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    Explore the range of Elx / Elche hotels we have for you on eBooking, allowing you to be close to the city's most popular tourist destinations amidst a stunning natural landscape. Discover your accommodation options in the enchanting Elx / Elche and begin your journey at the beautiful El Pinet beach with its impressive dune strip. You'll enjoy staying at hotels near the Museum of Archaeology and History in Elx / Elche, where you can appreciate the remarkable display of Dama de Elche. Continue your route with a lovely stroll around the delightful Huerto del Cura Garden, close to the city's top hotels, hostels or city apartments. Book your ideal hotel with us and delight in the charm of Elx / Elche!

    Most popular Elche hotels

    Calle Calvià

    Reserve your stay at the KEU hotel in Elche: accommodation with air conditioning, free WiFi, and a gorgeous garden. Where tranquillity and comfort merge seamlessly.

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    hotel boutique hort de nal
    Hotel Boutique Hort de Nal
    Avinguda de Candalix 27

    Hort de Nal Boutique Hotel: adults-only. Located in Elche, Spain, offering comfortable rooms and private parking. Book now!

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    ibis elche
    Ibis Elche
    Barchell, 5

    Hotel Ibis Elche, Spain: Furnished with air conditioning, wifi, television, phone, safe, and private bathroom with shower. Provides car park, snack bar, restaurant and 24-hour reception.

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    hotel yit ciudad de elche
    Hotel YIT Ciudad de Elche
    Calle Petrer, 37

    YIT Ciudad de Elche Hotel, 3 stars. Rooms with air conditioning, TV, wifi and bathroom. Event halls, buffet breakfast, tourism info and car park.

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    b&b hotel elche
    B&B Hotel Elche
    Almansa, 62

    B&B HOTEL Elche: comfortable stay with 63 rooms, air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a coffee shop, and a meeting room.

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    hostal maría
    Hostal María
    Ramón Vicente Serrano, 2

    Enjoy a comfortable stay at the Mary's Hostel, Elche, complete with free WiFi, air conditioning, and daily cleaning. It's the perfect spot for work and relaxation.

    Price from 30 EUR per night
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    hotel elche centro , affiliated by melia
    Hotel Elche Centro , affiliated by Melia
    Avinguda Rei en Joan Carles I , 5

    Hotel Elche Centro, associated with Melia, in Spain. Air-conditioned rooms with complimentary wifi, TV and private bathroom. Facilities include a restaurant, breakfast, bar, event rooms and parking.

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    jardín milenio
    Jardín Milenio
    Prolongacion de los Curtidores s/n

    Hotel Jardín Milenio: Four-star lodging in Elche, Spain. Air-conditioned rooms with Wi-Fi and amenities. Restaurant, breakfast, terrace, swimming pool, gym, sauna and more.

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    port elche
    Port Elche
    Miguel Servet 25 (Parque Empresarial)

    Four-star Spanish hotel offering well-appointed rooms with air conditioning, heating, TV, Wi-Fi, and en-suite facilities. Restaurant, breakfast, pool, gym, parking. Pet-friendly.

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    huerto del cura
    Huerto del Cura
    Porta de la Morera, 14

    Huerto del Cura Hotel, a 4-star in Elche. Bungalows equipped with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a TV, minibar and an en-suite. Services include breakfast, a dining establishment, swimming pool, spa, gym, parking, and business facilities.

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    casa erick
    Casa Erick
    Calle Pascual Sempere Mogica 24, 4° izquierda

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    stylish rooms habitaciones en piso compartido- elche- city center
    STYLISH ROOMS habitaciones en piso compartido- ELCHE- City Center
    Carrer de Maximilia Thous, 32 ENTRESUELO DERECHA

    Price from 16 EUR per night
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    4 aptos fully equipped studios nearly center
    Carrer Carlos Antón Pastor nº 68 Bar Franja Verde

    Price from 24 EUR per night
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    hostal madruga
    Hostal Madruga
    Plaza Jardin de Aspe, 5

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    finca santa barbara
    Finca Santa Barbara
    Partida Jubalcoi, 50

    Price from 59 EUR per night
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    Stay at the best hotels in Elx / Elche

    Discover the charms of staying at the finest Elx / Elche hotels and have an unforgettable experience. You'll enjoy comfort in their rooms, including Wi-Fi, TV, and air conditioning. On top of that, you'll have access to swimming pool and gym facilities. The best part is you'll be minutes away from several beaches like Pinet, which boasts a breathtaking dune strip, and Arenales del Sol with its underwater world to explore. If you're into water sports, El Carabassí beach is perfect for kayak, surf and windsurfing. Fancy religious tourism? In Elx / Elche, you can visit Santa Maria Basilica, the town’s primary architectural reference, home to an admirable baroque style that will leave you speechless.

    Discover the singular charm of booking hotels in Elx / Elche city centre

    Hotels in Elx / Elche city centre unquestionably offer exemplary service and cater to your tastes. You can enjoy not only room service, air conditioning, but also a private bathroom. You'll also have access to the hotel bar, restaurant, and terrace. Even better, you are close to the city's most visited spots, like the Museum of Archaeology and History in Elx / Elche, located in the Palacio de Altamira. Here, you can gaze at the fantastic Dama de Elche display—a real gem! Stay at one of the city centre hotels and find yourself surrounded by intriguing sites such as Huerto del Cura Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the most significant within the Palm Grove of Elche. Looking for accommodation in Elx / Elche? On eBooking, we have terrifically comfortable hotels with amenities you need, like Wi-Fi, a bar, restaurant, swimming pool and parking. In the city, you'll discover historic buildings and tourist attractions like the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Crevillente, housed in the Neoclassical-styled Casa del Parque built in 1927.

    Relax at our Elx / Elche accommodations

    If you need a place to stay in Elx / Elche, fear not! The city offers everything, from luxurious four-star hotels to economical accommodations, catering for all budgets. These lodgings provide comfortable rooms and a 24-hour reception with personalised service. If you're looking to unwind, visit El Hondo Natural Park, holding extraordinary ecological value due to the abundance and diversity of birds and remarkable landscapes. Book the best hotels in Elx / Elche, Spain, which include amenities like a restaurant, bar, pool and a pet-friendly policy. Plus, you'll be near Plaza Nieves Piñol and Plaza Antonio Cutillas, perfect spots to get a feel for local customs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Elche?

    The best hotels in Elche are Hotel Ibis Elche, Hotel Port Elche, and Hotel Huerto del Cura.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Elche cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Elche costs an average of 253$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Elche cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Elche costs an average of 585$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Elche?

    The best family-friendly hotel in Elche is Hotel Jardín Milenio.

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