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    Opt for our el Puig de Santa Maria hotels and savour all that Valencia holds, including its extraordinary historical ties, vibrant culture, and beautiful beaches. Stay in the Historic Centre and have quick access to eateries, shops, and be within a stone's throw from the city's attractions. You'll get to explore the Real Monasterio de Santa Maria del Puig. If you're looking to take in some sun, we've got excellent establishments with the best prices along the coast. Don't overlook Puig Val's expansive beach, it's one of the go-to spots. Moreover, in the seaside promenade area, we offer a slew of cost-effective accommodation options, ensuring something to suit your tastes and budget.

    Most popular El Puig hotels

    hotel mauros el puig
    Carretera A7. Salida 311 (Dirección Barcelona). Parcela 272, polígono 27. 46540 El Puig de Santa Maria

    Discover HOTEL MAUROS EL PUIG: an establishment with complimentary parking and wifi, a bar, restaurant, and a terrace. Your peace of mind guaranteed!

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    maison san alfredo b&b
    Carretera de la Lloma (CV-300) KM3.5 -Urbanización San Alfredo

    Set in El Puig, Maison San Alfredo B&B delivers top-notch services including free Wi-Fi, a garden, terrace, complimentary parking, and a continental breakfast.

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    hotel casbah
    Avenida Musico Julio Ribelles, 13

    The Hotel Casbah is a comfortable 3-star accommodation in El Puig, boasting top-notch facilities and close proximity to the coast.

    Price from 40 EUR per night
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    hotel olympia ronda i
    Avenida Musico Julio Ribelles, 9

    The Olympia Ronda I Hotel, modern and practical, is the perfect choice for tourists and business travellers staying in El Puig, providing complimentary Wi-Fi, on-site restaurant, and private parking.

    Price from 32 EUR per night
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    hotel olympia ronda ii
    Avenida Músico Julio Ribelles, 15

    Hotel Olympia Ronda II invites you to experience a delightful stay, complemented by complimentary WiFi, in-house restaurant, bar and room service. Experience our warm hospitality!

    Price from 37 EUR per night
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    magnifico atico-duplex frente al mar
    3 Carrer Ponent

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    hotel borja
    Hotel Borja
    Progres, 35

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    olympia ronda hostel
    Olympia Ronda Hostel
    Julio Ribelles Nº 5

    Price from 25 EUR per night
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    Stay in the heart of el Puig de Santa Maria

    This city is laden with an awe-inspiring historical backdrop and fantastic tourist hotspots. Stay at the el Puig de Santa Maria hotels, delight in our facilities, and set off on a captivating tour around the region. Without a doubt, the Historic Centre is an irresistible choice - zooming around each corner with ease. You'll be within walking distance of most historical sites, like the Real Monasterio de Santa Maria del Puig. In the same area, you'll find shops galore and numerous restaurants dishing up the crème de la crème of local gastronomy. Hotels in the el Puig de Santa Maria city centre offer air-conditioned rooms, a bar, and buffet breakfast; a few boast a pool. From these bases, you can uncover other tourism landmarks, such as the Printing and Graphic Arts Museum and the Ara Christi Charterhouse, declared a Site of Cultural Interest.

    Book at hotels near the beaches in el Puig de Santa Maria

    We present you with an extensive range of accommodation in el Puig de Santa Maria, perfectly situated to offer proximity to the city and the coast. We suggest you check out Puig Val beach, ideal for families. Securing a spot near Medicalia beach is also a great choice, it's small and secluded. In the vicinity, we have three and four-star establishments right on the oceanfront, where you can unwind in spacious rooms complete with restaurants, fitness areas, bars and pools. Some of these spots provide entertainment and are pet-friendly. In the same area, we offer suitable accommodations if you're travelling with your mates. You'll have access to rooms outfitted with TV and hydromassage baths, as well as a restaurant, indoor parking, and a spa.

    Unwind at our el Puig de Santa Maria hotels

    If you're travelling with your partner, you can book at hotels in el Puig de Santa Maria, Spain, with some exclusively for adults and offering special promotions for couples. You'll be near the seaside promenade, surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere. You'll appreciate the breathtaking blue vista, opening onto the Mediterranean from the terrace. Moreover, you'll enjoy a restaurant, a bar lounge, breakfast in-room, and parking. Find a place to crash in el Puig de Santa Maria that won't break your bank. Many of our budget-friendly hotels are just steps away from local key attractions, like the Torre Guaita. These accommodations guarantee comforts like Wi-Fi throughout, air-conditioning, and a café. What are you waiting for? Book now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in El Puig cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in El Puig costs an average of 58$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in El Puig cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in El Puig costs an average of 66$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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