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    Most popular Fredrikstad hotels

    victoria apartment- fredrikstad
    Turngaten 3

    Victoria Apartment- Fredrikstad, a charming hotel near the Cathedral Park, offers free Wi-Fi, in-room kitchenettes, and a restaurant with a bar.

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    quality hotel fredrikstad
    Nygata 2 - 6

    The Quality Hotel Fredrikstad, located in the centre of Fredrikstad, offers free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, and an à la carte restaurant. Ideal for families and business.

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    gamlebyen hotell - fredrikstad
    Voldportgaten 72

    The Gamlebyen Hotell - Fredrikstad in the old town offers WiFi, complimentary bicycles, and a continental breakfast with discounts on lunches and dinners.

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    hotel fredrikstad
    Nygaardsgaten 9-11

    Hotel Fredrikstad in Fredrikstad offers a bar, free WiFi, and rooms with satellite TV; ideal for families and hiking and cycling enthusiasts.

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    scandic city
    Gunnar Nilsen Gate 9

    Scandic City in Fredrikstad offers free WiFi and sauna, with comfortable rooms, cable TV, air conditioning, as well as a bar and two unique restaurants.

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    Advantages of booking Fredrikstad hotels

    Booking Fredrikstad hotels has never been easier or more affordable. With our Book now and pay later policy, you can secure your stay without worrying about hidden charges. In addition, all our accommodations in Fredrikstad allow cancellations or modifications without any extra cost, provided you adhere to the hotel’s terms. This flexibility lets you plan your trip with ease. Take advantage of our exclusive deals and find your ideal place at the best price. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a business trip, Fredrikstad hotels have something for everyone.

    Hotels in Fredrikstad city centre: prime locations

    If you want to be at the heart of the action, our hotels in Fredrikstad city centre are the best choice. Enjoy close proximity to the main tourist attractions, restaurants, and nightlife of the city. From boutique hotels to more affordable options, there's something for every traveller. Staying in the city centre means you'll have everything at your fingertips, avoiding long commutes and making your stay even more convenient and pleasant.

    Accommodation in Fredrikstad: options for every budget

    Finding a place to stay in Fredrikstad has never been easier. Our broad range of accommodation in Fredrikstad caters to all budgets and needs, from luxurious hotels with all amenities to more affordable and cosy options. Whether you are travelling solo, as a couple, or with family, there is always an option to suit your needs. Explore our offers and book the perfect accommodation for your next visit to Fredrikstad.

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