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    Most popular Drammen hotels

    quality hotel river station
    Dr. Hansteinsgate 7

    Quality Hotel River Station in Drammen: spectacular views, free WiFi, restaurant, gym, modern conference rooms. Perfect for business and leisure.

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    comfort hotel union brygge
    Grønland 64

    Comfort Hotel Union Brygge in Drammen: elegant rooms with TV and WiFi, free organic breakfast and modern gym. Perfect for business or leisure.

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    scandic ambassadeur drammen
    Strømsø Torg 7

    Scandic Ambassadeur Drammen offers rooms with free WiFi, a modern bar, and activities such as skiing and golf, just 2 minutes from the train station.

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    clarion collection hotel tollboden
    Tollbugaten 43

    Clarion Collection Hotel Tollboden in Drammen offers comfortable rooms, buffet breakfast, free wifi, and access to a nearby hotel's gym.

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    Explore the best Drammen hotels

    Drammen, a charming city in Norway, offers a variety of accommodation in Drammen for every traveller. Whether you seek hotels in Drammen city centre to be close to the action or prefer a quieter spot, you'll find options to suit your needs. Our platform allows you to book now and pay later with no hidden fees and enjoy the flexibility to cancel or modify your booking without extra charges. Moreover, thanks to our exclusive offers, you can save more on your next visit to Drammen. Book today to secure your best rate!

    Accommodation options in Drammen

    In Drammen, you'll find a wide selection of accommodations, from luxury hotels to cosy bed and breakfasts. For an urban experience, hotels in Drammen city centre place you close to major attractions, restaurants, and shops. For those seeking tranquillity, charming lodgings on the outskirts offer a relaxed atmosphere and stunning natural views. No matter your preference, Drammen has something for every taste and budget.

    Where to stay in Drammen: Tips and recommendations

    When deciding where to stay in Drammen, consider the type of experience you want. If you wish to explore the nightlife and have everything at your fingertips, city centre options will be ideal. Alternatively, for a peaceful and nature-filled stay, hotels on the outskirts may be the best choice. Always check reviews from other travellers and take advantage of our offers to get the best value for money. Plan your trip in advance to ensure you find the perfect place to fit your needs and make your visit to Drammen unforgettable.

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