and at the best prices. These are perfect for exploring Olympia, home to the inaugural Olympic Games. Here, you will see ruins including athlete training areas, a stadium, and temples dedicated to Hera and Zeus.

    Mykonos Island is as well-known as Santorini and will seem like the ideal destination if you seek parties, fun, and nightlife. If your trip is more about relaxation and chill-out time, consider staying in Ioannina, known as the city of Lake Pamvotis – where you can enjoy a boat trip, visit the impressive castle and round off your touring day by exploring Apollo's Temple on Naxos Island and the idyllic beaches of Corfu.

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