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    We offer a superb collection of Figueira da Foz hotels at the best prices in town. Book with us and enjoy a remarkable accommodation experience on the Portuguese coastline. Relax in our delightful locations in the heart of the city. After all, this prime location is the perfect spot to enjoy the local culture, with the beaches, the city's main attraction, just a stone's throw away. We've got affordable spots that guarantee both functionality and comfort. Opt for a stunning seafront stay, lulled to sleep by the lullaby of the waves, and wake up to the beauty of a sprawling sandbank. We feature holiday homes, apartments and hotels along the promenade offering top-notch services. Book with us and savour the magic of Figueira da Foz.

    Most popular Figueira da Foz hotels

    casa do mar
    Avenida 25 de Abril

    Discover Casa do Mar in Figueira da Foz, equipped with internet access and maintaining a smoke-free environment. It’s the perfect spot for a pleasant stay.

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    casa do sobreiro
    17 Rua da Fonte Serra Das Alhadas

    Casa Do Sobreiro is situated in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. Boasting complimentary WiFi, private parking, a garden and a barbecue area, this pet-friendly accommodation ensures a breeze-free stay.

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    casa confortável no centro da cidade
    Casa confortável no centro da cidade
    Rua Doutor Santos Rocha N120

    Price from 59 EUR per night
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    buarcos-figueira de foz
    Buarcos-Figueira de Foz
    2 Rua dos Redondos 1ero Andar

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    ***** quinta do pôr do sol *****
    ***** Quinta Do Pôr do Sol *****
    141 Rua Principal

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    costa de prata hotel
    Costa de Prata Hotel
    Largo Coronel Galhardo 1

    Price from 39 EUR per night
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    atlantic beach-side apartment
    Atlantic Beach-side Apartment
    Rua Dona Maria 130 3F

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    bacharéis charming house
    Bacharéis Charming House
    Rua de São Julião Nº10

    Price from 70 EUR per night
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    torre do relógio two bedroom apart near beach and casino
    Torre do Relógio two bedroom apart near beach and Casino
    Rua Doutor Calado 55

    Price from 120 EUR per night
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    rosário - two bedroom apart- buarcos - figueira da foz
    Rosário - two bedroom apart- Buarcos - Figueira da Foz
    Rua professora D. Salvadora

    Price from 130 EUR per night
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    hostel 402
    Hostel 402
    Rua Engenheiro Silva, 40

    Price from 15 EUR per night
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    malibu foz hotel - la maison younan
    Malibu Foz Hotel - La Maison Younan
    Rua Dos Lusiadas, S/N

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    villamar figueira da foz
    VillaMar Figueira da Foz
    13 Rua Alto do Viso

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    eurostars oasis plaza
    Eurostars Oasis Plaza
    Av. do Brasil - Lugar de Ponte Galante

    Price from 55 EUR per night
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    colina do electrico
    Colina do Electrico
    Rua Cabeço do Vale dos Poços nº 22 Vais-Buarcos, 3080-008

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    Stay in our centrally located hotels in Figueira da Foz

    Experience a top-notch holiday destination on the Atlantic Coast of Portugal, and enjoy a comfortable stay in the various hotels in Figueira da Foz we have to offer. The city centre, conveniently located near the coast, is the best place to stay, filled with shops, bars and restaurants serving traditional cuisine. Our hotels in Figueira da Foz city centre are the perfect accommodation choice for anyone looking to experience all that this vibrant locale has to offer. Besides, this area also allows easy access to the famous local beaches and other attention-grabbing attractions. A short stroll away, you'll find Palacio Sotto Mayor and Museu Municipal Dr. Santos Rocha. Our budget-friendly hotels in the city centre feature functional rooms, air conditioning, communal Wi-Fi and nearby parking. Within this part of the city, there are also high-end accommodation options in Figueira da Foz offering exclusive and contemporary services. These include amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centres, restaurants with international and local dishes, lobby bars and private parking. From here, do visit the Casino de Figueira where local culture and entertainment blend seamlessly, and the must-visit Casino Océano is within easy reach.

    Rest close to the beaches of Figueira da Foz

    Wondering where to stay in Figueira da Foz near its stunning beaches? Our selection of fantastic accommodations will surpass all your expectations. We offer three and four-star spots around spectacular Claridade Beach that will leave you awe-struck with its vast, soft sandy shores. Look forward to modern-decor rooms and suites, balconies overlooking the Atlantic or the town, room service, hot tubs and restaurants with show cooking. These are perfect for a romantic getaway. We can also provide you with holiday rentals in Figueira, perfect for family trips or group holidays, allowing for a good balance between comfort, privacy and budget. This includes air conditioning, fully equipped kitchens, parking and in some cases, swimming pools. Many of these accommodations are pet friendly. Grab this opportunity to explore Buarcos Beach, known among surfers for its formidable waves, and visit the city fort.

    Choose your ideal hotel in Figueira da Foz

    Whichever of our hotels in Figueira da Foz, Portugal you choose, do make time to visit Forte de Santa Catarina and its charming lighthouse. The Salt Museum and Aquaparque Cerro da Estrela are other must-visit attractions. Experience the allure of our boutique hotels, hostels, and budget-friendly accommodations whilst basking on the beaches of Figueira da Foz. Book with us and get ready for fun on the Portuguese coast.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Figueira da Foz cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Figueira da Foz costs an average of 93$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Figueira da Foz cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Figueira da Foz costs an average of 204$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Figueira da Foz?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Figueira da Foz are Hotel Atlantida Sol and Casa Pinha.

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