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    If you're looking for Enfield hotels, you've come to the right place. Enfield is a vibrant city, boasting a fascinating mix of culture, art, history and stunning landscapes. With a wide variety of hotels available, you'll find the perfect place for your stay, whether it's a business trip or a leisure escape. Get ready to enjoy the best travel experience in Enfield!

    Most popular Enfield hotels

    the 55
    55 Sedcote Road

    The 55 in Enfield features WiFi, a flat-screen TV, garden, and complimentary parking. Perfect for a peaceful stay.

    Price from 45 GBP per night
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    kathleen house plus
    78 Baker Street

    Enjoy a comfortable stay at Kathleen House Plus in Enfield, with amenities such as free WiFi, parking, a kitchenette, and smoke-free rooms.

    Price from 65 GBP per night
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    one bedroom flat in bush hill park
    Bush Hill Park

    Enjoy a cosy stay at One Bedroom Flat in Bush Hill Park in Enfield, with private parking, free WiFi and pet friendly.

    Price from 80 GBP per night
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    the dharma lodge
    446 Hertford Road

    Enjoy your stay at The Dharma Lodge, featuring complimentary WiFi, private parking and soundproof rooms for your convenience.

    Price from 43 GBP per night
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    tranquil apartment with stunning views
    Flat 403, Tower Point, 52 Sydney Road

    Discover the Tranquil Apartment with Stunning Views, with its fully-equipped kitchen, free WiFi and private parking - an ideal spot to enjoy Enfield.

    Price from 135 GBP per night
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    the six bells hotel
    187 Chase Side

    The Six Bells Hotel, in Enfield, offers a bar, garden, free WiFi, and rooms with a private bathroom and flat-screen telly.

    Price from 52 GBP per night
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    hamptons point
    52 sydney road 320

    Indulge in luxury at Hamptons Point: Free WiFi, private parking, gym and fitness facilities. Perfect for all guests.

    Price from 130 GBP per night
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    the stag enfield
    1 Little Park Gardens

    Discover The Stag Enfield, situated in the heart of Enfield, complete with free Wi-Fi access, bar, garden, and a strict no-smoking policy.

    Price from 36 GBP per night
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    sunshine place
    Flat 124 Tower point, 52 Sydney Road

    Visit Sunshine Place in Enfield: a hotel with complimentary WiFi, free private parking, disabled access accommodation and daily housekeeping.

    Price from 110 GBP per night
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    holtwhites hotel
    92 Chase Side

    Delight in Holtwhites Hotel with free WiFi, 24h reception and daily housekeeping, in the charming Enfield.

    Price from 66 GBP per night
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    lodge drive serviced apartments
    8 Lodge Drive

    Enjoy your stay at Lodge Drive Serviced Apartments with free Wi-Fi, complimentary parking, and cosy family rooms.

    Price from 95 GBP per night
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    kathleen house
    Kathleen House
    85 London Road

    Price from 50 GBP per night
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    Explore Enfield: a city brimming with charm and comfort for your holiday

    Wandering through the streets of Enfield is like diving into a historical novel. Its majestic buildings, parks and gardens will transport you back in time, while its bustling nightlife and culinary scene make the city a perfect destination for those seeking fun and adventure. You'll find hotels in Enfield suited to all tastes and budgets. For those in search of luxury, there are high-end hotels offering panoramic views of the city. If you prefer a homelier environment, there are B&B accommodations that retain Enfield's authentic charm. Getting around Enfield is straightforward thanks to the superb public transport system. The city's main attractions are well linked, making exploration easy and ensuring you get the most out of your trip. If you're a history buff, pay a visit to the Enfield Museum, which chronicles the city's history from its earliest days as a Roman settlement. For nature lovers, Enfield's Public Parks offer a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city.

    Enfield is also a haven for foodies. The city's restaurants cater to a diverse range of cuisines, from local dishes to international delights. Enfield boasts a lively nightlife. You'll find pubs and bars featuring live music, offering the perfect setting for a lively evening. Bear in mind that accommodation in Enfield is as diverse as the city itself. Our job at eBooking is to help you find the perfect place to stay. A location where you can get some shut-eye after a day of exploration and contemplate your activities for the following day. As varied and exciting as the city itself is the range of hotels in Enfield. From luxurious suites to cosy apartments, Enfield offers a wide array of accommodation to suit your needs and budget. Whatever your reason for visiting Enfield, we guarantee you'll find the perfect accommodation for your stay. And with eBooking, booking will be a simple, hassle-free process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Enfield cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Enfield costs an average of 112$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Enfield cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Enfield costs an average of 133$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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