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    We offer outstanding El Calafate hotels. Unwind in our contemporary facilities and uncover the captivating city of Patagonia, Argentina. The best place to stay is the city centre, an excellent base to explore key landmarks. This superb location allows for shopping and strolls along the Avenida del Libertador, the city's primary avenue. We also suggest lodgings near the Argentinian Lake, the country's largest. We have high-end accommodations to deliver exclusive, tranquil experiences. Additionally, if you're travelling with family, we offer fantastic value for well-positioned, spacious hotels. We have the essentials for guaranteed relaxation and entertainment.

    Most popular El Calafate hotels

    my sweet home calafate
    Calle 12 N°1823

    Discover My Sweet Home Calafate, complete with free parking, a garden, and non-smoking accommodation. Enjoy complimentary WiFi and strict health protocols throughout the premises.

    Price from 46 USD per night
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    solares del sur
    De los Fresnos 3362

    Solares Del Sur, a captivating hotel with views of Lake Argentino, boasts a restaurant, bar, complimentary parking and splendid family-friendly facilities.

    Price from 61 USD per night
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    glaciares de la patagonia
    Los Antiguos, 194

    The Glaciares De La Patagonia hotel offers 24/7 room service, a bar, garden, complimentary parking and laundry facilities for your stay.

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    bla lodge
    Calle 1015

    Bla Lodge in El Calafate presents panoramic vistas, free parking, Wi-Fi and the provision of packed lunches for your convenience.

    Price from 28 USD per night
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    kalenshen hotel cerro calafate
    Calle 998 N36

    The Cavendish London provides opulence and comfort with its heated pool, sauna, and jacuzzi, not to mention beauty treatments and massages.

    Price from 41 USD per night
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    calafate hostel
    Gobernador Moyano 1226

    Discover Calafate Hostel, complete with free WiFi, continental breakfast, 24-hour reception, garden, bar and room service for your convenience.

    Price from 15 USD per night
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    america del sur calafate hostel
    Puerto Deseado 153

    America Del Sur Calafate Hostel offers panoramic views, free car park and wifi, as well as laundry service. It's simply perfect for your stay.

    Price from 15 USD per night
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    alto verde hostería
    Antonio Zupic 138

    Discover the Alto Verde Hostería, an establishment offering amenities such as free parking, WiFi throughout the property, and a garden for your comfort.

    Price from 81 USD per night
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    terrazas del calafate
    Calle De Los Alamos 2709

    Revel in the delights of Terrazas Del Calafate, with its contemporary rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi, spacious restaurant, and a plethora of activities at your disposal.

    Price from 65 USD per night
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    xelena hotel & suites
    Dr. Rene Favaloro 3500

    Indulge in luxury at the 5-star Xelena Hotel & Suites in El Calafate, outfitted with a gym, spa, restaurant, bar, and free WiFi.

    Price from 103 USD per night
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    hosteria miyazato inn
    Egidio Feruglio 150

    Tucked away in El Calafate, Miyazato Inn offers a charming and cosy stay complete with free parking, Wi-Fi and breakfast service.

    Price from 50 USD per night
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    lagos del calafate
    Calle 998 Numero 50

    Savour your stay at the four-star Lagos Del Calafate hotel, sporting an exceptional restaurant, indoor pool, and spa. An unforgettable stay awaits you.

    Price from 127 USD per night
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    design suites calafate
    Calle 598 Nº 190

    Design Suites Calafate, a stylish hotel boasting panoramic lake views, is equipped with an indoor pool, sauna, spa, gym, and complimentary WiFi.

    Price from 95 USD per night
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    esplendor by wyndham el calafate
    Pte Perón, 1143

    Esplendor by Wyndham El Calafate is a four-star boutique hotel, overlooking the Argentine Lake, offering a spa, heated pool and Patagonian cuisine.

    Price from 96 USD per night
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    mirador del lago hotel
    Libertador 2047

    The sleek 4-star Mirador del Lago Hotel offers 70 guest rooms featuring panoramic views and complimentary Wi-Fi access.

    Price from 114 USD per night
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    Repose in top-notch El Calafate hotels

    Come and discover the charm of one of the most important cities in Patagonia, Argentina. Reserve your stay at hotels in El Calafate that we have, unwind in state-of-the-art facilities, whilst discovering this picturesque town surrounded by impressive natural attractions. A prime area to stay is the city centre. From our hotels in El Calafate city centre, you can easily visit vital tourist points and repose in spaces with parking and complimentary Wi-Fi. We invite you to take a walk down the renowned Avenida del Libertador. This pedestrian zone boasts restaurants, souvenir shops, chocolateries and pubs. Not to mention, it's also surrounded by top-class hotel establishments.

    Secure your dream hotel in El Calafate

    Our accommodation in El Calafate caters to all tastes and budgets. We can offer inexpensive hotels and well-located apartments. You will have access to private or shared rooms, air conditioning, tourist information, free Wi-Fi and, on occasion, breakfast. We encourage a visit to the Estancia 25 de Mayo, a nature reserve boasting a vast field, brimming with wildlife, where you can appreciate the lifestyle of Patagonia residents. Also, we extend our high-end hotels in El Calafate, Argentina. In these places, you will have access to exclusive amenities such as an indoor pool, spa, sauna, restaurant, bar and local landscape views. They are undoubtedly the top choice for relaxation after a city and surroundings excursion. A perfect supplement for an unforgettable visit is a trip to the Glaciers National Park, a nature area with waterfalls, lagoons and hills where you can hike, take photos and engage in many fun activities. If you wish to stay in strategically located lodgings, we recommend one of our houses or apartments facing the Argentinian Lake, the country's largest. Here we have spaces offering air conditioning, parking, a fully equipped kitchen and the majestic natural backdrop.

    Dwell in a comfortable El Calafate hotel

    If you're pondering where to sleep in El Calafate for a flawless family getaway, rest assured our accommodations boast all you require. Firstly, our establishments offer easy access to iconic locations, such as Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the most renowned worldwide, reachable through a family-designed tour. You can also head to the Glaciarium, Ice Museum, a very entertaining glacier interpretation centre for all age groups. We provide intercommunicated rooms, independent air conditioning, inclusive breakfast, a swimming pool and a playground. Moreover, many of our lodgings welcome pets. We suggest adding the El Calafate's Historic Interpretation Centre to your itinerary, where you will learn about natural history, palaeontology, and other interesting subjects.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in El Calafate cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in El Calafate costs an average of 101$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in El Calafate cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in El Calafate costs an average of 135$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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