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    We offer the best in Grand Falls-Windsor hotels, at the lowest prices on offer. Make your booking with us, and set yourself up for a journey of discovery through this delightful Canadian city. We propose you select your lodgings in the heart of the town, giving you direct access to all the top attractions. Enjoy a rejuvenating stay at our homely serviced apartments, perfectly accommodating for the whole family. From any of our strategic locations, you can explore the Demasduit Regional Museum, soaking in the local culture and history. Don't forget a stroll through Gorge Park, brimming with picturesque trails and a stunning promenade. Be sure not to overlook the Salmonid Interpretation Centre, where you can observe the fish during their upstream migration. Don't hesitate, book now!

    Most popular Grand Falls -Windsor hotels

    hill road manor bed & breakfast
    Hill Road Manor Bed & Breakfast
    1 Hill Road

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    mount peyton resort & conference centre
    Mount Peyton Resort & Conference Centre
    214 Lincoln Road

    Price from 98 CAD per night
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    riverside suites
    Riverside Suites
    72 High Street

    Price from 119 CAD per night
    Show prices
    carriage house inn four and a half stars
    Carriage House Inn Four and a Half Stars

    Show prices
    hotel robin hood
    Hotel Robin Hood
    78 Lincoln Road

    Price from 100 CAD per night
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    Lodge at our Grand Falls-Windsor hotels

    Experience the charm of a Newfoundland Island city. By booking your stay at our hotels in Grand Falls-Windsor, you can comfortably explore and soak in the allure of this quaint town. The local geography offers ample opportunities of outdoor adventures, such as rafting and hiking. With our hotels conveniently located in Grand Falls-Windsor city centre, partake in all that the location offers. We invite you to visit the Demasduit Regional Museum, where you can learn about the local industry and regional evolution. Right opposite lies the Newfoundland railway locomotive, a historic method of transportation used by locals. Our hotels in Grand Falls-Windsor, Canada, offer the choice of spacious family rooms and suites suitable for large groups and couples, many of which have living rooms, parking facilities and, more importantly, are pet-friendly.

    Find the best hotel in Grand Falls-Windsor

    We offer an extraordinary range of rustic-style countryside lodgings in Grand Falls-Windsor, guaranteeing a charming stay. Benefit from amenities like heating, TV, Wi-Fi, outdoor terraces and an in-house restaurant. There is also ample parking available for guests. Our conveniently located hotels allow easy access to the Salmonid Interpretation Centre, where you can observe this fish in their natural habitat during the upstream migration. Be sure to visit Gorge Park, featuring a lovely promenade, pathways and a small children's play area. In this incomparable natural setting, you'll find the perfect accommodation in Grand Falls-Windsor for a romantic getaway. Whether you're backpacking or expecting exclusive services, we've got everything needed to make your stay in this idyllic town an unforgettable experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Grand Falls -Windsor cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Grand Falls -Windsor costs an average of 128$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Grand Falls -Windsor cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Grand Falls -Windsor costs an average of 165$ (based on rates).

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