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    Book your stay at the comfiest Deba hotels and experience an unforgettable holiday in this charming town. We recommend staying in the city centre. Here, you can find a wide variety of affordable establishments with excellent facilities. Enjoy walks to notable places like the Church of Santa Maria and the Town Hall. If you're visiting with family, you might enjoy staying in apartments near Deba’s Santiago Beach. You'll have the opportunity to sample the local cuisine and stroll along the promenade. Among our accommodation options, you'll always find one that fits your needs perfectly.

    Most popular Deva hotels

    la ermita de deva
    Camin de Valliquin, 432, Barrio de San Antonio

    La Ermita de Deva is a rural hotel with elegant rooms, gardens, a chapel, and free WiFi, located just 3 km from Gijón and offering free parking.

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    el mirador de deva
    Camino Casa Mario 121, Deva, Gijón

    The Mirador de Deva, a countryside hotel with views over the mountains and fields, offers services such as free internet connection and complimentary parking.

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    oca palacio de la llorea hotel & spa
    Carretera Ribadesella-Canero, 6780 Campo de Golf La Llorea

    The Oca Palacio De La Llorea Hotel & Spa in Deva offers a spa, golf course, and restaurant, ideal for discovering Asturias and its beaches.

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    Find the best hotel for your stay in Deba

    Uncover the charm of this coastal town in the Basque Country. Enjoy the tranquillity of its streets and superb attractions. We offer a variety of hotels in Deba city centre, all affordable and equipped with the best facilities. This little fishing village is easy to explore whilst also offering an opportunity to enjoy its coastline. The ideal place to stay is the heart of the city from where you can easily access key attractions. Our hotels in Deba city centre boast top-notch facilities. Plus, they cater to every need for a pleasant stay. You'll be in air-conditioned rooms featuring a minibar, TV and breakfast. Nearby, you can visit the beautiful Gothic-style Church of Santa Maria and the Town Hall. As you proceed, don't miss the Aguirre House and Deba's Municipal Market, a recognised cultural heritage site. A short distance away, you’ll find accommodation with balconies, TV, Wi-Fi and a fully equipped kitchen.

    Stay at our hotels near Deba beach

    If you're travelling with family, consider accommodation in Deba near the coast. We offer spacious apartments comprising a lounge area, dining room, equipped kitchen, and play area. Enjoy a splendid day relaxing at Deba's Santiago Beach with a varied range of services making your day enjoyable. Also, savour the delightful local cuisine at nearby restaurants. Opt for windsurfing as part of your fun day at the beach or take a stroll along the beautiful promenade. A walk along the coast is a must. If you're budget conscious and wondering where to stay in Deba, we offer terrific establishments in this area at moderate prices. These accommodations feature Wi-Fi, breakfast, and shared kitchens.

    Book your stay at the best accommodations in Deba

    Take time to visit the Ekain cave, a UNESCO World Heritage site. After your visit, you can unwind at our hotels in Deba, Spain. You’ll love their snug rooms equipped with a balcony, Wi-Fi, and TV. To add to your convenience, some offer airport shuttle services. Another preferred accommodation option is the country houses. Situated in the surrounding city area, some offer rooms and apartments within the same space. Each of these spots provides all the necessary amenities to ensure a pleasant stay.

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