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    Exmouth hotels make a perfect jumping-off point for exploring some of the United Kingdom's most stunning landscapes. This coastal city boasts a diverse array of accommodation, from boutique hotels to luxury lodgings, all conveniently located near shops, eateries, and the breathtaking beaches of Devon's Jurassic coast.

    Most popular Exmouth hotels

    best western exmouth beach hotel
    Morton Crescent

    Enjoy the Best Western Exmouth Beach Hotel, overlooking the sea, with flat screen TV rooms and bar for unwinding.

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    luxury 2 bed apt near the sea
    Elm Grove

    Enjoy a luxurious stay by the sea at Luxury 2 bed apt, with complimentary WiFi, private parking, and a fully equipped kitchen.

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    ashton court hotel
    Louisa Terrace

    The Ashton Court Hotel in Exmouth provides accommodation with a restaurant, free parking, a bar, communal lounge, garden, and evening entertainment.

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    peonies, exmouth

    Enjoy your stay at Peonies, Exmouth. This 4-star hotel boasts private parking, free WiFi and offers activities such as golf and cycling.

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    wisteria cottage, exmouth

    Visit Wisteria Cottage, Exmouth, a 4-star hotel with free parking, available WiFi, a garden, and cycling services.

    Price from 46 GBP per night
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    lympstone manor hotel
    Lympstone Manor Hotel Courtlands Lane

    Enjoy Lympstone Manor Hotel with complimentary Wi-Fi, outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, and free parking.

    Price from 325 GBP per night
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    ash hotel b&b
    1 Mamhead View

    Discover the Ash Hotel B&B, featuring spacious rooms and free WiFi. Enjoy its location close to Exmouth train station and restaurants.

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    the devoncourt resort
    Douglas Avenue

    Discover The Devoncourt Resort in Exmouth: featuring outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a gymnasium, restaurants, bar, and free wifi. Truly a luxury of comfort!

    Price from 39 GBP per night
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    manor hotel
    The Beacon

    The Manor Hotel is a quaint period establishment in Exmouth, just 5 minutes from the beach, offering free WiFi and its own restaurant.

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    breken guest house
    13 Morton Road

    Enjoy sport at Breken Guest House, with facilities for water sports, darts, miniature golf and tennis. Cashless payments.

    Price from 40 GBP per night
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    the dolphin hotel exmouth
    Morton Road

    Enjoy the hospitality of The Dolphin Hotel Exmouth on the British coast, with free Wi-Fi and parking, adapted for reduced mobility.

    Price from 80 GBP per night
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    royal beacon hotel
    The Beacon

    Royal Beacon Hotel in Exmouth: car park, room service, restaurant. For a comfortable and pleasurable stay.

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    the cottage
    The Cottage Jubilee Grove

    Delight in The Cottage in Exmouth, complete with a charming terrace, free wifi, private parking, and services that cater to your health and safety.

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    the old dairy b&b
    The Old Dairy Jubilee Grove Lympstone

    Relish your stay at The Old Dairy B&B, featuring amenities such as free WiFi, private parking, and a garden, set in the lovely Exmouth.

    Price from 89 GBP per night
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    the imperial hotel exmouth
    The Esplanade, Exmouth

    The Imperial Hotel Exmouth: Victorian setting with free WiFi and car parking, restaurants, bar and beach facilities on the Devon coast.

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    Exploring Exmouth: Your Next Great Adventure

    Searching for hotels in Exmouth, United Kingdom, means you are looking beyond just accommodation in Exmouth. You're choosing a magical destination for your trip, teeming with discoveries and adventures that significantly surpass the cosy rooms you can book. Exmouth, situated on England's beautiful south coast, is renowned as the gateway to Devon's Jurassic Coast, a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage site. The area's hotels not only offer breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean but are also a stone's throw from the town's shops, eateries, and pubs, not to mention the wealth of outdoor activities only a short drive away. From boat tours and sailing to popular surf and paddleboard spots, there’s no shortage of experiences to keep even the most adventurous travellers busy.

    Furthermore, the city of Exmouth, with its rich history and culture, is just as fascinating as its lovely beaches. With elegant Georgian buildings, vibrant street art, and top-notch restaurants serving up the freshest local produce, you’ll fall in love with its authentic sense of community. At the end of every action-packed day, you can unwind in one of the many hotels or accommodation options Exmouth has to offer. Whether you're seeking a luxury spa hotel, a cosy bed & breakfast, or a modern boutique hotel, you're sure to find the perfect spot to recharge and prepare for another day of exploration. Remember, booking in Exmouth isn't just about selecting a hotel, but choosing your next grand adventure. So why not start planning your trip today with eBooking? Exmouth awaits with open arms!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Exmouth cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Exmouth costs an average of 161$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Exmouth cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Exmouth costs an average of 233$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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