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    Looking for Grantham hotels? You've come to the right place. This quaint town in Lincolnshire, England, astonishes us with its rich history and tourist attractions. Whether you're keen on charming accommodation in the old town or prefer modern, business-equivalent facilities, Grantham's got a hotel to suit your needs. Ready to explore and fall in love with this British gem?

    Most popular Grantham hotels

    amaya four - newly renovated and very well equipped - grantham
    22 Victoria Street

    Visit the renovated Amaya Four in Grantham, featuring complimentary parking, heating and rigorous sanitisation protocols against coronavirus.

    Price from 58 GBP per night
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    rectory farm barn
    Rectory Farm, Glen Road

    Discover the charm of Rectory Farm Barn, an accommodation with a garden, water sports facilities, and 24-hour reception. Enjoy relaxation in Grantham.

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    farriers cottage
    The Stables, Stainby Rd, Colsterworth

    Discover the charm of Farriers Cottage in Grantham, a property complete with garden, barbecue, and complimentary WiFi. Perfect for a peaceful getaway!

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    unique & exclusive contractor and family house & a1 road by comfyworkers
    37 Thames Road

    The Unique & Exclusive Contractor House & A1 Road by ComfyWorkers provides a garden, car park, and complimentary WiFi, ideal for families and labourers.

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    spacious & unique family and contractor house & parking & a1 road by comfyworkers
    103 Victoria Street

    Enjoy your stay at the Spacious & Unique Family & Contractor House by ComfyWorkers; pet-friendly with free parking, a terrace, and complimentary WiFi.

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    the old mower shed

    Discover The Old Mower Shed in Grantham, a place with free WiFi, private parking and areas for golf and cycling.

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    Stonesthrow in Grantham offers a garden, barbecue facilities, free WiFi and private parking. Opportunities for golf, cycling and fishing nearby.

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    the brownlow arms inn
    The Brownlow Arms Inn, High Road, Hough on The Hill

    At the heart of Grantham, The Brownlow Arms Inn welcomes you with free WiFi, private parking, a delightful restaurant, and a comfortable bar.

    Price from 80 GBP per night
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    marston hall

    Marston Hall, a stylish hotel overlooking scenic gardens with amenities such as free WiFi and private parking. Perfect for lovers of golf and fishing.

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    A1 grantham-Stamford Peterborough Black Bull

    The BlackbullA1lodge, positioned in Grantham, offers free parking, is pet-friendly and has a garden.

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    the woodhouse arms
    2 Bourne Road, Corby Glen

    The Woodhouse Arms offers complimentary parking, WiFi service, an on-site restaurant and bar. The stay includes breakfast in the room. Pets are welcomed.

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    belton woods hotel, spa & golf resort
    Nr Grantham, Belton

    Enjoy a tranquil stay at the Belton Woods Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort, set amidst the Lincolnshire countryside, complete with wellness and sports facilities.

    Price from 75 GBP per night
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    the olde barn hotel & spa - sure hotel collection by best western
    Toll Bar Road

    Discover The Olde Barn Hotel & Spa, featuring cosy rooms, free Wi-Fi, traditional restaurant, wellness centre and complimentary parking.

    Price from 53 GBP per night
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    the red house
    74 North Parade

    The Red House, a 4-star hotel in Grantham, offers free parking, WiFi and room service breakfast.

    Price from 3 GBP per night
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    the avenue hotel
    32-34 Avenue Road

    Savour both comfort and tranquillity at The Avenue Hotel, Grantham, with à la carte breakfast daily and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property.

    Price from 44 GBP per night
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    Unique Experience: Accommodation in Grantham

    Grantham, primarily known as the birthplace of former UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, has so much to offer its visitors. In your hunt for Grantham hotels, you’ll find a variety of options catering to all tastes and budgets. From historic hotels that transport you back in time, to contemporary accommodation in Grantham, you'll be spoilt for choice. Life here centres around the main thoroughfare, High Street, home to various shops, restaurants and historic buildings demonstrating the town's rich past. You won't want to miss the striking Belvoir Castle, an impressive fortress offering stunning vistas of the surrounding scenery. And if you're a nature enthusiast, the abundance of parks and gardens, such as Wyndham Park, will thrill you.

    Hotels in Grantham are well-connected to the rest of England thanks to its railway station, making day trips to nearby cities like Nottingham or Lincoln effortless, embracing more of the British charm. One standout feature of accommodation in Grantham is the hospitable treatment of guests. You can expect to feel at home, enjoy local culinary treats in unique restaurants and look forward to a comfortable stay after a day of exploration. Grantham is a city full of nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered, without a doubt, your stay will be one to remember. Whether you want to unwind at a hotel spa, require a secluded spot for work, or a comfortable base to explore wider Lincolnshire, Grantham hotels promise to meet and exceed your expectations. Plan your trip and book in advance for your stay in this charming town. Grantham is waiting for you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Grantham cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Grantham costs an average of 120$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Grantham cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Grantham costs an average of 132$ (based on rates).

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