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    Discover the collection of El Arenal hotels we have curated for you. Indulge in an unforgettable holiday in this delightful coastal town. We provide establishments with top-notch amenities located in strategic areas of the town for your convenience. Staying in the city centre will allow you easy access to key atractions such as Our Lady of the Lactation Parish and the Plaza Mayor. We also suggest booking at luxury establishments near the El Arenal beaches and Caló de Sant Antoni beach, where you will enjoy an unparalleled accommodation experience. Alternatively, you may choose to have a pleasant stay around the scenic promenade and start your day with a refreshing morning walk while absorbing the vibrant ambiance of the area. We guarantee that we have a hotel to suit every preference and budget.

    Most popular El Arenal hotels

    hostal mar del plata
    Hostal Mar del Plata
    Carretera Militar, 252

    The Hostal Mar del Plata in El Arenal is pet-friendly with complimentary WiFi, a terrace, a bar, and daily cleaning service.

    Price from 40 EUR per night
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    hotel selva arenal
    Hotel Selva Arenal
    C/Girona, 17

    Hotel Selva Arenal provides rooms complete with WiFi, air conditioning, television, and a private bathroom. With the inclusion of breakfast, the hotel features a bar, garden, lounge, terrace and a pool.

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    hotel alea
    Hotel Alea
    José Maria Cuadrado, 4

    Alea Hotel, a 3-star accommodation in El Arenal, Spain. With air-conditioned rooms, complimentary wifi, and private bathrooms. Restaurant, swimming pool, and parking provisioned.

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    planet blue hotel
    Planet Blue Hotel
    Cannes, 23

    Planet Blue Hotel in El Arenal, Spain. Rooms featuring air conditioning, TV and private bathroom. Amenities include breakfast, bar, terrace, pool, airport transfer, and car/bike rentals.

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    hostal villa maruja
    Hostal Villa Maruja
    Carretera Militar, 249, Planta 1, Puerta A

    Villa Maruja in El Arenal provides free WiFi, rooms equipped with terraces, a tourist service, and a lively bar, assuring you a fabulous holiday!

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    villa son veri de la marina
    Villa Son Veri de la Marina
    Carrer de Miquel dels Sants Oliver

    Located in El Arenal, Villa Son Veri de la Marina offers exclusive lodgings with a private pool, a view of the gardens, free Wi-Fi, and public parking.

    Price from 521 EUR per night
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    Avenida de Miramar, 1

    Stop by whala!beach, a 3-star hotel along Arenal Beach, Mallorca. Featuring a restaurant, bar, sea view terrace, outdoor pool, and daily housekeeping.

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    seramar hotel luna - luna park adults only
    Seramar Hotel Luna - Luna Park Adults Only
    Mossen Antoni María Alcover, 6

    Seramar Luna - Luna Park Adults Only Hotel in El Arenal, Mallorca. Featuring a restaurant, bar, terrace, pool and garden. Rooms offer air conditioning, TV, phone and ensuite facilities.

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    mll palma bay club resort
    MLL Palma Bay Club Resort
    Bartolome Calafell, 23

    The MLL Palma Bay Club Resort in El Arenal is renowned for its gardens, swimming pools, restaurants and playground. Featuring rooms with air conditioning, TV, balcony and full bathrooms.

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    hotel costa mediterraneo
    Hotel Costa Mediterraneo
    Gerona, 11

    The Costa Mediterraneo hotel in El Arenal features a pool, bar and 24-hour reception. Rooms include an en-suite, TV, air conditioning and WiFi.

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    bluesea costa verde
    BLUESEA Costa Verde
    Avenida Europa, 33

    Blue Sea Costa Verde Hotel in El Arenal, Mallorca. Notable for restaurant, pool, entertainment and children's playground. Rooms with wardrobe, TV, fully fitted bathroom and top-notch comfort.

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    bluesea arenal tower adults only
    BLUESEA Arenal Tower Adults Only
    Baleares, 2

    Blue Sea Arenal Tower Hotel – Adults Only. Superior rooms with en-suite, TV, air conditioning, and safe. With on-site restaurant, swimming pool, Wi-Fi, and more. Located in Mallorca.

