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    Start your UK adventure by staying at one of the Farnborough hotels. This city, with its rich aerospace history and unique charm, will surprise you with its tourist attractions and the quality of its accommodations. Don't wait any longer and start discovering wonderful Farnborough.

    Most popular Farnborough hotels

    spacious 2 bedroom serviced apartment for contractors and families, netflix & wifi available by firoz property management
    65A Lynchford Road

    Spacious 2Br Serviced Apartment by Firoz Property Management offers a restaurant, free wifi, business centre, and complimentary parking.

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    house of fisher- solstice house apartments
    29, Victoria Road

    Discover the comfort of House of Fisher - Solstice House Apartments: private parking, free WiFi, and stringent cleaning protocol for your safety.

    Price from 57 GBP per night
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    colebrook guest house
    56 Netley Street

    Relish a delightful stay at Colebrook Guest House, offering free car park, family rooms, and complimentary WiFi throughout the premises.

    Price from 40 GBP per night
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    saco aparthotel farnborough
    2 Victoria Road, Farnborough

    Enjoy a memorable holiday at the SACO Aparthotel Farnborough, with complimentary WiFi, parking, and fully equipped apartments.

    Price from 53 GBP per night
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    holiday inn farnborough, an ihg hotel
    Lynchford Road

    Discover the Holiday Inn Farnborough with gym, global restaurant and cocktail bar. Free parking!

    Price from 60 GBP per night
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    everest lodge serviced apartments for contractors & families, free use of netflix & wifi by firoz property management
    65-67 Lynchford Road

    Enjoy comfort at Everest Lodge Apartments for Contractors & Families with complimentary Wi-Fi, free parking and laundry service.

    Price from 95 GBP per night
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    55 Farnborough Road

    Aviator Hotel boasts incredible views of the airport, luxury rooms for your comfort, a cocktail bar, and a superb gym.

    Price from 98 GBP per night
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    equinox place
    Clockhouse Road

    Discover the modernity of Equinox Place, with free Wi-Fi apartments and balconies with seating, next to Farnborough train station.

    Price from 71 GBP per night
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    the falcon hotel
    68 Farnborough Road

    The Falcon Hotel, which boasts 30 rooms, free WiFi and parking, is situated in Farnborough and well linked to London and key airports.

    Price from 35 GBP per night
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    village hotel farnborough
    Pinehurst Road

    Discover the Village Hotel Farnborough: parking, restaurant, room service, gym, swimming pool and much more for a perfect stay.

    Price from 60 GBP per night
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    Farnborough, an English Gem to Discover

    Farnborough, famed for its striking international air show, is a surprisingly diverse and attractive destination. By booking your accommodation in Farnborough, you will be met with a city filled with concealed treasures, from its historic and cultural heritage to its burgeoning gastronomy. Hotels in Farnborough city centre are typified by their distinct, genuinely British style. They provide comfort, an excellent standard of service, and, most importantly, a very warm welcome. Regardless if you are here on business or pleasure, there is always something in Farnborough that captures the visitor's imagination. You can enjoy the Farnborough Air Sciences Museum, which tells the story of British aviation, or take a wander through Queen Elizabeth Park for a peaceful break from urban life. For shopping enthusiasts, Farnborough offers a perfect blend of independent shops and well-known brands, and when mealtime comes, you have a wide selection of restaurants and pubs to choose from, many offering tasty local dishes.

    With the aid of our services, you can effortlessly find ideal accommodation in Farnborough, from luxury boutique hotels to homely B&Bs. Best of all, we have something to suit every budget. Be sure to book well ahead, especially during the famous air show season. Farnborough is not just a hotspot for aviation aficionados. With a wide array of activities and sports facilities, ranging from golf to cycling, the city offers outdoor fun for all types of adventurers. Moreover, Farnborough's location, close to London and other significant cities, makes it a remarkable starting point for exploring the United Kingdom. So, don't hesitate, begin to explore the hotels in Farnborough, United Kingdom, and uncover what makes this English city a truly special destination. Come and experience for yourself the perfect mixture of activities, cuisine and, of course, the legendary British hospitality.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Farnborough cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Farnborough costs an average of 141$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Farnborough cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Farnborough costs an average of 149$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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