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    Most popular destinations in Denmark

    The Best Hotels in Denmark

    Denmark is a Scandinavian country brimming with a multitude of natural sceneries. Explore its white sandy beaches, visit fairy-tale castles and charming towns with intricate timber structures as you embrace the lifestyle of the world's happiest country.

    Start your journey in the Kingdom of Denmark in comfort by booking at the Kanalhuset. This excellently located accommodation is equipped with all the amenities to ensure an unforgettable stay.

    Users of rank Comwell Copenhagen Portside Dolce by Wyndham as the best due to the quality of its facilities, exceptional customer service, and its comfortable spaces filled with top-tier services.

    If you're travelling with your partner, you might like to stay at the Socialist, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, an establishment of extraordinary reputation and highly recommended for those who want to easily explore the region whilst enjoying all amenities.

    Start off by discovering Copenhagen, the incredible capital of Denmark; visit St. Clement's Cathedral, the biggest in the country, in Aarhus; travel to Odense, birthplace of author Hans Christian Andersen; attend the Roskilde Rock Festival, and discover fascinating castles in Aalborg and Sønderborg.

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    The Best Areas to Stay in Copenhagen

    Denmark's capital is a vibrant and modern city. With a lifestyle that's all about ensuring its residents' well-being, it also boasts a historical city centre worth visiting. It's one of the best places to stay in Copenhagen if you appreciate a prime location close to everything. On the platform, you'll find 4-star hotels in Denmark with modern rooms, wifi, smart TV and private bathrooms with showers, as well as restaurants, parking, gyms and spas. Visit the new harbor of Nyhavn, take a boat ride there and snap a picture with the statue of The Little Mermaid; walk along Stroget, Europe's longest pedestrian street, shop in its stores and admire the sculpture of Hans Christian Andersen near the City Hall. Also, make sure to visit Rosenborg Castle with its stunning gardens, Amalienborg Palace and the Marble Church.

    Do you know that from Copenhagen you can easily visit Kronborg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, is set? Elsinore is less than an hour's train ride from the capital.

    Book Family Hotels in Aarhus

    Aarhus, Denmark's second-largest city, located just behind the capital, is a youthful, university city that you're sure to like. Start your journey by visiting Den Gamle By, an open-air museum with vintage houses, furniture, and decorations; then, stop to admire Aarhus's St. Clement's Cathedral, the largest in Denmark. The ARoS Art Museum and the Viking Museum are two of the city's most important landmarks. If you want to feel like a child again, we invite you to visit Tivoli Amusement Park and tour Aarhus Botanical Garden's greenhouses. Don't forget to check the family hotel deals in Aarhus that has to offer.

    Find Affordable Hotels in Odense, Denmark

    Odense is the birthplace of author Hans Christian Andersen, so during this visit you will be able to explore the museum dedicated to him and his birthplace. We also invite you to tour the Nethergarde neighborhood around the museum, where you'll see 16th-century houses that add a fairy-tale atmosphere. See St. Canute's Cathedral and the Railway Museum.

    Book a stay at a budget-friendly hotel in Odense and rest in air-conditioned rooms featuring communal areas, internet access, and 24-hour reception.

    Discover the Best Hotels in Roskilde

    Music lovers are familiar with this Danish city due to the famous Rock Festival in Roskilde every July, but we are here to let you know that it has so much more to offer. Book an apartment, country house, or a hotel in Roskilde with complimentary wifi, barbecue area, garden, private parking, inclusive breakfast, and a café. Visit the Museum of Modern Music, amble through the old town, and find the stunning Roskilde Cathedral, a World Heritage Site, and finally, make a stop at the Viking Ship Museum at the Port of Roskilde. You'll love this tour!

    Visit Aalborg and Stay in Charming Denmark Hotels

    Aalborg is a must-see in Denmark. We'd like to inform you that it's rich in heritage, boasting a fantastic medieval old town and the 16th-century Aalborg Castle. Book a stay at one of the charming hotels in Aalborg and be ready to explore its newly renovated promenade, visit the nearby Viking cemetery, and enjoy the city's lively nightlife.

    Stay in Hotels in Sønderborg, Denmark

    Book a stay at a hotel in Sønderborg close to the promenade and relax in rooms with sea views, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, private hot tub, along with facilities like a swimming pool, restaurant, and parking. The advantage of staying in the best area of the city is being close to the imposing Sønderborg Castle, which also houses the regional museum. We also invite you to visit Gråsten Castle, the royal holiday home and enjoy beautiful beaches, bike rides, and fishing.

    Tour Charming Towns in Denmark

    The Kingdom of Denmark is a charming destination. Therefore, we recommend extending your visit to give yourself ample time to discover intriguing cities. On, you'll find comfortable accommodation options for every stopover. Visit the nine-meter high sculpture, "Man Meets the Sea," in Esbjerg; explore the original Lego theme park in Billund; hike and cycle through Frederikshavn's magnificent natural landscapes; savour Skagen's beaches, and the city's port and numerous museums; discover the Deep Forest Artland in Herning, a forest showcasing about 80 works of art; and behold the Frederiksborg Slot in Hillerød, reputedly Denmark's most beautiful castle.

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