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    Indulge in unforgettable holidaying at one of Almeria's most beautiful coastal destinations. Make your reservations at the El Ejido hotels that we have on offer. We have establishments adjacent to Balerma beach, the hub of entertainment and fun. In addition, we propose accommodation options near vital landmarks such as the Balerma Tower and the Castle of Old Guards. Another site you'll fancy visiting is the History Museum of El Ejido. And as if that's not enough, there are places with breakfast included so you can start your day in the best manner and proceed on a nature trail route through the Punta Entinas-Sabinar.

    Most popular El Ejido hotels

    estudio en almerimar
    Calle Babor, 6, 1E

    The Studio in Almerimar presents a flat with air conditioning, free parking, and WiFi throughout the property in El Ejido. Ideal for Non-smokers.

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    apartamento altaentinas, almerimar
    21 Calle a Glaucio

    The Altaentinas Apartment, Almerimar, complete with pool, terrace, free WiFi, private parking and air conditioning, eagerly awaits your arrival in El Ejido.

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    vistas almerimar
    17 Calle Dársena de la Batea Planta 3, Puerta D

    Boasting spectacular sea views, the Vistas Almerimar in El Ejido offers a terrace, air conditioning and proximity to golf courses.

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    hostal trevelez
    152 Avenida del Oasis

    HOSTAL TREVELEZ in El Ejido, providing free WiFi, air-conditioned rooms, and located only 8.7 km from the Almerimar golf course.

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    amazing apartment in el ejido with outdoor swimming pool and 2 bedrooms 2

    Explore the Amazing Apartment In El Ejido, indulge in its outdoor swimming pool, free parking and a terrace for your ultimate comfort.

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    el eden
    Salida 414 autovia E-15 del Mediterráneo

    Indulge in your holiday at El Eden, a hotel boasting an outdoor swimming pool, complimentary WiFi, private parking and an outstanding garden restaurant.

    Price from 60 EUR per night
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    balerma playa. calle santa elena
    BALERMA PLAYA. Calle Santa elena
    10 Calle Santa Elena

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    cosy apartment in el ejido with shared pool
    Cosy apartment in El ejido with shared pool

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    apartamento ejido centro
    Apartamento Ejido Centro
    Calle Lobero, 30

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    playa balerma
    Calle Virgen de las Mercedes, 4, 1ºB

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    romantic apartment in el ejido with garden
    Romantic apartment in El Ejido with garden

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    2 bedrooms appartement at el ejido 500 m away from the beach with sea view shared pool and furnished terrace
    2 bedrooms appartement at El Ejido 500 m away from the beach with sea view shared pool and furnished terrace
    Calle Fragata 29

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    ejido hotel
    Ejido Hotel
    Avenida Oasis s/n

    Price from 49 EUR per night
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    hostal carlos iii
    Hostal Carlos III
    Avenida Del Oasis, 164

    Price from 30 EUR per night
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    hostal mediterraneo
    Hostal Mediterraneo
    Avenida Oasis, 157

    Price from 29 EUR per night
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    Reserve at the most popular hotels in El Ejido

    Experience the beautiful Costa del Sol and stay at the ideally situated El Ejido hotels, just a stone's throw from all the essential places in town. We offer facilities close to engaging landmarks like the History Museum, where numerous archaeological finds are displayed. If you choose to stay in this area, our hotels in El Ejido city centre feature a gym, spa, bar, cafeteria, and restaurant. Reserve the best accommodation in El Ejido with spacious facilities - perfect if you're travelling with family; discover La Almunya del Sur Botanical Garden. Between the flora, bridges, lagoons and waterfalls, we assure you an outstanding experience.

    Enjoy staying near the beaches of El Ejido

    We have the best range of hotels in El Ejido, Spain, situated right on Levante beach, ensuring you enjoy the sun, sand and sea, hassle-free. In this area, you'll enjoy prime location and rooms with a sea view as well as a rooftop terrace equipped with a bar and pool. We also recommend staying near Balerma beach, where you can try diving and snorkelling. In the vicinity, we offer apartments and houses fitted with a fully equipped kitchen, living room, Wi-Fi, a bathroom with a hot tub and parking.

    Find your ideal hotel in El Ejido

    This coastal village is one of the most exhilarating tourist destinations in Andalusia. You'll discover an array of activities on offer. You'll adore staying near the most important landmarks, such as the Balerma Tower and the Castle of Old Guards. Find accommodation in El Ejido within a short distance of these points of interest, and stay in modern facilities with 24-hour service and inclusive breakfasts. Many offer hiking or biking routes around the Punta Entinas-Sabinar.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in El Ejido cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in El Ejido costs an average of 132$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in El Ejido cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in El Ejido costs an average of 223$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in El Ejido?

    The best family-friendly hotel in El Ejido is Hostal Centro Ejido.

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