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    Book your stay at the best Dubrovnik hotels, unwind in comfortable spaces and explore a city blessed with stunning architecture and magnificent beaches. As one of Europe's most visited destinations, the city is known for its rich historical heritage and beautiful landscapes. Choose accommodation near the city centre and take time to visit landmarks like the Sponza Palace and the Pile Gate. We offer locations perfect for couples, some boasting sea views and others conveniently sited close to key local attractions. Consider staying in the Lapad region and spend a day under the sun by the sea. Travelling with family? Choose from our serviced apartments fitted with all the amenities you need.

    Most popular Dubrovnik hotels

    apartment seven
    Gorica Svetog Vlaha 7

    Situated in Dubrovnik, Apartment Seven provides sea views, free WiFi, air conditioning, and proximity to Bellevue Beach. It's an ideal spot for cyclists.

    Price from 70 EUR per night
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    alto rooms and apartments
    Brdasta 8

    Enjoy your stay at Alto Rooms and Apartments in Dubrovnik, with free WiFi, private parking, air-conditioned rooms, flat-screen TV, and en-suite bathrooms.

    Price from 37 EUR per night
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    dubrovnik old house
    Palmotićeva 24

    At Dubrovnik Old House, you can savour a rustic home, with ambiance, free WiFi, a kitchen, and a garden with a barbecue, right in the historic heart of Dubrovnik.

    Price from 200 EUR per night
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    art hotel dubrovnik
    Art Hotel Dubrovnik
    Nika i Meda Pucića 3

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    boutique hotel porto
    Boutique Hotel Porto
    Ulica Ante Starčevića 49

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    palace natali 5*
    Palace Natali 5*
    21 Privezna Street

    Show prices
    hotel adriatic
    Hotel Adriatic
    Masarykov put 5

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    hotel villa paradiso
    Hotel Villa Paradiso

    Show prices
    hotel aquarius
    Hotel Aquarius
    Mata Vodopica 8

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    apartments villa barbara
    Apartments Villa Barbara
    Mostarska 1A

    Price from 77 EUR per night
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    the byron
    The Byron
    Pobijana 4,

    Show prices
    tui blue kalamota island - all inclusive
    TUI Blue Kalamota Island - All Inclusive
    Donje Celo bb

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    villa orsula
    Villa Orsula
    Frana Supila 14

    Show prices
    villa dubrovnik
    Villa Dubrovnik
    Vlaha Bukovca 6

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    villa glavić
    Villa Glavić
    Frana Supila 14

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    Discover the best area to stay in Dubrovnik

    Experience the charm of a city teeming with medieval buildings. Book one of the available Dubrovnik hotels and prepare to explore iconic places. Our most popular establishments are ideally located close to the Old Town, an area surrounded by shops, cafés and vibrant restaurants. Stay at one of the hotels in Dubrovnik city centre and the Sponza Palace will be just a short walk away. After a day of exploring, you can relax in spacious rooms equipped with air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and parking. Foodies will rejoice in our extended buffet offerings and bar facilities. Consider spending your nights in the Ploce neighbourhood, strategically located close to the old city and coast with numerous places to stay. Our establishments offer well-lit rooms complete with TV, balconies with scenic views, and indoor parking. The energetic nightlife here, filled with bars and clubs, will easily accommodate your night-time plans.

    Stay at Dubrovnik beach hotels

    The selection of hotels in Dubrovnik, Croatia, just a short distance from the beach is splendid. We invite you to book your stay in the Lapad region, adjacent to the eponymous beach. Spend your days in well-appointed rooms furnished with air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a range of dining options, parking, and transport services, with some even welcoming pets. In addition to sunbathe or play in the sand, you can explore the promenade and the fifteenth-century Bokar Fort. We also recommend a visit to Banje beach, known for its crystalline waters and full range of amenities. You can access it with a short walk from the Ploce Gate.

    Find your ideal hotel in Dubrovnik

    Choose your accommodation in Dubrovnik in the affordable Gruz region. Public transportation provides excellent connectivity to the city centre. Here, look for our family-friendly hotels providing connected rooms, free Wi-Fi, café, bar, and restaurant services. Travelling as a couple? Consider booking near the Pile Gate, the entrance to the Old Town. Enjoy breakfast in your room and take in the city view from your private terrace. The on-site bar offers live performances for your entertainment. Don't miss the Onofrio Fountain and Minceta Tower during your visit. Climb on to the terraces for enchanting views of the entire region. We also offer cost-effective accommodation options in Dubrovnik. Our fully equipped apartments, complete with Wi-Fi and sea-view rooms, are ideal for groups. Our accommodation ensures greater privacy and all the comforts you need. The choice is yours, and we are here to make your stay in this unique Croatian city as enjoyable as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Dubrovnik cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Dubrovnik costs an average of 177$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Dubrovnik cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Dubrovnik costs an average of 368$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Dubrovnik?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Dubrovnik are Boutique & Beach Hotel Villa Wolff, Grand Hotel Park, and Boutique Hotel Kazbek.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Dubrovnik?

    The best hotels for couples in Dubrovnik are Grand Villa Argentina, Villa Anica Dubrovnik, and Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik.

    Which are the best hotels near landmarks in Dubrovnik?

    Discover the best hotels near places like Lokrum and Port de Gruz in Dubrovnik.

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