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    Top Hotels in Czechia

    Czechia, located in Central Europe, boasts a famous capital that lures in thousands of visitors each year. There's more to the country than just Prague, with plenty to discover including enchanting castles, medieval villages, mountains, spas, and some of the finest beers in the world.

    Experience Czechia in all its splendour by staying at Horský Hotel Neptun, an establishment praised for its prime location and top-tier services.

    At Hotel Litovel, be prepared to embrace modern facilities and recreational spaces that will make you want to stay put.

    If you're in the market for high-quality accommodation at a great price, we recommend Pivovar, one of Czechia's best-rated hotels, offering comfortable stays and top guest ratings.

    Beyond Prague, prepare to be surprised by extraordinary cities, such as the medieval town of Český Krumlov; Karlovy Vary and its famous thermal springs; Brno, home to an impressive neo-Gothic cathedral; Ostrava, the location for the Colours music festival; and Špindlerův Mlýn, a mountain town perfect for snowsports enthusiasts, and Olomouc, the city of fountains.

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    The Best Places to Stay in Prague

    Prague, renowned as the City of a Hundred Spires, is the capital of Czechia and the most visited city in the country. Explore its amazing tourist attractions whilst enjoying a restful stay near its historic city centre - one of the best areas to stay in Prague, where accommodation caters to a wide range of tastes and budgets. Visit St. Vitus Cathedral, the largest Gothic church in the country; stop at the Old Town Square and marvel at the Old Town Hall Tower, home to the famous Astronomical Clock, considered the most beautiful in the world and dating back to the Middle Ages. On, you'll find four-star hotels in Prague that include breakfast, a restaurant, a bar, a spa, an indoor pool, and a gym - everything you need for an unforgettable stay.

    Crossing the Charles Bridge over the River Vltava leads you to the Lesser Town, one of the best places to stay in Czechia at the foot of Prague Castle - the biggest castle in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You'll also love visiting Saint Nicholas Church, the John Lennon Wall, and the Church of Our Lady of Victory, which houses the Infant Jesus of Prague. Furthermore, there are many charming hotels in Prague located in the area, offering air-conditioned rooms, a choice of pillows, and onsite restaurants and parking. Remember to check out the deals on

    Book at the Best Hotels in Český Krumlov

    Český Krumlov, a UNESCO-listed medieval town, is a must-visit destination. We recommend booking with at a hotel in the old town. Enjoy comfortable, family-friendly rooms offering Wi-Fi, a bar, restaurant, private parking, and a terrace. Perfect for exploring the Town Hall Square, St. Vitus Church, and the imposing Cesky Krumlov Castle, which offers stunning views from its towers over the medieval city.

    Find Hotels with Pools in Karlovy Vary

    The numerous thermal springs are the main draw of Karlovy Vary, so be sure to sample their healing properties. Visit the spa town's colonnades, particularly the Dvořák Park Colonnade, the oldest and largest Mill Colonnade, and the Market Colonnade, which houses two thermal springs. On, you'll find fantastic hotels in Karlovy Vary featuring either indoor or outdoor thermal pools, a spa, gym, restaurant and comfortable rooms. Don't forget to visit the thermal spring pavilion, home to the Pramen Vřídlo geyser, which can shoot up to 12 meters high.

    Discover Budget Hotels in Brno

    The second-largest city in Czechia is Brno, where you'll be taken by surprise by its striking landmarks, such as the Neo-Gothic Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul and the Špilberk Castle, which houses the Brno Museum and offers a unparalleled city view from its towers. Both the castle gardens and the old prison are must-visits. Freedom Square and Brno's city hall also deserve a visit. Enjoy your stay in cost-effective hotels in Brno, offering room service, cafes, Wi-Fi and parking. You're bound to love it!

    Top Hotels in Ostrava, Czechia

    Famous for hosting the Colours music festival, Ostrava has so much more to offer. Visit the New Town Hall lookout tower - standing at 73 metres tall, it offers breath-taking views. Explore Silesia Castle, stroll along the Ostravice River and make a stop at the Ostrava Art Gallery. Fret not about accommodation as Ostrava offers a variety of hotels featuring jacuzzis, pools, spas, gyms, restaurants and rooms with flat-screen TVs.

    Enjoy a Family Hotel in Špindlerův Mlýn

    Located in the Krkonoše mountains, is Špindlerův Mlýn, a town that caters to outdoors enthusiasts. The town offers slopes for beginner to expert skiers, spaces for snowboarding and cross-country skiing. In summer, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding and bungee jumping are popular. Špindlerův Mlýn offers family hotels with 24-hour reception and ski rental, a children's playground, parking, restaurant, and options for full or half-board. Check out the offers on and book your stay.

    Visit Olomouc and Relax in Czechia Apartments

    Known as the city of fountains, Olomouc's old town is adorned with several striking, artistic fountains. We recommend a visit to Olomouc's city hall, in front of the main city square, where you can marvel at the famous Astronomical Clock, and to the Church of St Maurice. Take in the 360° panoramic city view from the tower. You could also stay in rural homes or apartments in Olomouc equipped with stove, fridge, cooking utensils, bathroom amenities, air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi and parking.

    Explore Every Corner of Czechia

    Beyond Prague, Czechia is home to a vast variety of charming cities and towns not to be missed, each offering their own unique charm and conveniently located hotels. Discover the spa town of Marianske Lazne, where you can drink from the thermal springs emanating from the Maxim Gorky Colonnade. Discover the charms of Liberec, with its 19th-century villas and winter ski slopes. Stop by the Main Square of České Budějovice and afterwards, tour the city's six breweries, not forgetting to visit Budějovický Budvar.

    Find the best hotels in Czechia using's recommendations and enjoy a fantastic, unforgettable holiday.

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