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    Book your stay at one of the El Daimuz hotels we offer, kick back in comfortable surroundings and enjoy your trip in this coastal town in the region of Valencia. Stay central, sample local cuisine in the various eateries and take in the sights, such as the Church of St Peter the Apostle, the town's patron. We propose staying beachfront in the town of Daimús - an excellent choice for a romantic getaway. We also offer serviced apartments by the seafront, kitted out with everything you need for your family holiday. If you're in pursuit of a bit more privacy, unwind in one of our holiday homes. Select your preferred accommodation and start mapping out your journey through the town.

    Most popular Daimuz hotels

    remarkable 2 bed town house in daimus with garden
    Carrer Colon 63

    The Remarkable 2 Bed Town House in Daimus with Garden hotel provides free WiFi, parking, a garden, and is also willing to accommodate pets. This Daimus gem is an absolute delight.

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    ideal apartamento
    Carrer Atlantic Planta 2, pta. 17

    Situated in Daimuz, the Ideal Apartment provides comforts such as an outdoor swimming pool, a sun terrace, and free WiFi, in addition to being pet-friendly.

    Price from 68 EUR per night
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    romántico daimús 2
    Avinguda de les Corts escalera 4 planta 3 puerta 14

    Romántico Daimús 2, a beachfront jewel, offers a year-round open pool, a terrace, and is ideal for diving and hiking!

    Price from 65 EUR per night
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    romántico daimús
    Avda. Les Corts Valencianes, portal 1, Escalera 5, piso 1 puerta 7

    Romántico Daimús, a beachfront accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, lift, and terrace. Perfect for hiking and cycling. Located in Daimuz.

    Price from 62 EUR per night
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    apartamentos los establos
    Apartamentos Los Establos
    63 Carrer Colón

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    apartament 30 metrów od morza!!! guardamar de la safor
    Apartament 30 metrów od morza!!! Guardamar de la Safor
    CL Assagador DE L 6 Pl 5, Pt 24

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    Book at our accommodation in El Daimuz

    Experience the charm of this town famed for its idyllic beaches and historic temples. Stay at the El Daimuz hotels that we offer, relax in contemporary spaces and revel in your Valencia adventure. Choose a place to stay in the heart of the town, an area abundant with restaurants and peaceful squares. In the vicinity is St. Peter the Apostle Church, the patron of the town. In addition, close to the temple is a viewpoint, where you can get a sweeping view of the village and coast. All of our hotels in El Daimuz city centre guarantee top-tier service, equipped with 24-hour reception, private parking, complimentary Wi-Fi and included breakfast.

    Catch your breath at a hotel near the El Daimuz beaches

    If you're on the hunt for a place to stay in El Daimuz during your family holiday, we recommend choosing a beachfront serviced apartment. We offer establishments with up to three rooms that feature a TV and private terrace. The apartments include a living room, kitchen and BBQ area. Wander the seafront promenade and let the kids have a play at the playground, they'll absolutely love it. We also offer accommodation in El Daimuz suitable for a romantic retreat. Book a hotel with an inviting aura and make the most of a tranquil stay. You'll have access to up-to-date facilities, an on-site restaurant and a rooftop terrace boasting sea views. Most rooms come with air conditioning, a minibar and a Jacuzzi. Visit Daimús Beach and spend a fun-filled day in the sun, by your partner's side.

    Find your dream hotel in El Daimuz

    The city offers a variety of outdoor activities. Travelling with pets? We invite you to stay near Can Playa de Daimús Park. We provide pet-friendly holiday homes in the area, complete with dining space, outdoor pool, gardens and private parking. From any of our hotels in El Daimuz, Spain, you can reach all the local points of interest. Some of the most popular include the Grao de Gandia Lighthouse and the La Vital Shopping Centre. Book with us and make your travel dreams come true.

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