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    mll mediterranean bay - adults only
    MLL Mediterranean Bay - Adults Only
    San Bartolomé, 18

    MLL Mediterranean Bay Hotel - Only for adults, situated in El Arenal. Boasting a spacious pool, an engaging restaurant, and entertainment. Rooms feature a minibar, full bathroom, TV, air conditioning, and balcony.

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    bluesea mediodia
    BLUESEA Mediodia
    San Cristóbal, 13

    The Blue Sea Mediodía Hotel: Just 80 meters from El Arenal beach, offers comfy rooms and amenities including a restaurant, pool, 24-hour front desk and more.

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    hotel fenix
    Hotel Fenix
    Avenida de Europa 3

    Fenix Hotel in El Arenal: With a year-round open pool, an eatery offering international cuisine, a bar and cycling-friendly services.

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    Discover the advantages of staying in the El Arenal city centre

    The Balearic Islands hold idyllic destinations for an unforgettable holiday full of sun, sand and sea. Book with us at one of our hotels in El Arenal, enjoy top-tier services and discover the enchantment of Mallorca. If city life, proximity to shops and eateries aligns with your preference of stay, then booking at hotels in El Arenal city centre will be apt. You’ll get to explore Our Lady of the Lactation Parish and Plaza Mayor, renowned for its weekly market. You will find affordable and comfortable establishments, equipped with Wi-Fi, dining services and included breakfast. Apart from basking in this vibrant area’s atmosphere, you will easily reach the pristine local beaches.

    Stay near the El Arenal beaches

    The coastline is without a doubt, the prime area to choose your accommodation in El Arenal. Nothing beats waking up and having the sea and sand right on your doorstep. Furthermore, we have a fine selection of quality hotels in that area, promising an excellent accommodation experience. You may consider staying at a hotel facing El Arenal Beach, known for its fine sands and shallow waters. The establishment offers an infinity pool, rooftop chill-out terrace, sun lounger, gym, restaurants and a bar hosting live shows, ensuring ongoing entertainment after your beach visit. We also have top-notch accommodations near Caló de Sant Antoni beach, a hit amongst watersport enthusiasts. Our hotels in this area offer spacious family rooms and comfy suites, private terraces, a children's play area and breakfast options. Many of them have pet-friendly policies. We furthermore provide several adult-only establishments where any romantic plan is possible. Advanced rooms with Wi-Fi, a minibar, and some even boast a restaurant with live cooking shows. Complement your experience with a calm twilight stroll down Miramar Avenue promenade.

    Pick your ideal hotel in El Arenal

    To decide where to stay in El Arenal, think about what type of experience you look forward to having. Some of our establishments offer an all-inclusive option, with live shows and recreational activities available day and night. You won't need to step out of the hotel to have fun. For the more adventurous at heart, we have hotels in El Arenal, Spain, that provide easy access to the famous Aqualand Water Park, which features attractions like children's pools, raft rides, and a splendid picnic area, proving a fun day out for all ages. You can also sign up for an excursion to the city of Palma and fishing villages like Can Pastilla, Son Veri Nou, and the closeby coves. In any case, modern, well-equipped facilities await you at the end of the day - rooms with television, air conditioning, a whirlpool bath and everything you need to rejuvenate your energy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in El Arenal?

    The best hotels in El Arenal are Hotel whala!beach, Hotel Piñero Bahia de Palma, and MLL Caribbean Bay.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in El Arenal cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in El Arenal costs an average of 142$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in El Arenal cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in El Arenal costs an average of 355$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in El Arenal?

    The best family-friendly hotels in El Arenal are azuLine Hotel Bahamas y Bahamas II, Planet Blue Hotel, and Hotel Selva Arenal.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in El Arenal?

    The best hotels for couples in El Arenal are Hotel Torre Azul & Spa - Adults Only and HSM Son Veri.

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