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    Discover this coastal town in Lugo, perched on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea, which features a blend of fascinating landscapes, historical buildings, and exquisite cuisine. Reserve your stay at our Foz hotels for a unique accommodation experience. If you decide to stay in the town centre, you'll get to visit the Basilica of San Martiño de Mondoñedo while staying in comfortable rooms. Opt for luxury establishments near A Rapadoira beach, its soft sand will captivate you. For those with large parties, our spacious and comfortable hotels await you. Our couple's accommodations near the Promenade perfectly combine romance, modernity, and comfort. Hurry up and book now!

    Most popular Foz hotels

    enfoz casa rural frente al mar
    38 Carretera San Acisclo

    Take it easy at EnFOZ CASA RURAL FRENTE AL MAR, featuring a terrace, heating and complementary parking. Located with the beach right on your doorstep, to enjoy the best of the sea.

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    villa elsa
    Vilamor - Ferreira 18

    Revel in the charm of VILLA ELSA in Foz: A smoke-free accommodation featuring free parking and WiFi, along with a variety of board games.

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    enfoz playa de llas
    Rúa Xove, 24 1º B

    Relish your stay at EnFOZ PLAYA DE LLAS with seaside views, free parking, and a terrace - a splendid choice for your holiday in Foz.

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    villa de foz
    Avda de Viveiro, 49 Foz - Mariña Lucense

    The Villa De Foz, a charming 2-star hotel, offers free WiFi, private parking and concierge services, conveniently situated directly opposite the beach.

    Price from 45 EUR per night
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    hotel leyton
    6 Avenida da Mariña Avenida da Mariña, 6

    Leyton Hotel, situated in Foz, provides accommodation with a restaurant, free parking, bar and free WiFi. Added to this, there's a 24-hour reception available.

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    hotel rego foz
    Rúa Illa Nova 19

    Enjoy a comfortable stay at the Hotel Rego Foz in Foz, which provides round-the-clock reception service, complimentary WiFi, private parking, and a bar.

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    oca playa de foz hotel&spa
    Avenida del Cantábrico, 17

    Discover the Oca Playa de Foz Hotel&Spa, a 4-star choice with car park, restaurant, fitness centre and outdoor swimming pool in Foz, ready to welcome your pets.

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    isla nova hotel
    Emilia Pardo Bazán 7

    Indulge at Isla Nova Hotel by the sea. Get access to free Wi-Fi, private parking and a posh breakfast room.

    Price from 49 EUR per night
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    Estrada vilamor ferreira,6 Piso

    Price from 53 EUR per night
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    os limoeiros do cura
    Os limoeiros do cura
    Rúa Congostra

    Price from 120 EUR per night
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    apartamento puerto foz
    9 Rúa do Porto 1ºD

    Price from 80 EUR per night
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    apartamento puerto de foz
    Apartamento Puerto de Foz
    Rúa Constitución, 3

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    masquestar rías altas
    Masquestar Rías Altas
    Avenida Viveiro 76

    Price from 62 EUR per night
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    forever foz
    Forever FOZ
    Rúa Congostra número 22 2E

    Price from 72 EUR per night
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    Regó de Foz, 1

    Price from 30 EUR per night
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    Uncover the best area to stay in Foz

    Join us for an unforgettable stay in this coastal town in Lugo, located along the Cantabrian Sea. Decide to book at the hotels in Foz city centre we offer and relax in top-notch facilities while discovering the fantastic coasts of La Mariña Central. One of the best areas is the city centre, where you'll find numerous shops, bars, and restaurants. We have a variety of hotels in Foz city centre that are well connected with key locations. You'll easily visit the Basilica of San Martiño de Mondoñedo and the Church of Santiago. If you are travelling on a budget, select comfortable hostels. Rest in spacious rooms, Wi-Fi in all dependencies, breakfast included and parking. Further, we provide plenty of elegant apartments and well-equipped houses, excellent alternatives for families or groups, offering an ideal balance of space and privacy. Best of all, you'll be nearby the Chapel of Bispo Santo Castro de Fazouro and the Castro de Fazouro.

    Relax in our lodgings near the beaches of Foz

    Choose accommodation in Foz near the coast washed by the Cantabrian Sea. It's one of the best experiences in the city. We have boutique style hotels for families, near the busy A Rapadoira beach. Thanks to its soft sand and calm waters, the kids can play freely. On-site amenities include a children's park, outdoor pool for kids and adults, a landscaped patio with sun loungers facing the sea, and a la carte restaurant. If you're still wondering where to sleep in Foz and wake up near the sea, the answer depends on your interests. For those seeking adventure, you might want to stay near our accommodations close to the Ria de Foz, Llas beach, or Peizás beach. Each provides opportunities for kayaking, sailing and surfing. Many establishments offer rental equipment for water sports and other maritime activities.

    Choose your ideal hotel in Foz

    To gain access to exclusive services, stay in our five-star hotels in Foz, Spain. Relax in elegant suites with private hot tubs, dip into an infinity pool, and savour international and local cuisine in the hotel restaurants. These venues feature fitness rooms, massage areas, cosmetic and relaxation treatments, and all the comforts you deserve. You'll always have time to stroll around the Port of Foz and board the recreational vessels. We also have all-inclusive hotels near the Castelos de Foz, three famous large rocks jutting out of the sea. Our accommodations in the area boast a pool, water park, bar, and a terrace with magnificent views. Book with us and enjoy your stay in Foz.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Foz cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Foz costs an average of 106$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Foz cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Foz costs an average of 142$ (based on rates).

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