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    Explore our selection of El Portil hotels we have for you. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in this seaside town of Punta Umbría in Huelva. We offer establishments loaded with all the comforts, situated strategically around the city. You'll easily visit the Wednesday and Saturday markets, and the Aquopolis Water Park, while you stay in state-of-the-art and thoroughly kitted out facilities. We also suggest booking top-quality hotels in front of El Portil Beach for an unparalleled experience. If you prefer, opt to stay near Laguna de El Portil and take in the vistas of the natural surroundings. Whether you are travelling with your family or partner, we have options to suit all tastes.

    Most popular El Portil hotels

    apartamento acogedor el portil
    1 Urbanización los Pinos

    Experience the comfortable El Portil Apartment in El Portil, featuring a private pool, air conditioning, and a smoke-free environment.

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    marina playa
    Calle Hernán Cortés

    Stay at MARINA PLAYA, a snug accommodation in El Portil offering a balcony, private pool, parking and air conditioning.

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    3 bedrooms villa at nuevo portil 500 m away from the beach with shared pool enclosed garden and wifi
    Calle Magallanes 46

    Experience the comfort of a 3-bedroom villa in Nuevo Portil, complete with a shared swimming pool, enclosed garden, WiFi, and just 500 m from the beach.

    Price from 296 EUR per night
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    playacartaya aquapark & spa hotel
    Urbanización Nuevo Portil s/n

    Hotel Playacartaya Aquapark & Spa, a splendid 4-star hotel in Andalucia, Spain, offers rooms and suites equipped with kitchen facilities, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, telly and private bathroom. The venue boasts restaurants, bars, swimming pools and a spa.

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    villa de la luz luxury guesthouse
    VILLA DE LA LUZ Luxury Guesthouse
    66 Avenida Magallanes

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    paqo lodge laguna del portil
    paqo lodge Laguna del Portil
    49 Calle Avoceta

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    apartamento portisol
    Apartamento Portisol
    Residencial Los Pinos 1 planta, piso 125, bloque 1

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    3 bedrooms appartement with city view shared pool and terrace at el portil 1 km away from the beach
    3 bedrooms appartement with city view shared pool and terrace at El Portil 1 km away from the beach
    Calle Camaleón 46 Andalucía, Huelva

    Price from 87 EUR per night
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    apartamentos aguadulce el portil
    Apartamentos Aguadulce El Portil
    Avenida de Punta Umbria, 6, Residencial Aguadulce

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    apartamento a pie de playa
    Apartamento a pie de playa
    Calle Valle Frío, Urbanización los Álamos, apartamento 8

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    apartamento playas del sur
    Apartamento Playas del Sur
    Urbanizacion Huelva Playas del Sur Bloque 5, Planta 3ª, Puerta 1

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    Experience the advantages of staying in the heart of El Portil.

    Huelva offers irresistibly enticing destinations for unforgettable holidays, full of sun and sea. Book into our El Portil hotels, enjoy top-tier services and discover the charm of Punta Umbría. If you're keen to stay in an urban environment, where shopping, dining and leisure are at your fingertips, our hotels in El Portil city centre are your best bet. You can shop at the market on Wednesday and Saturday evenings and have fun at the Aquopolis Water Park. We also have affordable and comfortable establishments in the area, with Wi-Fi, in-house restaurants and breakfast included. The best bit? You'll be in an vibrant environment and within easy reach of the fantastic beach. We offer 3-star hotels boasting excellent value for money, a café-restaurant, swimming pool and gym. Some even have a spa and adopt a Pet-friendly policy. You'll be astonished at what they have to offer!

    Unwind and have fun at beachfront El Portil hotels.

    The best area to choose accommodation in El Portil is, without any doubt, the coast of Huelva. There's nothing quite like savouring the golden sands of Punta Umbría, moments from your hotel room. We provide offers for top-notch hotels in front of El Portil Beach, promising a memorable experience. In this area, we offer fully-equipped apartments, with kitchen and white goods, along with holiday complexes. Treat yourself to a stay at a 4-star all-inclusive hotel resort, perfect for families and large groups. You'll relax in adjoining rooms and spacious suites, and the hotels offer amenities such as restaurants, bars, pools, spas, live shows, and recreational activities. If you're travelling with your partner, we suggest our adults-only top-tier service-led hotels which feature air-conditioned rooms, an infinity pool, a restaurant with live cooking, a rooftop chill-out terrace and beachfront loungers. You will also discover nearby sports and aquatic areas, hydro pedal rentals and many beach bars. It's set to be an adventure!

    Select your ideal hotel in El Portil.

    If you're asking yourself where to stay in El Portil, you should first consider your desired holiday experiences. Some of our hotels offer boutique-style architecture and entertainment for all ages, an aqua park, a sun terrace, and a restaurant serving local and international cuisine. This means you can stay put whilst relishing rest and fun! If you're more adventurous, opt for our hotels in El Portil, Spain, offering you the chance to explore the famed Laguna de El Portil, which offers an enchanting trail around this scenic spot. Enjoy a fantastic walk up to the El Portil viewpoint for panoramic vistas of the natural surroundings. Our modern and well-equipped accommodation options offer air-conditioned rooms with a hydro massage tub. You'll find everything you need for peak relaxation! It's a fabulous and unmissable experience!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in El Portil cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in El Portil costs an average of 128$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in El Portil cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in El Portil costs an average of 191$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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